Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The end of a term!

Today marked the end of Term 2 for our school year and now we begin a 4-week mid year break. It also heralded the end of Blossom's only year at school, and her return to home education - although we're not sure yet what direction that will take. For now we'll just relax and enjoy the holidays!
The last two days saw the entire school involved in the Sports Carnival and Blossom made sure she competed in a number of events to support her team, Chad, before she left. She ran the 200, 800, and 1500 metre races, and the Principal even thanked her for her efforts over the loudspeaker. We're so proud of her! She is leaving the school well thought of by the staff, and has even been asked to return next term as a teacher's aide for grade 8/9 maths classes a few times a week.
Now, while I'm declaring my pride in Blossom, I can also share that same pride in our 17yo son who completed his Certificate 3 in IT Studies yesterday!! \o/ This was quite an accomplishment at just 17, but he has worked very hard to do it - it took him just 8 months to complete a 2 year course. Well done, Slicer!!
My heart is also bursting with delight at the girls in my Home Ec sewing class who have finished their quilts!!
Here is Charlene's - a present for her nephew....
 ...and Hannah's chenille quilt that is so soft she wraps it around her every chance she gets!
Taylor made a very pretty applique quilt, and used button tying to secure the layers...
Kayla's nephew was born just hours before I took this photo of the quilt she has almost finished making for him. It's lovely soft flannel, and all the letters have been appliqued on...
And Alison has made herself a cover for her saddle-cloth using applique and stitchery!
Well done girls!!! I have enjoyed being a part of your classes this term more than you know! :-)
I've finished the new BOM that I will be sharing with you from July 1st, and tomorrow I'll share some photos as well as tell you what materials you'll need to make it. I hope you like it as much as I do!
My finger has taken a turn for the worst again. The only relief for me is to stay off the keyboard...and that's not easy. Never mind, I'm being good most of the time, so perhaps slow and steady will see a recovery in time?
The June Denim Challenge?! How are you going? Have you been checking the bloggers listed on my sidebar who have signed up for the challenge?
Look at Linda's slippers!!!
...and Stephanie's table runner....
...and Teresa's lunch bag!
Aren't they all so clever!! I am very inspired....must get back to my denim. I'm thinking of making THIS clutch using denim and perhaps some lace. 
What are you making today?



Fee said...

Yay for Blossom coming home again. Congrats Slicer for completing that Cert in lickety split time.

Rest your fingers as much as you can Jen. You've got a built in Virtual Assistant at home now to let her fingers do your walking (or typing)!

Love and hugs,
Fee x

Dolores said...

You've done a marvellous job with these budding quilters. I do hope they carry on.
Congratulations to both Blossom and Slicer. Well done.
Now go take a break and enjoy yourself.

Jeannie said...

Alright kids!!! and the girls did so well on their projects too!
I so hope your finger gets better soon.
It will be so fun to see what you are making new!

jugglingpaynes said...

Those are beautiful quilts! You must be very proud of your students!

Welcome back to homeschooling and congratulations to your children on their wonderful accomplishments!

Peace and Laughter,

Abby and Stephanie said...

Such a talented group of sewers!!! Great job by one and all. Oh my goodness those denim slippers are the cutest and the lunch bag is so useful. Love the pocket location.

SheilaC said...

What a great group of kids.... both yours and all the quilters!

Congrats to all!


Allie said...

I think Blossom will succeed at whatever challenges she undertakes - you've raised a fine young woman, dear Jenny! And a fine young man too, congrats to Slicer! Well done, to you and hubby.

Love the projects from the Home Ec class, looks like they learned a lot from you. I'm sorry to hear the finger is flaring up again - STAY OFF that keyboard, girl! Praying for you!

Deb said...

Wow, so much news for the end of the year! Congrats to everyone for their accomplishments and to the girls for their quilt projects.

I hope that your finger is feeling better soon!

Susan said...

Sorry to hear about your finger - maybe you need some sort of dictation to computer software (Dragon Dictate??) - then again its school holidays and Blossom is home - why not get her to be your secretary??
What am I sewing today?? - nothing much but off on a Patchwork shop crawl (with a coffee shop or two included) with my bestest friend and a lovely sunny day - as opposed to yesterday when it rained and drizzled all day - lucky us!!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Wow Jen - those gals did GOOD! Champion work! :-)

Congrats to Slicer - what an incredible achievement! Hope you all have a fantastic 'school holiday' break. And hope your finger is better soon!!!

Hugs n' love!
Vikki xoxoxo :-)