Friday, July 17, 2009

All those uniforms!!

Here she is!
My baby girl is going to school next Tuesday.
She is 15, and for the last 9 1/2 years I have homeschooled her, and loved every single minute!
Now she is stepping out and making her own way forward with the remaining years. I know she'll be reading this -

"Blossom, I am SO proud of you!! You are an amazing young woman and every day I thank God that He trusted me to be your mother. I still pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming that blessing! I love you with all my heart, and I can't wait to take you out for our traditional weekly cafe coffee and hear about your first week at school. I know that you're going to love it, and grab every opportunity to excel because that is the kind of young lady you are. You go girl! " Love, Mum. xxxxxx

Normal Day Uniform...

...and with Jacket.

Formal Uniform....
...with Blazer...

...and ribbon.
The ribbon is VERY important. It is part of the school uniform and if she does not wear it all the time she will get detention. Did I mention this is a strict school??

Normal Sports Uniform....

...and House Sports Uniform.

Hmmmm....what will she do with all those clothes in her wardrobe now that she has to wear a uniform every day??



  1. I love you too mum. =)
    Thanks for all the uniforms, forms and stationary... and credit card.
    Those photos are really... um... different. I'm actually kind of glad that dad won't be my teacher 'cause he'd pull my hair out and I'd have to go running to my head of house before i got a detention. =P
    Love you, thank you,

  2. That was a lot of clothes for the school.....i'm from sweden and in the public school you never use uniform,anyway very nice.

  3. gee Jenny I had to go get a tissue to dry my eyes before I could type my comment...(you got a big supply eh?)..them pics brought back memories of my own daughter going from a public high school to private one,all the extra uniforms was a tad absurb I reckoned......awww wow Blossom looks so young in her uniform,what a mighty transition this is going to be-I look forward to reading her travels..cheers Vickie

  4. I really like the formal uniform! Good luck in your new school!

  5. How sweet! Love the uniforms and your Elizabeth is beautiful! Wishing her the best.

  6. Yes, I got teary eyed too! You sound like such a wonderful mother-and what do you get-a wonderful daughter. Well done, Mom! (I, too can't get over ALL the uniforms!! Must have cost a fortune!) You must check out my blog today to see my two daughter's uniforms!! YIKES!
    Have a wonderful day....your little girl is growing up....sniff, sniff...
    Paulette -mom of three daughters.

  7. Best of luck to Blossom on her new adventure. Detention for not wearing a ribbon...yikes!

  8. Wow! That is a lot of uniforms!!! No more homeschooling for Blossom? How about Slicer? Does he "go" to school too? This will definitely be an exciting adventure... 8-)

  9. Oh, how exciting. A new school and so many new friends to make. It's a whole new chapter for all of you. Good luck!

  10. How cute! I especially love the formal uniform! That hat is so cute!

  11. I too had to wipe a tear away, remembering my own children on their first days at new schools. All my wishes for a bright and happy future Blossom. hugz xxx

  12. Seems to me that we have to spend more and more on school uniforms each year. At least we don't have formal uniforms here, just the one. There is stacks of sports wear and equipment we have to get though. Good luck to your baby, I'm sure she'll be just fine.

  13. Now I know why your shopping trip to by all those school uniforms turned out expensive. She looks very nice in her new clothes, hope she´ll have a nice start in her new school.

  14. Awww she looks so nice. I would imagine there are a few bully types that steal hair ribbons. What an odd rule, but then I'm a yank and don't know what is normal in schools in other countries.


  15. When I was a girl we used uniforms, but your daughter realy has a lot of them! I wish her (and you) good luck! Hugs, Renata.

  16. ove the formal uniform. It looks very stylish.

  17. Here in Italy you don't have to wear uniforms neither in the public school or in private school. You only have to wear a blu(or white) pinafore in the primary and elementary school but it's optionals.
    We don'have the opportunity to homeschool our children too.
    I, on the contrary, love both uniforms and homeschooling...I think I have an Anglo-Saxson soul ;)
    Blossom you are so beautiful in your uniform. Good luck for this new adventure!

  18. The uniforms are great. Have a grand time, Blossom!

  19. Blossom - you look beautiful sweetheart! Gosh - such an array of clothes! I shall be thinking of you next Tuesday when you begin your new adventure! :-)

    Big hugs!
    Vikki xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    ps. I have a "funny feeling" (maybe I have ESP?) that your mum loves you with all the energy in the universe! Just a hunch! *wink*

  20. You look gorgeous in your uniforms Blossom :) It reminds me of my beautiful daughter when she went to College and had to wear the uniform in the right way or else it was detention too. I loved her in her full uniforms. I love your boater hat and that brought back memories of when I went to Technical High school in Adelaide, I had to wear a staw boater hat and I used to think I was pretty darn good with it on. Enjoy going to school and making new friends and learn lots :) Its all very exciting :)

  21. you POOR thing ...all those Uniforms...whatever happened to one uniform plus a sports things have changed...
    Good Luck Blossom...I'm sure you will make Lots of Lovely New Friends and will Fit in really Well

  22. Oh, how gorgeous..
    Jenny , I actually choked up a little, to think you home schooled Blossom all these years and now she is going out there to a new school..
    You can be very proud of Blossom, she is just beautiful and lovely in her new uniform..
    I'm sure she will do well at school..quite an adventure for her.
    Hugs Julia ♥

  23. I loved the uniforms...Blossom you are a little beauty! My baby boy wore gray or navy corduroy pants with either a lite blue or white dress shirt while in Parochial school. I loved it. They were not allowed to wear designer tennies either. None of the kids were more or less stylish then the others. Some of the public schools here in Texas are either making or talking of making kids wear uniforms. I am a little weary of seeing kids look like they have no morals.

    Wear your uniform proud Blossom, learn lots and be who you are...a young lady with charm and grace.

    Hugs, Elaine

  24. Oh sure make me all teary-eyed so I can't see the beautiful pictures of your beautiful girl. Blossom, I LOVE the formal uniform. All these uniforms remind me of books I'd read as a youngster, about English boarding schools and how I always wanted to go to one. I know you are going to thrive in this new environment. Your mama has prepared you well.
    Jenny, you have raised a beautiful and Godly young woman. Well done.

  25. Good Luck for Tuesday Elizabeth, I'm sure you'll love every minute of it and have loads of new friends by the end of the day!

  26. Good luck to Blossom's new school life. The uniforms reminded me of my childhood in England - I learned a lesson for life: how to knot a tie!
    Very handy for my sons. No school uniforms in Norway though.