Friday, October 30, 2009

My Stitchers Angel got her parcel!!

It's so exciting when your swap partner contacts you to say they have received their parcel!
My partner was Nannette in Salt Lake City, and these are the gifts I made her.....

...a bag to hold all her patterns with my Country Roses Heart embroidered on the front, a notepad holder with my Country Roses Blessings Basket to pretty it, a set of my Roses coasters (free Roses design available here), some Australian wildflower fabric, and an Australian wildflower stationary set, with matching writing pad inside the notebook cover.
Nannette was very pleased with her parcel of stitched goodies, and THAT is the most beautiful thing - putting a smile on someone's face. :-)

Both my Country Roses designs used in these gifts are on sale right now in my Etsy Store.
Only 36 hours left till the prices go back up to normal! :-)

Drop by later today....Vicki and I have cooked up something quick and fun for you to be a part of. ;-)
I wonder what it could be????
For now though, I need another warm tea as I am still fighting this head cold....



Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

Hi Jenny, so sorry to hear bout your cold, hope it clears up soon! It is so exciting to see what all the stitching angels are sending and receiving all around the globe, enjoy your gifts!

Teresa said...

Lovely gifts Jenny.. they all look beautiful. My partner got her parcel yesterday and it is such a relief too that it didn't get lost in the mail!! Hope your head cold is better

Celine said...

lovely gifts!
what are you and Vicky cooking then, I wonder?
thanks for sending my pattern from Etsy so fast. I was really impressed!
Celine in UK

Val said...

These goodies are great. You worked hard. She is a lucky girl to receive such nice items.

Deb said...

Jenny you are such a generous soul. I bet Nanette was thrilled with her angels gift, its gorgeous.
Look after your self with your head cold, the last thing you need is a sinus headache-yukk.....
Take some time out for you hun.
hugs Deb

Allie said...

Oh my isn't Nanette blessed! You do such beautiful work, Jenny!
Now what are you cooking up....a cure for your cold, I hope!

^A^ngel said...

This gifts are lovely...what a beautiful work!!

She must be thrilled...lucky gal!!



Sew Create It - Jane said...

Well done!! I bet she was thrilled..those are lovely gifts.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Anyone would be thrilled to receive your lovely handmade goodies. I can only imagine Nanette was thrilled.

Sew Useful Designs said...

All beautiful Jenny!

You certainly do know how to put a smile on a gal's face... reading your blog does it to me every time!!!!

Loves ya! Vikki xoxo

Wendyb said...

I can see why your angel partner was sooooo happy with her usual!! Now, what have you (and Vicki) got up your sleeve...apart from tissues??? hehehe Hope the cold improves soon.
big sugary Vicks hugs
XX Wendy 'o)