Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Community of Comforters

The losses suffered as a result of the horrendous bushfires in Victoria have rocked our nation. As an onlooker via the television screen I am able to switch it off when the grief I am feeling for those involved becomes too much, but they who are in the midst of this suffering cannot escape the visions they have witnessed, nor the devastation that is left behind.

As well as monetary donations many quilters across Australia are gathering what they have to give - fabric, blocks, quilt tops, quilts, toys, items for auctions ; the need to physically DO something to ease the suffering of another and help lives rebuild is a strong one.

I discovered that Karen is asking for donations of quilt tops, blocks, fabrics, wadding etc to be sent to her where she and her army of loving volunteers will work to make many quilts to be distributed among the victims of this horror.

I remembered that last year I spent a weekend making log cabin blocks which were then packed away until such a time as I could use them for a quilt. Now I can. It's a drop in the ocean really, but when many people join in the 'community of comforters' and give something, can make a difference to a life.

If you have anything to give please do so.


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