Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally...I'm making another quilt.

I have had a Woodland Bloom (Lila Tueller) Layer Cake since last year...always waiting for the right project to use it. Of course, when I bought it I also bought the Jelly Roll. And seeing as I had both jelly roll and layer cake, months later when the yardage for Woodland Bloom was on special I bought 7 yards of that too. So here I was this morning thinking about all the fabric I've bought over the last 4 years (I have only been sewing for 4 years you see) and decided to not purchase any more until I clear my shelves of things that I loved but never used. This means a lot of quilts are about to be made!
I know we live in the Tropics, and we don't have a winter, but we do have cool nights and something soft to hug around you is nice and homely. So I am taking an idea from Allie and instead of using batting between the quilt top and backing, I am using vintage flannel sheets...she tells me they are so beautiful to drape around yourself. :-)

Today I took that Layer Cake and made split 9-patch blocks for the first of my flannel filled quilts!

I only used two-thirds of the forty 10-inch Layer Cake blocks, but I still have the Jelly Roll to work with so I'll come up with a way of using it with the rest of the Layer Cake blocks in another quilt top.

You know, this could be a Challenge for September couldn't it? Do you have fabric you loved when you bought it and it's still sitting on the shelf? Couldn't you use it to make a simple quilt top like I did today?
Let me know if you'd like to take up a new Challenge next month. :-)

In the meantime, have you seen in the sidebar how many ladies have dressed their sewing machines in new finery!? Each of them now has an entry in the giveaway from Cheryl and I, to be drawn on September 1st. If you want to enter you only have days left to dress your sewing machine for the challenge!

And speaking of Cheryl....
I sent her my finished Shabby Roses BOM quilt top a couple of weeks ago, to quilt for me. Today it arrived home ready for me to bind. I'm so excited, I have to show you a sneak peek....

No, I can't show you the front, there are still 4 blocks I haven't shared with you! ;-) Hasn't she done beautiful work!? Thanks so much Cheryl!
If you're near Geham on the New England Highway in QLD on the weekend of September 19th and 20th you can visit Cheryl's stall at the "Spring Into The Country" Craft Show. If she weren't a 2-day drive south I'd be there to see all her gorgeous wares myself!

Now you know I think my Blossom is incredibly talented. Well she is.
Look at this tiny little button...

She embroidered a little sailing ship and seagull onto some vintage linen, then used it to cover a 1/2 inch wide button. So, so sweet!
My final Tilda book arrived in the mail today! I haven't looked past the first 5 pages though...I am savouring the quietness later tonight when I can hop into bed with a herbal tea and drool to my hearts content!

In the meantime, I can hear Blossom and my husband driving in with pizzas, so I'll say goodnight and join my wonderful family - I just need to wake Slicer, who fell asleep after a hard week at work ( and with a head cold too!).

Sweet dreams!


Vickie said...

You have inspired so many to go dress their machines it's great..oh I hear you soo much on the tropics and quilts LOL, but hey we gotta sew don't we YES we do..and they look great draped over the furniture as well...what you have done looks great..I quite often don't use any batting...
Oh wow clever Miss Blossom, and my your quilttt is sure looking divine(if only a sneak peek),cheers Vickie

Anonymous said...

Jenny your new quilt is looking lovely, and I just love the quilting on the shabby rose quilt. hmmm, think mine is going to be "tied" when I've finished it. And Blossoms button is beautiful..
Hoping to see more projects that you make from the book, it looks really nice.
Didnt enter the sewing machine cover challenge as I didnt have time to start one, hugz xxx
Enjoy your pizza.

Fee said...

I love your new quilt Jen - even I could manage that. In fact I made one for Miss Boo's bed. Now the boys keep asking me where there's are. One of these days I'll have time!
Can't wait to see your finished Shabby Roses quilt. The back looks gorgeous enough. :-)
Fee x

Amanda said...

What pretty fabric you've used for your quilt, and that's a clever idea to use a flannel sheet for the wadding. Here in the UK we need to use proper thick wadding for our quilts - and sometimes I think I ought to have used two layers! What a pretty button - is it just for show or does she have a plan for it? I've just bought the Tilda book too, and am drooling too much over the contents to be able to come to a decision as to what to make first!

Jilly's Space said...

I think I have to look into seeing if I can order some of that woodland bloom fabric, I love it! the quilt is going to be gorgeous!

Your daughter is very talented, how wonderful that she has found something creative and positive to do.

You do what I do when I get a new book..I need to savour it. Take in each page. I wrote down the name of that book, I'll have to investigate.

Love your blog!

Crispy said...

Well the back looks very nice, but I bet the front is wonderful.

Your quilt pattern is a good one for showcasing the fabrics, which are so pretty.

Cute button Blossom and hugs to Slicer for his poor stuffy head.


Amanda said...

Hi again Jenny - I've just uploaded a picture of my sewing machine cover onto my blog, just in time.

Terry said...

Love your quilt top! I've used flannel in quilts for years and it's very nice! Enjoy your new book! :0)

Abby and Stephanie said...

What a great idea to layer with flannel. Beautiful quilt Jenny! Looking forward to seeing your Shabby Roses quilt in all it's lovely glory. What an amazing little button!

Shari said...

Just love those fabrics and disappearing nine patch is a lot of fun... did you cut your 10" squares first?

So where does one find quality vintage flannel sheets? Would be interested in that one...

Enjoy your book and tell Blossom she is amazing and that I love her button!


Angela said...

What a beautiful way to use that layer cake, it really shows off the fabrics nicely!

Dolores said...

Oh Jenny, it's so nice to see a quilt on your blog. Beautiful fabrics and Blossom's button is so cute! What did she use it for?
I have borrowed the Tilda book from the library a couple of times now and I know you will love the projects in it.

Isabella said...

All very nice Jenny cant wait to see your Shabby Roses that quilting is devine how cute is blossoms button ?

Myra said...

Your split 9-patch is looking great Jenny! 8-)
What a tease you are with your Shabby Rose quilt! lol! But understandable! 8-)
Darling little button B made... Will she use it on a bag?
New books are always fun to sit and take your time going through... tea in hand.
Hope Slicer is feeling better soon!
Happy stitchings!

Allie said...

I love that fabric - what a lovely quilt! I'd love to do this challenge, now that my machine is home - I've been cutting all my repro 30's fabrics to make quilts with.
If I have time, I'm going to make a new cover for my baby - she needs one. Can I do it in a couple days? We'll see, lol!
The quilting on Shabby Roses is wonderful!!!!! She did a fabulous job. I love Blossom's button, what a clever girl she is, just like her mum!

Evas Passion said...

it's lovely your new quilt!!!!

Vicki ♥ said...

Jen I love the quilting that Cheryl did on your quilt :) I am sure it looks even better on the front :) Your quilt looks great too that you are sewing. hugs

miss~nance said...


I have a yardage packs and several extra yards of Woodland blloms in a mbasket waiting to be turned into something marvelous and I am thinking a split 9 patch sounds like a great idea.

I also have several jelly rolls waiting to be used - but I have patterns picked for those, just don't have th eitme at the mo to sew them.



Hi Jenny--I love your quilt top and the quilting on the shabby rose quilt is delightful too--and the button your daughter did is great--but what really excited me is the Tilda book--I want to curl up with tea and read that one too!!! I really need to see if I can order some of her books!!! Oh and as a gentle reminder--were you able to do your 3 Christmas projects--i may have missed them--we only got 3 days left til Sept 1st???? Have a great week end--hugs, just Di

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Jenny! :-)

Good on you for using up your fabric - it is such a lovely range! And your quilt top is gorgeous to boot!

Your Blossom has done a gorgeous job on her embroidered button, the design itself has a lot of old world charm. And talking of talent - how gorgeous is that quilting done by Cheryl?!!! Gosh, I can't wait to see your Shabby Roses quilt in full bloom!!! :-)

Hugs sweetie!
Vikki xoxo

el taller de sonia said...

Jenny cuando puedas pasa por mi blog te invite a un sorteo un beso

Joy said...

Oh I love Cheryl's quilting on your Shabby roses quilt ... and I just can't wait to see the front!!! Your split 9 patch turned out great - I've never heard of using flannel for the batting, what a great idea for hot climates!! Clearly the stitchy talent runs in the family Jenny, Bloss' button is so adorable.
Hope your pizza was yumm ... we had fish and chips tonight ;o)!!
Joy :o)

Cattinka said...

You did a whole quilt top in one day? You are very busy. The quilting of shabby roses looks great, I wish I could do something like that some day.

roccagal said...

I love the new quilt ,so pretty yet so simple. I am so looking forward to seeing the Shabby Roses quilt finished! I know its gonna be STUNNING! I have to tell you again how much I look forward to and enjoy reading your blog! Thanks, again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
So pleased you like the quilting, it's always a 'hold your breath' moment when you send a treasure off to someone else for the quilting bit.... and as I said in the email, your quilt was a delight to work on. Beautiful fabrics, lovely designs and very nicely made.
thanks for the plug for the Craft Fair...
hugs Cheryl xx

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Ditto to everyone else's comments. I do think I would be interested in a challenge to use some fabric that's been sitting on a shelf for awhile. Heaven knows I have a lot of that. I also have a bunch of those precut honey buns that I should really DO something with. I thought I might jump in on the sewing machine cover thing but haven't had the time. I actually have a cover for my machine already although it's not as cute. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for pincushions, as one can never have too many of those. Thanks for the challenges you really keep us on our toes.