Monday, August 24, 2009

My Monday

Monday morning again.
Because we live on the school grounds I get to enjoy having Blossom and my husband home at 10am each school day for morning tea. This morning I baked fresh scones s0 we enjoyed Devonshire Tea together before I began my stitching...

...which today was all about practicing my machine quilting again, this time with swirls instead of wiggly lines.
I have had this piece of Prints Charming fabric for ages (left over from a quilt I made one of my daughters) with no idea how I would make use of it, but today it was the perfect background for my practice session and ended up being quite a nice table centre after I added binding.

Once that was finished my husband came home for lunch with the mail. Lately getting the mail has been very exciting because I've had a few parcels arrive from overseas, and some fabric purchases as well. Today, though, I got quite a surprise!

Dear Jane in the UK had sent me this delicious parcel of presents, all individually wrapped, and in the prettiest paper! I felt like a 7yo on Christmas morn!
Gorgeous (and I mean GORGEOUS) pink satin fabric, pretty white ( I LOVE white) broderie anglaise, buttons & bows & ribbons & lace, and the sweetest sewing kit - a needlebook, pincushion, and scissor fob - all handmade by Jane. She's only been sewing less than a year but she is a very fast learner and her handiwork is just wonderful.

{{{Thank you}}} dear friend, Jane!! You made my day!


UPDATE : Hug Swap

A few ladies have asked Vicki and I if they can still join in the Swap if they do not have a blog. We've chosen to say YES, however, you must email is with your full name, address, email address and phone number. You'll find a link to my email on my profile page, and Vicki has a link to hers on her blog.

Also, I have uploaded my pattern for the Mug Hug in a PDF format as well for those who are unable to open the Word.doc easily.


Are you ready for a surprise? Fiona at Mothers Cupboard has a beautiful table runner pattern she has designed and she is offering it as a free download! It's so homely, just like her, and I know I am going to be making it!


On my own design agenda, Slicer gave me a pile of old CDs today. He wondered if I wanted any of the information on them. "No", said I, "but I think I have an idea on how I can use them!"
Now to the sketch pad and to see what I come up with....

Happy Monday!


  1. Jenny, you are so lucky! What a beautiful gift.


  2. I think you are a master at the swirly machine sewing :) Your gifts are lovely and your scones look so delish!!

  3. Hm, that looks tasteful! ... and you got so nice gifts! Have a nice week, hugs, Renata.

  4. oh I'm definAtely comin for morning tea when and if I'm ever in your area..what a lovely Monday indeedy for you..cheers Vickie

  5. How lucky you are to have such a grand time each day to spend with family!!! And what lovely gifts!!!! Have a day blessed in many more ways! Cathy

  6. Yuumm, those scones look delicious!

    What a great idea to make a table runner with your machine quilting practice....I hope you don't mind if I borrow that idea. :)

    All the goodies in your parcel from Jane look wonderful!

  7. HI Jenny, I loe your blog and am a faithful reader. When you have people who want to join a swap but don't have a blog you can direct them to our "Group Blog". We are a group who don't have or want to maintain our own blogs so we have a group one and we would love to have more join us. You can find it here:

  8. Hello darling Jen! :-)

    Isn't Jane a sweetie sending you those gorgeous gifts! :-)
    Your curly-wurlies are as gorgeous as your wibbly wobblies! Keep up the quilting - it's fantastic!

    Hugs and love
    Vikki xoxo

  9. Your little table topper is very nice, even if it's just a piece of fabric, it's so cheerful looking. Love all of the little gifts, what a wonderful friend you have :o)


  10. Lovely package from your blog friend. Delicious scones. I'll have one with my tea please. :o)

  11. Your scones look scrumptious, Jenny! As always, you have a wonderful artistic flair with fabric and sewing machine. Maybe you could do a video tutorial for me someday. (No rush, just a thought) I'm a visual learner. I have to see it done to understand. :o)

    Peace and Laughter!

  12. y, I think I am gaining weight just reading about all the yummy things you bake.

  13. So many wonderful things!!!!And the scones(you want to share your receipt?)they look so good!!!And how lovely things!!!!Have a nice day!!!

  14. What darling little prizes you have there from Jane.....I need to stitch myself up somethings like that. I also want to learn to make scones...I love them. Love your little table topper too.

  15. Oh Jenny, I do love the table runner and the fabric you have used. I think your swirls are great. (ummm says she who has never really tried to do swirls) oh and make sure you eat one of those delicious scones for me, that way I dont get to gain weight!!! Glad you liked your gifts, hugz xxx

  16. Wow I am VERY impressed by the height of your scones. What beautiful goodies Jane sent to you. aren't you so lucky.

  17. Beautiful scones...I sure wish my were tall like that! Any chance you'd share your secret?

  18. Todays Tea looks wonderful!!! Lovely gift in the mail as well. What a great surprise! Looks like you are doing very well with your sewing as it looks fantastic!

  19. Mmmm...I love fresh scones with Devonshire cream and strawberry preserves! It's what I ask my Mom to make me for my birthday every year. Not that I can't do it myself, but no matter how old you get, sometimes you just need your Mom to do it for you!!! What lovely gifts you have received! Lucky you!

  20. Thanks Jenny, I'm off to join the mug swap now!!!!
    ;o) Wendy

  21. Thank you so very much for the PDF file. Hugs Eva

  22. My goodness tea looks yummy - and what a civilized thing to do! Love your table topper Jenny, I adore Prints Charming fabrics. Your package from Jane is incredible - what a lovely gift!!!!
    Can't wait to see what you do with cd's, I have *ahem* quite a supply myself, lol...

  23. What a lovely package you received in the mail. I love pretties! However, I was admiring that bowl of clotted cream and wishing I had some right now. :-) The last time we were in England was in the late 1990's. There is nothing here in the U.S. that matches the taste of clotted cream with scones and tea!

  24. We do love our tea time even here in the midwest and adore scones. The devonshire cream I have not have but looks rich. I like making my practice machine in to something useful too, even take the piece and make a bag out of it. Your work is lovely and so many talented quilters in Australia

  25. Hi Jenny,
    lucky you having morning tea like that, how wonderful. I must admit I am really looking forward to having lunch every day with Rowing man when I eventually get to Twizel! Keep us the creative juices, you do so well,


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