Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some final June Denim Challenge projects, plus my 'Little Bird' in redwork...

Here are some gorgeous projects to finish off the June Denim Challenge.
Cath made this really sweet bag, taking ye olde denim into serious bling!
...and Rana made a whole host of things, but I just LOVE this one! Advent Stockings! Isn't she clever?!
To finish off, you will love Stephanie's bag!
Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge - I think you will all agree that you can make a whole lot of gorgeous things from denim!! I, for one, will never discard another old pair of jeans...
Have you stitched up my free 'Little Bird' design yet? Nancy did hers in redwork and it's so pretty! 
 If you missed my 'Little Bird' freebie, you can find it HERE.
There will be another challenge for July, but I'll wait until my next post to share it with you. Build the suspense....LOL!


  1. They are all so delightful! There is just so much imagination and talent out there. I esp. like the bag. So fancy! I'm working on your Little Bird, too! Who could resist? ~karen

  2. What lovely projects. Loved Stephanie's bag

    Yes I am stitching the wee bird thank you Jenny.

  3. great ideas for denim. Love Stephanie's bag. I recycled several pairs of jeans last year and made a rag denimquilt with red flannel backing for a grandson. hows the house hunting coming.

  4. The denim challenge was such fun. I see more projects in my future!!! Great projects from everyone.

  5. Love that denim tote! Your blocks are great. Hope you find a new home soon Jenny xx

  6. thank you for the Little Bird freebie,it is sweeeeeet :-)
    you can see my version of it in my blog:

  7. Hope the house hunt is going well!
    Love all the denim projects.
    Your "Little Bird" is one of my favorites and will be showing up on lots of pretties for the grands, greatgrands and babes of friends!
    Best of luck with the move.

  8. What great projects! I remember, in high school, everyone had jeans purses - you just stitched the bottom together, added handles, and that was it. They held everything and I still love them. I must admit Stephanie's is the nicest I've ever seen!
    Love the Little Bird in redwork - I've started stitching mine, but haven't finished yet. I love it!

  9. I was too late with the June Denim Challenge as my daughter had another operation, so had to stay at Bunbury for 2 weeks. However, I did get them done the last two days and have just blogged about it!!!



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