Saturday, May 23, 2009

A rainy Saturday, a gift to stitch, and a sneak peek...

It's a very windy and wet 'almost winter' Saturday.
The nicest thing about days like this is being able to close the doors, boil the kettle for lots of hot tea, and stitch. And that's exactly what I'm doing.

It's Blossom's 15th birthday on Tuesday, and as with most 15yo girls she was very clear about the gifts she wanted. They have been purchased (with her) and are safely hidden until the big day, but I also wanted a little surprise for her, so I am using one of my Oopsie Daisy blocks in a cushion cover. The fabrics are from the Sandy Gervais "Celebrate Spring" range from Moda.

This is as much as I have done right now because I have to grab sneaky moments when she's busy and not aware of what I'm doing. She has a 4 hour shift at the Tea Rooms tomorrow so I'll finish it then.

I still have the set of 3 Oopsie Daisies embroidery designs for sale in my etsy shop as a PDF download if you'd like them. :-)

And what else am I stitching?? Hmmmmm.... what do you think?

Just teasing you with a little sneak peek.

Only 8 more sleeps until I share blocks 4 & 5 for your Shabby Roses BOM.

For now, I'm off to make more hot chocolate and count down the hours till hubby arrives home from his trip away - I'm missing him so bad!

Happy Stitching,


  1. I just love the Oopsie Daisies - she's going to love that cushion! I think I like the name as much as the design *wink*. The fabric is perfect for it.
    Can't wait for the next blocks, though I'm so far behind....I did put the last stitch into the Wonky House block tonight, tomorrow I can cut and sew. Have to say your stitches look PERFECT. I can't do nice stitching like that anymore - bifocals just aren't as good as youthful eyesight! And I mean youthful, like when I was SEVEN, before looking at the eclipse, lol.

  2. Love to come and visit you because I always love your beautifull work! There it's almost winter, we've almost summer, its to hot, yesterday we had 34 °C, today it's worse!
    Hugs and have a nice weekend! Renata.

  3. What a lovely gift to receive. My mum used to stitch for me and my sisters and I was very happy and proud of her.
    Here the weather is very hot and wet: we have more than 32°C and this is unusual for this season. I'm very tired but I have to study because I have an exam...I'd prefer to stitch but...duty calls.
    Lots of love and a big hugh to Blossom.

  4. nice indeedy lady...I tell yah I'll be fetchin the stick if'n ya don't put that needle down....
    cheers Vickie
    p.s. oh wow winter hmmm I have a vague recollection of that season

  5. I'm sure your Blossom will love the suprise you are making her and if she doesn't just let me know and I'll email you my snail mail addy hehehe.Seriously you do such beautiful work.
    How do I go about buying a copy of your lovely etsy cushion when I don't have a credit card,do you accept cheques??If you could email me the info I'd soooo appreciate it as I sooooo want it :) Barb.

  6. Those gorgeous fabrics look so right with your oopsie daisies stitchery!!! What a pretty cushion, I'm sure Blossom will love it :o)!!
    Joy :o)

  7. Oh Jenny that is such a sweet project. I'm surprised your DD hasn't found out...they are so curious at that age, especially around birthday time LOL.


  8. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I love your photos too, Jenny! Nice angles and close-ups. Those other two blocks of yours are looking mighty nice! Cant' wait to see them!

    Hugs! Vikki x

  9. I love how you set the Oopsie Daisies. So soft and pretty. OH MY GOODNESS what a lovely sneak peek. Stay warm and we are trying to stay cool. Our summer is near.

  10. Beautiful cushion cover. And I looking forward to the next blocks. Will have no 3 done today.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. I think that is a very cute and sweet cushion, I am sure Blossom will love it Wish her happy birthday from me. xxx

  12. SWEET! I love the daisy pattern....makes me wish I was 15 yo Blossom! She is going to love it!

  13. Blossom is a lucky girl. And i can't wait to see the new patterns. I'm still thinking about using your pattern turning it in a pincushion.

  14. Oh I am sure that Blossom will just love it! That is such an adorable design!

  15. Gorgeous colours Jenny...looking forward to the next blocks...Happy Stitching♥x

  16. you just make the cutest things. Love the pillow. and I can't wait to see the next block.

  17. She'll love the surprise you are making for her! I know I would! I finally managed to finish the first block of your shabby roses and should have a picture up on my blog later today!

  18. Hi Jenny,
    ich warte mit grosser Ungeduld auf die neuen Blöcke...
    herzlichst Steffi

  19. Happy Birthday to Blossom! Lovely pillow for her... 8-)

    What do you use to draw your pattern onto your fabrics Jenny? It looks so smoothly drawn on!

  20. Beautiful!
    Lucky Blossom to have a clever mum.
    I was wondering what you use to trace with, I'm not happy with my pens.

  21. Jenny, that cushion is adorable. I am looking forward to the next block. Thank you for sharing them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Oh wow are so clever. I love your fabrics you used and I also think you have mastered the photography too! Very professional now Jen and everything is just really lovely.You are an inspiration to me and I just love all that you do. I think the sneek peeks is going to be beautiful Shabby Roses BOMs...cant wait.

  23. Absolutely darling! Your stitches are so perfect! I'd love to know your secret.

  24. Jenny, I love the old cannisters, and the embroidery work is beautiful.


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