Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Shabby Roses quilt?

The last few days have seen a dramatic improvement in my hand - and it seems Tiger Balm could be the hero of this healing. The idea came to me when we did a deep clean of the bathroom and I came across an old jar hidden behind numerous bars of soap. Originally I'd bought it to rub into my temples when I have a migraine, but it never helped so I forgot about it. But it's doing wonderful things for my hand!

Needless to say I dabbled with some stitching last night. This new wrist splint allows me to stitch while I'm wearing it, so I still have support.

I loved the "Beauty" block in the blues, but as I'm considering making a quilt of my Shabby Rose designs I wanted to stitch one in the same colours I used for the Shabby Heart block. Do you like it?

I have another three Shabby Rose blocks designed that I love, and a few more that I'm still working on. What would you think about a Shabby Roses quilt?? Would you be interested in me putting more designs together for a beautiful quilt top?

Leave a comment and see if you can persuade me. :-)


  1. I love your shabby roses blocks and would like to make a quilt out of them. I am having trouble with the vase one but I will get it. You do beautiful patterns. I have downloaded all the wonky house blocks and will start on them.

    Barbara in TX

  2. I have my fingers crossed that you will make it into a quilt...I absolutely love your first two! Please ...pretty please! I just finished the first block tonight!

    Mary Jo in Iowa

  3. A quilt oh yes yes yes - you can't see me but I'm bouncing in my seat. *snort* I'm clearing projects left and right to get started on these.

    I'm really glad you found something that will still let you stitch. I get a little flaky when I don't have something to hand-stitch, lol.

  4. Oh my goodness, a shabby rose quilt! What a beautiful idea!

  5. Well you know I already think it's a good idea, as I've already asked you if that was your plan. I love it in the pinks as well, just so pretty and feminine.

  6. Oh man your sticheries will never cease to amaze me...
    Keep with the tiger balm I know it aided me a lot and I still call on it in times of need...

  7. oops I forgot to say I think it would look lovely in a quilt but alas it's just to pretty for me
    hehehe cheers Vickie

  8. I've just made your first shabby rose block into a cushion for my bed, and plan on making another cushion from your vase block, so a quilt would really work well. I'll let you know when I post a picture of my cushion. I'm loving the wonky houses too. I'll have to look out for tiger balm, it might help my sprained ankle heal more quickly.

  9. I can see that I have missed a few posts here Jenny. Love your shabby roses blocks. Both the blue and the pink. Yes, you SHOULD make a quilt.
    Pleased to read your good news about your splint.
    Bec xxx

  10. Wos Jenny, you have great ideas, a whole quilt with your lovely designs would be perfect. Now, how is that for convincing you to share your designs?
    bye for now

  11. Oh! please, yes , yes,... a quilt, a shabby rose quilt!!!! I'm loving your shabby roses and working on them,...
    Lovely, charming, shabby... great idea!

  12. Jenny, a shabby rose quilt would be really lovely, please do share your wonderful idea with us all. xxx

  13. Your vase looks awesome in pink. I think you should definately put up the rest that you are working on. I would like to make a shabby rose quilt as I dont have one yet. The designs are just gorgeous :)

  14. I just LOVE your shabby designs and can't wait to see more.Thanks so much for sharing cheer teri

  15. I love your blocks, after I finished some projects, which I'm making right now I will start with your shabby roses blocks. Is it o.k. with you that I put your pitcures and link on my blog?

  16. Your block looks great!
    Oh yes! Do share! Please..... 8-)

  17. Oh! Another beautiful pattern! I really love your shabby roses blocks and I'm so happy that you share them with us.And yes! you should make a quilt,it's a great idea. :)



  18. Oh! please!I love your shabby roses!
    I like your sticheries!!!!Eliana, from Venezuela.

  19. Love those shabby rose designs. I was born in June - flower Rose. You are tempting us with eye candy (no calories, its ok) Pleze pleze,
    help us with our habit. We need to sit and make this quilt, tooooo.
    Just love your designs. Also, the cross design was elegant and beautiful.
    Hope you have enough tiger balm to share more stitchery.
    Thank you so much.

  20. I threw a penny in the wishing well in hopes that you would at least design enough blocks for us all around the world for a wall quilt. A bed size would be magnificent. Here's wishing my dream to come true! Patty

  21. oh,oh,oh.....YES TO THE QUILT!I just received the pattern for your second stitchery in the mail from my lovely friend Vicki,as I have no way of downloading them she has happily supplied me with my addiction um... I mean my stitchery installment.Please make these beautiful stitcheries into a rose quilt.I wait with bated breathe for your reply :) Barb.

  22. You know I would love a quilt with your patterns. They are beautiful.
    I was just going to the store today to buy something similar to that tiger balm. I have have been having problems with my elbow. Maybe something like the balm will take my pain away too.

  23. His drawings are beautiful and a quilt, will be wonderful. Thanks for posting for us to be.

    Margot in Brasil