Saturday, June 27, 2009

6 sleeps....

...till we leave here, and 8 until we see our babies. Okay, they are teenagers, not babies, but you know all children are babies to their mothers no matter how old they get! Even my almost 30yo daughter is my baby! Does that fact embarrass my children, I wonder??

Speaking of babies, I enjoyed a few today while I read some blogs. :-)

Hubby's car was loaded onto the car carrier yesterday evening, and is now on it's way to the new address. It's weird to think all our stuff and his car will be at the new house before us.

It's our habit to go for a long walk by the ocean every morning and night with the kids, but for the last week it's just been us and Bob-the-dog. Here is hubby texting a message to our son as we head off for the early evening walk, Bob patiently waiting for his exercise.

Along the way we found evidence of another home empty of it's babies. I'm glad my empty nest is not permanent yet!

This is the path we take home as our walk winds down...the row of pines on one side and the Great Southern Ocean on the other. We are already grieving the loss of this view.

It's been a sunny day, with a lot of cleaning of windows and skirting boards being done.
However, I still found time for some therapeutic stitching...

This is block 4 of Vicki's "On My Heart" BOM.
I have chosen to do all of Vicki's blocks in unusual fabrics, rather than cotton. The background for this block is raw silk, and I love it! All I have to do now is buy a Swarovski crystal on Monday (when the shops open again) for the bird's eye, as Blossom's crystal supplies are on the road with the rest of our belongings.
Here are the links to see how I stitched block 1, and block 2 . I like to have a crystal somewhere in the stitchery as a feature point, and I love the way they catch the light.
Block 3 is all ready to be stitched as well, but I haven't yet decided how I'll do the bee.

What are you stitching this weekend?



Vicki ♥ said...

Awww Jen....I am starting to feel sad that you wont have that beautiful view anymore. I love the nest you found too. My Mum used to collect nests and it was a funny thing at about the same time as she collected them I was too but didnt know it until after she passed away and I found her collection. I too consider my kids are my babies still. They will always be my babies :) Wont be long now. 6 sleeps eh? I also love your block you have done of the Tweet Tweet On My Heart. Awesome!!

Unknown said...

Same Here...Feeling Sad for You's all very Quiet around you & that takes some getting use too...not long to go least you still have the computer to keep you going & your Lovely stitching...

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful view, and yes my 29 year old daughter is also still my firstborn baby girl, along with her brother and younger sister. I think the most amazing thing was seeing my baby girl holding her own firstborn baby girl in her arms. xxx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

My boys the twins turn 25 next Sunday and I still call them my baby yes they are always our babies....Love what you are doing with Vicki's BOM...

Crispy said...

My baby (34) told me he couldn't believe how much he loves his baby (1) and I explained that he will feel this way all his life, after all he is still my baby boy. Soon there will be such a joyful noise from down under that I'll hear the reunion with your children all the way to the states LOL.


Sew Useful Designs said...

Hey there Jen.. xx

Less than a week now... and although you will miss that wonderful view, I am sure the thought of seeing your babies again will outweigh the sadness of the final goodbyes to Esperance.

The raw silk you are using in Vicki's blocks is divine! It is so wonderful to work with isn't it? When I want to sew silk together, I usually pull a few strands out of the longest length and use it to sew with... it's great for blind stitching and so strong!

Hugs sweetie!
Vikki xxxx

Lurline said...

Jenny, it's a long while since I've been there, but with a positive attitude you will settle nicely and make new friends very easily - Queenslanders are so friendly and they will welcome you with open arms!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Cattinka said...

Hi Jenny,
I am stitching the shabby roses "shabby" and "give" this weekend. I like the way you are doing your "on my heart" BOM, it looks very pretty.

Jocelyn said...

Your stitching is beautiful as always. It is sad to leave such a beautiful place but you will have such sweet memories to carry with you.


Myra said...

No doubt you will miss the ocean and the view Jenny!!! I would love to have that view! Is your move work related for your hubby?

Dolores said...

Oh Jenny, there will be other sights for you to love at your new home I'm sure.
Lovely stitchings.

Julia said...

You will miss the Great Southern Ocean for a while for it is a beautiful scene to behold, but you'll be right once you get to see your babies again. Jenny.
My 44 yr old will always be my baby and he hates it when I call him that.
keep stitching Jenny..
Julia ♥

Allie said...

Oh Jenny, they're always your babies. It's good to call them that and embarrass them when they're teens, too. Builds character.
I am grieving that view with you. Sometimes the only thing that will soothe my soul is big water. I hope you're taking lots of pictures.
Your block looks wonderful - I love that you're doing them with unusual fabrics. I'm finishing Wonky Houses tomorrow!

Shari said...

I love that view of the Southern Ocean with all the little islands. Haven't been to Esperance in years. Hope you have 'ocean' in Queensland! Nothing like sea air to blow the cobwebs away!
Hugs - Shari