Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ului is coming, so will you keep me company this weekend?

The news flash has just been televised advising our little town that we are officially on cyclone alert as we are in the path of Ului, due to touch down on the coast in the early hours of tomorrow morning. We are 130 klms from the coast but there is nothing between us and it. Locals have warned us of major flooding, roofs off houses, no power, and a lot of land damage...but we are not going to be impacted the way those on the coast will be. Pray for them, please! So much of Far North Queensland has been devastated by cyclones in the past years and now some areas must brace themselves once more.
This is my first cyclone...I admit I am a bit nervous about what we'll experience.

So, I thought you might want to keep me company this weekend by making a table runner alongside me while we sit out Cyclone Ului. Even though you are over there, and I am over here, we can still stitch something together don't you think?

I have drawn a simple Oopsie Daisy to applique into four corners of a table runner.
I am using 36, 5" charm squares PLUS 4, 5" appliqued squares for the outer corners.
This will be 40, 5" squares all together - my table runner will be 5 squares across by 8 squares in length.
When I cleaned out my sewing room yesterday I made plans for much of my fabrics, and for this project I am using my 'Blush' charm squares.
If you want to make this with me you can download the Oopsie Daisy template HERE.
Not sure what I'll bind mine with yet, but I have a few choices on my fabric shelf.
If you're joining my "Ului Table Runner" weekend challenge please send me a photo when you finish and I'll do a show and tell here on my blog next week. 

I'll also bend the rules on the 5" Charm Square Challenge this month and allow any one who makes this to add their name to the entries (I stipulated no more than 20 charm squares for the Challenge, but this project uses 40)....
So come on, grab that charm pack or start cutting 5" squares. :-) You'll be my sewing companions this weekend, and I really appreciate that.

Before I sign off on this post I want to show you what some new stitchers have made!
Lone has finished the embroidery and colouring on Blossom's Garden Angel stitchery, and she has done beautifully!
And look at Karen's very first stitchery! She asked for some advice on stitches and when she sent me the photo of her finished work I was so impressed!! These primitives are wonderful!
Colleen is not a new stitcher, but she sent me a photo of her 'Pretty In Pink' Table Topper from my design in last month's Patchwork & Stitching magazine. It's so pretty!!!
Blossom's 'Garden Angel' design, and my 'Pretty In Pink' design can both be found HERE in my Etsy Store.

God bless you all, and may our Lord keep our coastline safe from the fury of this cyclone,

PS: The 'Buy 1 Get 1 free' pattern sale is still on in my Etsy Store until Sunday midnight. See HERE for details. 


By Hoki Quilts said...

Jenny my thoughts, prayers and hugs are with all of you. Fingers crossed you will have power to enable you to stitch your way through it. God bless

Allie said...

All right, I'm going to join you on this. I'll pick out my fabrics tonight. You're going to be heavy on my heart all weekend anyway, I might as well do something productive while I pray for you!

Terry said...

You and all the others will be in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. Please keep us informed, as you can.
God Bless you.
Hugs & Blessings,

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Jenny,

I wish you well. Stay safe.

Lots of hugs. Sharon

Wonky Girl said...

I'm with you there in spirit and prayers (sewing too). We left Florida,USA after sitting thru too many hurricanes. Terrifying, really. Not too many storms in AZ but I still have a vintage treadle for just in case no power.
God Bless

Unknown said...

I hope and pray you are all safe, so please post when you can. I'm getting ready to go to Lancaster Pa for the big quilt show next week, but I think I'll do the little tablerunner in the morning! There you go inspiring us again!!
Thanks Jenny

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Jenny! Cyclones aren't much fun, but I'm sure you'll have an angel holding an umbrella over your house for the duration. Have just finished reading your write-up in "Country Threads" - finally got around to reading it! :0) Was lovely to read about a 'friend'! Happy stitching! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Julia said...

You and all the others will be in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. I have a friend in Townsville, I hope you all get through this safely..
Julia ♥

Jo-anne Blossy said...

Crossing my fingers for you that you, your family & friends remain safe this weekend.
Take Care & Stay Safe
Jo-anne (Blossy)

What Comes Next? said...

Praying that cyclone does not do any damage, and you are able to get lots of stitching done.

Amanda said...

I think those of us who have discovered stitching, whether it be by hand or machine, are truly blessed when it comes to sitting out problems. We've got a wet weekend in store, so I'll try and stitch along with you. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well with you and your family.

Theresa said...

Hoping and praying that you all stay safe Jenny. I'm sewing down the binding on a quilt this weekend but will be thinking of you while I'm doing it.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers to you tonight. Been watching the news so I heard all about Ului. Will be joining you in the stitching. Cheers, Irene Lowe - Melbourne

Elyte said...

I'm sorry I have so many things to do this week end but my thoughts will be with you and praying for your safety. Take care.

Dawn said...

Love the Table runner Jenny... Praying for you all.
Hugs Dawn x x x

KaHolly said...

Keep us posted, if you can!!! Stitch away those cares! ~karen

Abby and Stephanie said...

When the going gets tough, the tough get stitching. Hobbies are wonderful things to take our minds off of less than pleasant situations. Your stitching and Blush are a match made in Heaven. Stay safe.

sewkalico said...

I would love to stitch with you if I get a chance, if not I will be thinking of you. I also wanted to say that I tried your honey cakes and they are DELICIOUS!! Thank you for the recipe.

Jilly's Space said...

Saying a prayer for you and your family!!
Can't wait to see your table runner. I would join you, but I have a crazy busy weekend. I am going to try and get a little sewing in though on a quilt-a-long I am falling behind on!! :-)
Stay safe beautiful Lady!!

Fee said...

Hi Jen,
Just want to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love, Fee x

Terry said...

How frightening! I know the devastation that hurricanes cause here in the US. You'll be in my thoughts Jenny! And I'm going to try to stitch right along with you! :0)

Jeannie said...

You are in my prayers!
What a cute table runner that will be with the Oopies! That just gave me another idea :)
I love this blog.hehehe.

Orcsmom said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I will also be sewing besides you. I'll also put the tea kettle on, so won't you have a cup of tea with me also?



zetor said...

Oh Jenny, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

allsewnup said...

May you and your's be safe and sound. We get alot of tornado watches and warnings here and it is very nerve wracking.


Pam said...

Will be thinking of you and your family. Hope everything goes okay.

Maria said...

You will be in my thoughts, keep safe.

I also have a BIL and family in Rockhampton.


Cattinka said...

I hope the bad weather will not reach you after all.
Keep safe!

edyB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
edyB said...

We're sending good thoughts your way for you and the family to be safe through this storm.
Take care.

Susan said...

I am praying for you and all the others in your area. I will be thinking of you while I am sewing also.

Charlie M. said...

You and all those in the path of Ului are in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. Although I live far away, we are all connected through your blog. I won't be joining you in the table runner, but will think of you while I work on my wall hangings I'm making for my children's houses. God be with you.

Sew This N That said...

Hi Jenny, me and my family will be holding you and yours in our thoughts this weekend, hope you all stay safe :0)
*hugs* Heather x

Jan said...

Hi Jenny: It was lovely to read about you in Country Threads; can't believe you have been stitching for such a short time. I can't join you in the table runner stitch-along but will be thinking of you while I'm grocery shopping and cleaning. Fingers crossed for your safety. Best wishes, Jan

Heckety said...

I'll be back tomorrow to keep you company! As its nearly midnight I don't think I'd better be starting a new project now...and prayers heading your way.
My sister worked in Hong Kong for a year and experienced a couple of cyclones, some weren't as bad as forecast. I think it would be worrying alright.

Anonymous said...

hi jenny, hope you get through the cyclone ok. My aunty lives in bowen and her daughters family at eilie beach so they are right in the thick of it.I hope they are ok i will have to try and ring to see if all is ok. i'm sure they will be as they have been trough them before. goodluck sue

Nanci said...

Sending prayers your way to keep you safe from this wicked storm. Hope you keep your power and can quilt your way through this one.


Hi Jenny--Pray all is well over there and that you only get alittle rain and lots of sewing done--it is Saturday evening here--but I did copy off the pattern and will join you --but I only have 3 pieces of the blush line and I really want to use it--so I will start it with that and go from there!!!
Hugs, Di

SheilaC said...

Hope you are safe, Jenny!!


Betsy said...

Jenny your table mat is beautiful. Can you share the name of the fabric collection?

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

You're definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the cyclone misses all people and property and crops.