Monday, February 23, 2009


Near the top of my 'to-make' list for the last few months has been a present for my sweet friend, Leanne. Her and I daily hold each other's children in prayer and I am so thankful the Lord brought her into my life last year.
I have been holding off making a gift because I just wasn't sure what it should be, then last night the picture unfolded in my mind and I set to work!

The embroidery is by Suzanne Jeffries, one of twelve she designed for a quilt in Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine Vol 16 No.3 - I love the sentiment, it is exactly how I feel.

The cushion design is my own. Do you like the ribbon and ruffle down the right hand side? I love ruffles!

The postman brought me another Birthday Fat 1/4 parcel today, from Maree at On My Verandah. Lovely fabrics in bright colours I'm already forming uses for in my imagination, and some beautiful soap and a scented sachet - divine! Thank you Maree!

Tonight I'm going to be playing around with a design for a feminine hygiene bag. That little bag I made yesterday got me thinking just how practical a bag for such a purpose can be. Once I have it on paper it won't be long until I have it made so watch this blog - I'm happy to share with you. :-)

Is there a special friend somewhere you haven't heard from in a while? Why not send a little card and let them know how much they mean to you. Or perhaps you can sew a little gift?


Vickie said...

oh Jenny what a truly special friend too receive that cushion -the wording in that magnificently stitched verse really is inspirational,you rock girl and inspire me each time I visit your blog,
cheers Vickie

Christine said...

This pillow is a really dream!
May be I sew something like that for my best friend, too. It`s so lovely stiched andthe text is so nice.
(Hope my English has not too many mistakes!)

Anonymous said...

Jenny, that is one very beautiful cushion, and your blog is an inspiration to me to make other