Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Only 3 sleeps left...

...well to be more specific, it's just 61 hours till we leave! Am I counting? Oh yes. ;-)

Today was a repeat of last night with my migraine powering along, holding me back from reading this...

crocheting this...

stitching this...

and playing this!

So I took THESE...

...and after a few hours I was able to go and buy the little blue Swarovski crystal I needed to finish this block. It was the smallest crystal I could buy in town but it was too big for Tweet Tweet's eye, so I added it to the heart. Something tells me this is going to end up as a bag. ;-)

It was a slow day today but I'm beginning to feel a bit better so perhaps after dinner I'll get to that stitching and maybe crochet a few rows. I might even manage to read another chapter of my book...or I might just get an early night and cross off another 8 hours of waiting. The Scrabble can wait till tomorrow.

Wherever you are I thank God for you.
You have all helped me get through these weeks, and I want you to know that really blesses me.


  1. Take it easy and enjoy these quiet nights at home before you leave, I am sure being well rested will be of benefit on the long journey ahead.
    Love your new header/blog background - looks very cheery and yummy!

  2. poor you, these last days must be very emotional and stressful for you, I hope you will have no more migraines.
    Enjoy your last days, and have a great journey, I'll be thinking of you.

  3. Hi, I hope you feel better now! I'm counting with you! Hugs from the heart! Renata.

  4. Yep I am hearing you slowing down Jenny......... the sooner you get to your children and normality is restored the better. Then I think that migraine will settle.
    big hugs sweet

  5. You poor drea I'm sure it's all the stress being away from your two young ones, once you are on your way I pray you feel much better

  6. Glad to hear you're feeling better.Nothing worse than a migrain that wont go away.Love your new header,very pretty.By the way how many chain do you start off with to make up your dish cloths and what kind of wool/cotton do you use.I wouldn't mind trying to make a couple of them for our house :) Barb.
    P.S: I love the new Shabby Roses block.Keep the beautiful ideas flowing,I so enjoy working on your stitcheries.

  7. Glad you are starting to feel a little better. Moving has been a big strain and it is no wonder that you have a Migraine. I love the fabric you chose and it would look beautiful as a bag. Colleen

  8. Oh I feel so sorry for your poor head. I hope you opted for a good nights rest so you can tick another day off the calendar.


  9. Hi Jen,

    Glad you're starting to feel better.

    Thinking of you (still) as you embark on the BIG journey.

    Fee x

  10. Jenny,

    We are all with you in this final countdown. I know you are in anticpation to see the kids, no mater what their ages are, they are still our babies! Safe journies to you and hubby in this chapter of your lives. I can't wait to read your blogs with the new adventures you have in store in the future! Hope you are feeling better!

    Galt, California, USA

  11. Hope you are feeling better soon...the Anxiety is setting in...not long to go now...make the most of the next couple of days before the Big Drive...

  12. Migraines are jsut the pits. So take it really easy - wear dark sunglasses! A dash of peppermint oil and a dash of lavender oil (good quality) can help. God bkess you too

  13. All will be fine! Queenslanders will love you and you will be with the kids soon! Time flies, you know!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  14. Every time I read your count down I get so excited! I know you can't wait to be on the road and reunited with your family. Only a few more hours :-)

  15. Hope the migrane is all gone to day. Praying that all goes well on your drive. I'm sure the kids will be over-the-moon-with-joy to see you!

  16. Hope your head is better now. So don't do too much and don't worry about the young ones. You'll soon be with them again.

  17. I'd be tempted to take a couple of sleeping pills and sleep for, oh, about 61 hours.
    That birdy stitchery would look great as a bag.
    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better and praying that nasty old migraine to fly away forever.

  18. So sorry about your headache! I can sympathise!

  19. Take it easy for the next few days, not long now... stress can very draining on your body both emotional and physical. Hugz xxx

  20. Oh Jenny....I want you to to feel lots better.....Things are going to get exciting in a few days. Sending you lots of hugs. Now I'm off to shop in your store!
    hugs, Terri

  21. solamente decirte fuerza, que ya pronto van a estar todos juntos un beso

  22. I hope your feeling better soon. I will miss you when your gone, but can't wait to hear about your adventures. Terri in California

  23. You are the one that is blessing us!

  24. I thank God for you! Your comments on my blog always make me smile and your blog is a delight to the eye and the soul! God bless you and speed you on to your awaiting family and new home. HUGS,

  25. Hi Jenny,
    Do you have a local acupuncturist?
    That may clear up the underlying problem and get rid of those nasty migraines.
    Relax and chill.
    Big hugs coming your way,

  26. You're very welcome and Thank You to you for just being such a sweet person.

  27. Hi Jenny--I feel a connection to you in two ways: 1> my grandmother's name was Jenny and I have always loved that name ( and her) 1> you always have several projects going at once and so do I--sometimes I sit there and wonder which one to pick up--then I just say--Diane just pick one up and work on it!!!! they all need to get done-period!! Take time to enjoy your next few hours there, it may be a long time before you can come back for a visit--Hugs, just, Di

  28. I look forward to your daily posts and hope that they can continue (if that's possible) while travelling.
    Take care!

  29. Hope you are feeling better soon..
    Once your on your way, you'll feel a lot better...not long now!
    Julia ♥

  30. I am so far behind on your blog, so know that I am trying to catch up with you! LOL

    Cindy Mae
    My store opens July 1st!!

  31. It's good to know that you feel a little better. I get the odd migraine, not fun at all.
    Your wait is nearly over, I'm sure it felt much longer for you than it did for us. Have a safe journey.

  32. I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, I hope you are doing better now. I love to read about your moving. i wish all the luck in your new home.

  33. If you know what Gatorade is and have access to it, I was reading an article that said when you get migranes drink some Gatorade. It puts something back in your system that supposedly is low. If you do this and have success be sure to pass it on. God Bless you on your journey.