Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blossom and Bob-the-dog trim the tree....

Yesterday was the day Blossom trimmed our tree, along with her fluffy helper, Bob-the-dog....

Tradition in our house is to watch Christmas movies while the decorations are placed through the house, so a double screening of "Christmas with the Kranks" and "Elf" ensued, while Blossom sorted through tinsel, baubles, and lights.

Various Christmas items were sat on shelving and hung on walls...

...even Bob-the-dog was dressed for the fun.

Don't you love my reindeer coffee mugs!? I sipped cappucinno from one while Blossom prettied the tree.

I am being a good girl and continuing to rest my hand and shoulder today, but praying tomorrow will be the day to baste Blossom's quilt.

Happy Advent!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful Christmassy Post, Jenny - love Bob - hope your shoulder is better soon!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Hi Jenny---what a pretty tree that Blossom and "Bob" did and I love all the little touches here and there--the redwork picture is soo cute and I love the mugs and hot mats---Happy Holidays--Hugs, DI

  3. Your Christmas decorations look great! And I just LOVE that first picture of Bob the Dog! He's so cute!! :0)

  4. Darling angel!! Calling all bloggers I am having a huge giveaway on my blog and will add a new item everyday until 12/24. Go check it out.

  5. Jenny, I'm so pleased I found your georgous blog. I love your work.My daughter and her family used to live in Charters Towers so I feel that connection with you.

  6. Love all your decos Jen and your pictures are fabulous :) Love your Bob :) he is so cute! hugs

  7. Well you sure couldn't ask for cuter helpers! Your home looks lovely and festive all dressed up in it's Christmas finery.

  8. If tomorrow is not the day, then wait. Please don't overdo yourself. There is a reason for everything. Take care dear Jenny.
    Blossom must've had fun watching and decorating.
    Love those reindeer mugs.

  9. Olá, amiga!
    Fiquei com saudade do seu cantinho...
    Bela decoração de Natal... amei!!!
    Itabira - Brasil

  10. Sweetie, Bob is absolutely adorable, I could bring him home and just snuggle him to bits. Really pleased to hear that you are resting your shoulder and arm. Don't panic about Blossom's quilt, you WILL get it finished I am absolutely positive.
    Tell Blossom her decorating skills are top knotch, the tree looks fabulous.
    hugs Deb

  11. The tree, and house, look beautiful Jenny. I love all your Christmassy things. And Bob looks so excited about being decorated himself (not!).
    Fee :-)

  12. Too Sweet! Your helpers did an incredible job. There are so many handcrafted pretties to look at. Take your time basting that quilt. If you must get started on it, just do a little at a time. Don't push. -karen

  13. Your decorations are lovely Jenny! It was a great XMAS post!

  14. You look very festive there, thanks for sharing. Love that fabric the potholders are made from. Reminds me of my Barbie doll, where ever did you get it.

  15. May your days be merry, and bright.
    And may all your Christmases be.... such a beautiful sight! A lovely home, lovely decorations, lovely people and and a lovely pet. Christmas blessings!

  16. Jenny sweets,

    Bob the dog is simply adorable! As is your beautiful home! I can feel the festive atmosphere from here... Elf is one of my favourite movies!!!!

    Love and hugs in abundance!!!
    Vikki xoxoxo

  17. Well done! Lovely!

    Teenie and I made some button wreath ornaments today . . . and she made some trees, too. Pictures on my blog tomorrow (too tired at after baking cupcakes and making my own fudge frosting). ;)

  18. Looks like Blossom and Bob-the-dog did a great job of decorating! Even Bob looks great all trimmed up! 8-)
    Lovely decorations too! 8-)
    I hope your hand/shoulder is much better today...
    Take care!

  19. love the Christmas decorating Jenny...I'm doing mine tonight and then plan to finally do a post tomorrow!!!! Boy oh boy, where does the time go??? Your Bob and my Ralph could almost be twins, except Ralph is in dire need of a haircut so he's booked in tomorrow at the beauty parlour for 'the works'!!! I pray that your hand and shoulder feels much relief very soon.
    big sugary hugs Wendy :O)

  20. How you faring Jenny?....I'm just catching up and loved your decorating... The weather is bad isn't it?? We'll be just little damp splotches on the floor if we don't get some rain to cool us down soon...Rainbow smiles... Gloria


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