Saturday, February 13, 2010

Turning that redwork into something pretty...

Remember the free redwork heart design I shared yesterday? Tonight I used it to make a pretty frilled pincushion!
All these hours spent waiting for Blossom to come home from the dance (still another 30 minutes before she arrives home), and I just had to keep my fingers busy so I thought I'd play around with an idea...and I even remembered to take photos along the way so you could make one too if you wanted. 

First of all stitch the design into the centre of a 5 inch charm square that has fusible Pellon (or similar) on the back. I've used some of my Rouenneries charm pack for this project. Fuse some Pellon to the back of another charm square.
Use a CD to trace a circle around the stitchery, then trace a circle into the centre of the other charm square.
Cut out along the  lines of the circle.
Take a 1 1/2 "wide strip of contrasting fabric about 40" long (a honey bun roll length would be perfect) and press it in half lengthwise. 
Use a large running stitch along the raw edge of the strip and gather it.
Pin around the outside of the circle and using a running stitch secure it in place. 
When you are satisfied with the placement of the ruffle machine sew it down 1/4 inch in from the edge. 
Press with an iron to flatten it slightly. 
Lay the two circles, right side facing, on top of each other and machine stitch together with a 1/4 inch seam around - but be sure to leave a 2 inch opening for turning out. Cut small notches around the edge to help the circular cushion to sit flat when it is turned out.
Pull the pincushion right side out, and stuff with polyester fibre-fill, or whatever you like to use for pincushions. (You could also fill with lavender or pot pourri for a pretty drawer sachet)
Slip stitch the opening closed, and voila! You have a pretty little cushion for pins.

Only 5 minutes and she is home!
I'd best get the camera and take a photo...can you believe I was so nervous when she was leaving that I forgot to take a photo??!!

If you make this pincushion let me know. I'd love to see your photo! 



Petra said...

Oh what geat idea!!
I love your stiching.

Best wishes


Denise :) said...

Jenny, that's beautiful! Thank you for sharing a great idea. :)

Phyllis said...

Very cute idea.

CONGRATULATIONS to sweet Blossom!!!

allsewnup said...

How sweet. Hope all went well at the dance.


Michelle @ In Sew Motion said...

I traced the pattern on a section of my cream wedding dress fabric. I plan to stitch it up and frame it. It will be a constant reminder of that wonderful day.

Cattinka said...

What a neat idea to put ruffles around a pincushion, how did you thing of that? Wait until you see what I sent you....

Allie said...

FABULOUS pincushion, Jenny! I hope Blossom had a great time, and wasn't too tired!

murgelchen said...

Absolutly lovely and great ideas.

edyB said...

Thanks for the sweet idea for a pincushion! Love the little heart design.

Clara said...

I love all the things you make, Jenny, but this pincushion is so cute! Thank you for sharing your ideas. I'll surely send you if I make it. Hugs, Clara.

KaHolly said...

Well, now Jenny, you've done it again. Or should I say, some more? Cute as can be! I like the way you think. Geez, YOU do such a good job at it, I don't have to:). Happy V Day! ~karen

Annie Bee said...

What a neat idea. So simple but beautiful

Elyte said...

What a lovely project. Will definitely put that one on the to do list.
I hope the dance was a success and the first of many more (if you can cope!)

Anonymous said...

Super idea and I'm off to find me two squares!
I'm so glad the days for waiting up for my children are over with!

Maggey and Jim said...

Hope she had a great time and love the little heart pin cushion..

alice said...

That is so cute. Thanks for sharing your idea. And well done to Blossom in her swimming. We were busy setting up my new laptop, so I am behind on my reading.

Anonymous said...


oxo Judy