Monday, February 15, 2010

More of your stitching, and Val's new BOM!

Last year the lovely and talented Val Laird shared her 'Love Never Fails' BOM through her blog, and this year she has once again blessed us! Her BOM for 2010, "Gifts of Grace" is based on the nine gifts of the Spirit mentioned by St Paul in Galations 5:22-23. 
Vist her blog HERE to download the first block, and be sure and say hi to Val while you are there.
Jeannie has been busy again with another response to my February Binding Challange! This time she has used her scrap binding to decorate a tea towel - but I think that tea towel is too pretty to use now, Jeannie!
Jeannie also stitched a pincushion using my tutorial and free redwork stitchery - the colours are gorgeous!
(I am envious of those gorgeous pins, Jeannie!!)

Today I'm housecleaning...and if I'm a good girl and get it done by lunchtime I'll reward myself with some stitching. What are you doing this Monday morning?


Annie Bee said...

Thank you for the thumbs up with Vals BOTM. I am doing one of her stitcheries. Love those talented ladies with their bindings. Hope the housework doesn't take too long.

Allie said...

Love Val's new BOM! Wow Jeannie sure is busy, that towel IS too pretty to use. Love the pincushion too and I agree with you on those pins, Jenny.

Haha - it's Sunday evening here, 8pm and pairs skating is coming on. I'm stitching binding, yippee!

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Thanks Jenny,

I'll have to pop over and check out Val's BOM


FlourishingPalms said...

What am I doing today? Just like you, I'm going to do some work, and then reward myself this afternoon. Since we have snow, blowing snow and unsafe travel conditions, I'm cleaning out our master bedroom closet. Purging to donate, and then reorganize. Afterward, I'm heading to my sewing space for more free-motion machine quilting on a queen-size quilt. Hope your day is as productive as I hope mine is!