Monday, March 9, 2009

It's ready! WONKY HOUSES Block 2!

You've all been so patient waiting for Block 2, and here it is!

You can download it here and you shouldn't have any problems this time round. :-) I think I've worked out Scribd at last!

As an addition, I was inspired by the way other crafters have been adding their own style to Block 1, so I decided to make an alternate colour-way with block 2 for my own enjoyment....actually I made both and then chose the block above as THE one for the pattern! Hope you like it.

If you do something different please email me a pic...I love to see other's interpretations of any patterns.

I'll share the layout for the finished hanging with Block 3 on April 9th.
Happy sewing,


  1. yeah Wonky 2 is here.....well done Jenny I love it,thanks

  2. Block 2 is as cute as block 1! Thank you so much!

    Big cheers!

  3. Thank you Jenny. I stayed up late waiting for it to arrive here. xxx

  4. Jenny, please place an online translator to your blog, easy for us to speak another language. My linguage is the Portuguese from Brasil.
    Logo will be posting my block. Thanks for the block 3, is beautiful.


  5. Thank you Jenny, so it's easier for those who do not know other languages.

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    thanks so much for your cute block .... I'm from Germany and used the tranlated version of your blog, it was not possible, to download the pdf.
    But it was ok, when I change the download in the original version in english.
    Have a great day, Jutta

  7. thank you for this original idea. I can not start right away but I will make these small embroideries, they are very cute. A moment of relaxation guaranteed!
    Karine (BE)

  8. Hi Jenny,

    I finished the second house. You will find a picture on my blog.

    Happy Weekend and good luck for your hand.

    Greetings Anett

  9. Estou encantada e com certeza estarei bordando suas casa e depois mostro para você!!!

  10. Ja tem um bloco teu em meu blog, passa lá!!!


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