Sunday, May 3, 2009

Counting down to the Shabby Roses draw...and a very pretty block!

It's already May 3rd here in Australia, but for those in other parts of the world who've yet to awaken to a May 3rd morning I am holding off drawing the winner of the Shabby Roses giveaway for a few more hours. So, if you haven't entered yet, you had better be quick. :-)

Yesterday I took some time out from my own designs to make Vicki's beautiful "Blue Bird On My Heart" block - you can find it free on her blog, along with it's complimentary block.

On my jaunts around the thrift stores to find vintage linens, I also look for unusual fabrics in cast-off clothing. The fabrics I used for this block were all from such finds I had made...the whisper thin pale green embroidered raw silk for the background was a shirt, the woven brown satiny heart fabric came from a vest, and the purple/pink (depending on which way you hold it) bird fabric was from a shirt that I think is shot silk - but not quite sure about that one.

I added a tiny black glass bead for his eye, and a pale green Swarovski crystal dew drop on the bottom leaf.
The photos do not show up the textures of the fabrics as well as I'd liked, but trust me, they are beautiful!

Do you like it? Do you use unusual fabrics instead of quilting cottons sometimes? If not, why don't you give it a try. :-)
I'm going to make Vicki's other block later this week in similar fabrics and I may frame them as a pair above our bed.
Thank you Vicki, for such pretty blocks to play with!

Have a blessed Sunday,


Angela said...

Your block turned out beautiful! That is such a great idea, using *recycled* fabrics for your applique! Thanks for sharing this idea!

Vicki ♥ said...

Oh Jen you have made a beautiful block using recycled fabrics too!! Awesome creative mind you have :) Thanks for sharing :)

aussiequilter said...

I just love your blocks that you have done and your use of recycled fabrics is wonderful cheers Teri

Lisa said...

I very often use "recycled" fabrics- I actually have a bag in my stash closet full of shirts that have been cut up, buttons removed, etc. I get some really cute fabric this way!
(Once I even bought a shirt at full price and cut it up to put in a quilt, because it was just the PERFECT purple- and 100% cotton! That was not cost effective! LOL!)

Loralynn said...

Beautiful! I love the way it is two toned depending on the angle! Great repurposing!

Allie said...

That's lovely! I like the unique fabrics as well. I do re-purpose fabrics, but usually only cotton.

Ati said...

Both birds blocks are beautiful Jenny! I often use fabrics from old clothes, they give a wonderful result :)