Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's a girl!!

Meet our new baby, Lily Rose....
Isn't she adorable! And just 7 weeks old, a Valentine's Day girl.
She was an unplanned adoption, a totally spur of the moment lifesaving decision my husband made yesterday morning.
This sweet cherub was out the front of the supermarket with her carers, they were offering her to anyone who would take her...if an owner could not be found yesterday then this innocent little girl would not be alive this Easter Sunday morning.
No hesitation, Mr Elefantz knew this was an opportunity to save a life, and he couldn't refuse it.
So here we are now, new parents once more, and after a sleepless night with a puppy whose tummy hasn't settled yet, we are remembering sleepless nights almost 16 years ago with our last baby - Blossom. 
Lily Rose had not been weaned and struggled to grasp the concept of eating for a few hours, but eventually mastered the art. She climbs into her water bowl to drink, and loves to dive into our beanbags. Her tiny little teeth are only just coming through the gums so she is chewing on anything within a 1 inch radius to her face. 
She is a cross breed - Stumped Tail Cattle Dog X French Mastiff (one of those dogs with all the rolls of skin on their body), and will probably grow to about 45kgs. Already she weighs 5.5kgs at 7 weeks, and is bigger than Bob-the-dog. 
I've spent the morning sewing a simple quilted blanket for her, something I can throw in the washing machine and not be concerned if she chews it to pieces.
If I am quiet for a couple of days it's because I'm hoping to catch some sleep between her naps. ;-)
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Just as Mr Elefantz rescued our Lily Rose from certain death, so today we celebrate the greater gift of Christ who have His life to rescue us - you and I - from eternal death.
Christ has risen!
He is risen indeed!!

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Oh, Jenny - you look so happy! No more fat quarters, puppy food instead, lol - she's going to love her food!
    Hugs for Easter - Lurline♥

  2. She is adorable but she will be as big as you when she grows up. Have a very Happy Easter.

  3. Happy puppy-sitting! Goodness, that's a big puppy already. So glad to know you and DH are rescuers.

    He is risen indeed! Amen.

  4. Welcome Lily Rose...and Happy Easter to her and her new family...

  5. Lily Rose is just so gorgeous. so glad you rescued her. Happy Easter. Hugs, Jeanette

  6. How precious and Lily Rose could not be a more perfect name for a Valentine/Easter baby. Enjoy!!! And Happy Easter.

  7. Oh Jenny she's ADORABLE!!! What does Bob-the-dog think??? Did you name her Lily for Easter, and Rose for shabby roses? I love her name. She's a beautiful gift!

    Christ is risen indeed!

  8. Happy Easter Jenny and Congratualtions on you new little girl... Lilly Rose. Love the name!

  9. What a gorgeous baby and how nice of Mr Elephantz to save life she will be one very loved baby.....Happy Easter Jen.

  10. Lily Rose is gorgeous, what a lucky girl she is to be adopted into your family!!!
    A Blessed Easter to you too Jenny.

  11. I will say Amen to that and what a blessing getting her at Easter..She looks adorabe and I know it will be rough at first but she looks like a wonderful dog..She is so pretty too.
    Take care,,Try to get some rest..

  12. He is risen, indeed, Jenny. Happy Easter.

    Cute "little" pup.Lily Rose is a sweet name. She picked a sweet family, too.

  13. Congrats on the adorable addition to your family! Lily Rose is so lucky that you found her :)

    Happy Easter

  14. Jenny, she is just adorable and you look so happy. That's one heck of a happy pup to be adopted by such a wonderful family. God bless.
    hugs - Miche'le

  15. What a wonderful thing Mr Elefantz did. Though I'm very keen to get a puppy I don't envy you having such a young baby to deal with, poor little thing, far too young to leave her mother. But look at the size of those feet! What a monster she's going to grow into, and so pretty too. No more trips to 'that shop' for you!

  16. Oh my goodness, she's cute! Good luck with the puppy:-)
    Happy Easter!

  17. awwww congrats on the new addition!! She is bigger at 7 weeks than both of my dogs full grown! She's going to be a handful for sure :D

    Such a great thing your husband did. Wishing you both lots of fun and excitement with your new baby! :D

  18. Oh Jenny what a kind hearted pair you and DH are and Lily Rose will reward you both with her love and devotion for the rest of her life.Love the new hair cut, at first I thought I was on the wrong blog as you look sooooo different.

  19. There's nothing like a new baby in the house to set everything right. Bless you for saving Lily Rose's life, she is adorable. .

  20. What fun you will all have with Lily Rose. She will receive so much love.

  21. cute cute cute and going to get cuter.Praying you get lots of sleep and enjoy your new baby. Have a great Easter.Englishteacup(Lynne)

  22. Perhaps a blog name change...While Lily Rose Sleeps? You'll get more done when she's sleeping, I have first hand knowledge. She's darling.

  23. Congrats and bless you for saving her. I just wanted to share a little trick I use when I have new [furry] babys. I take an old sock and fill it 3/4 full of rice and then heat it in the microwave for a minute or two and put it beside the baby when they need a nap it works like a charm, you may need to make a bigger one, but it acts like a litter mate for them.Hope this helps. Happy Easter

  24. She is adorable!! :) Lovely puppy.

  25. She is beautiful and I love the link to our rescue and salvation.
    He is risen ...can we but rejoice.
    May you have much joy from the new life in your home.

  26. Oh my goodness look at that face! Who could not just fall head over heels in love with her?!
    Our 2 fur-kids are adopted too, & I just can't imagine how they could have ever been neglected. I mean the sweetness in them is just a blessing to the planet!

  27. Your new puppy is so cute!! I'm so glad your husband stepped in and saved her!! It warms the heart! Make sure you post lots of pics so that we can be a part of her growing up!! Happy Easter!!

  28. Well Jenny...this is an Easter you will never regred and forget...Lily Rose sure will remind you, because she will turn out to be a big wunderful beautiful dog...she is already...dont you just want to cuddle her the whole time?!...she has a wunderful color too..just hide shoes and other things for the next months...bless you Mr Elephantz for saving her!!...i wish you a happy Easter...but i am sure you have one already....
    greetings Francien.

  29. Good thing you adopted her, the sweet little thing. Many merry moments to come :-)

  30. Well done Mr Elefantz!!! This puppy is adorable.
    Happy Easter Elefantz Family :)

  31. Gracious! You have adopted a baby moose (and an adorable one at that). We raised a Saint Bernard from 10 weeks old (also a spur of the moment selection) so I know what you're going through. Our Bucky gained between 1/2 and 3/4 pounds per DAY for the first 6 months. Be sure to house break her while you can still lift her. 8) And socialize her to everybody and everything you can think of while she's still tiny. You won't regret it. I still miss my Bucky and he's been gone almost 15 years.

    Happy Easter,

    PS Dogfood is much cheaper in the 40lb. bag. Can you lift 40lbs? lol

  32. What a wonderful rescue story. And yes, He is risen indeed. How blessed we are.

  33. Happy Easter, Jenny.
    May God bless you and your Family for your compassion towards one of His creatures. I am sure that sweet pup will bring you lots of fun and unconditional love. Hugs from Sandy.

  34. Oh Jen, she's beautiful. I hope you've got all the shoes hidden?!
    Happy Easter to you all.
    Fee x

  35. She is sweet.Congratulations to you both for rescueing her.
    We have a part lab/part english mastiff 4 year old we rescued 2years ago. He's a blessing we love dearly,even at 100+ lbs. Get your rest and enjoy the love you will receive from her.

  36. Oh Jenny! what have you done? but you look so happy and it would have been very sad to lose this adorable pup but, she will be a big girl. God bless you and Hubbly
    Love Jillxx

  37. Oh my! What a big puppy and SO adorable! Your hubby did a very nice thing by adopting her yesterday...and it being on Easter makes it even more special, I'm thinking.

    Enjoy your life with Lily Rose.


  38. Congratulations on the new baby. What a happy Easter you gave her! I'm loving the term "unplanned adoption." That's how half of our cats got here!

    Peace and Laughter (and sleep),

  39. Well look at you with the new member of your family. Hope she turns out to be a great companion for you. She sure is cute but it sounds like she will be a big dog one day. Watch those teeth. Have plenty to chew on for her. I know because our dogs chewed on stuff they weren't supposed to when they were pups.

  40. Well look at you with the new member of your family. Hope she turns out to be a great companion for you. She sure is cute but it sounds like she will be a big dog one day. Watch those teeth. Have plenty to chew on for her. I know because our dogs chewed on stuff they weren't supposed to when they were pups.

  41. Adorable! How does your other dog like her?

  42. What a cute little puppy, no wonder your hubby coulnd´t resist!

  43. Congratulations on the new arrival.... I hope you all survive puppyhood without too many dramas... but will make some funny stories for later years I am sure....

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