Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aussie labels giveaway winners! And more of that orange shirt...

Congratulations to FOUR lucky winners - you have won some of my vintage Australian product labels! 
The labels are made of cotton canvas and were printed up in 1982. 
I decided to add an extra label to each prize pack, and here are the winning names...
edyB was the 1st name drawn so she has won the large Billy Tea label (same as I used on my doorstop yesterday), plus two other labels...
Frog Quilter was name number two and has won these three labels...
Anne D has won this set...
...and last, but not least, Rumi is the winner of this trio!
Congratulations ladies!!
Please email me your home mailing address and I'll pop them in the post for you. :-)
(I found it interesting as I went through my labels to see that I still have some of these products in my pantry cupboard: Billy Tea, Rose's Lime Marmalade, Uncle Toby's Oats, Aeroplane Jelly, and Rosella Soup!)
After my post last night I got an email from Kristina, who said she wasn't entering my giveaway because she already had a whole bag made from the same set of labels! The fabric was a gift from an employer 12 years ago! How cool is this bag?!
Once again I worked with my remaining pieces of the 50c orange shirt. Today I used some for the background of a cute design I drew last night.
In my stash were some remaining fat quarters from the Birdie range I bought last year, and they just screamed at me, "we need some orange to play with!!"....
Since the operation on my finger my hand stitching is slow, so I had to sit through an entire midday movie while I embroidered and appliqued the block. I never watch midday movies, so this was a very new experience.
As a lover of small useful bags I decided to use the block and fabrics for a book bag with front pocket for holding my phone and keys...perfect for a walk to the park, reading by the duck pond!
That's 5 projects from one 50c shirt. 
And I still have a wee bit left, so I'd best go figure out how to use it all up! 
Have a lovely evening. Blossom and Slicer have gone out for Chinese. Mr E and I will walk to the fish and chip shop's nice to have a night off cooking once in a while. :-)
PS: Simone asked how I weighted the door stop I made yesterday - I used 1 1/2 kilos of raw brown rice, then stuffed to the top with polyester doll filling.


  1. Hi Jenny...great bag and I LOVE your door stop...looks really sturdy! Your new photo in your side bar is lovely...hope it hasn't been there too long or I'll sound like a dill!

  2. Another very creative project - can't wait to see the final (??) item - suffolk puff on somehting - needle book??

  3. Didn,t you do well from one shirt!

    I,m just going to look who made that bag with the labels, It,s great and will draw lots of comments .--cottonreel

  4. Pretty bag, Jenny. Love the applique. :)

  5. Congrats to all the winners of your patches Jenny. Seeing your little bag makes me think its ideal for what I want so I might make a little one at the weekend that I can sling across my shoulder/body when I go for a walk with the dog. mmmm god thinking 99.

  6. Congrats to the lucky winners. I'm really tickled for my very dear tea buddy, Rumi!!! Great spotted bag you made.

  7. Jenny, when I read your line "a cute design I drew last night," I turned pea-green! How many of us can just "draw a design" that's perfectly adorable? You have no idea how great it would be to have such a gift. Gosh, after weeks of piddling with a drawing, I'm still not satisfied, and ready to give up. But am I ever glad you're still whipping out such great stuff. I'm living vicariously, and enjoying seeing everything your talented little fingers produce. Wonderful stuff!

    Congratulations to every winner. Enjoy making something special with your labels. Can we see pictures when they're sewn up?

  8. Hi love the bag,the orange hirt is going a long way. congratulations to the label winners, enjoy.

  9. Jenny , those labels are so neat , just love the illustrations on them all . Your use of the orange fabrics has been amazing , you have sure used it creatively , this newest bag is really cute .Loved Kristine's bag as well .

  10. Congratulations to the winners!! I'd love to see what they make with them! Kristina has a GREAT bag there - love it!

    Oh gee - just draw up something darling and make it - Jenny, you amaze me! That is so adorable, I love the bag, trust you to take a shirt and make such fabulous projects! That bag is DARLING. I'm not a daytime movie watcher either, but I'd take it up if I could produce such great projects as you, lol!
    Hope you enjoyed your night off from cooking - and give that hand a rest!

  11. Jenny, I love how you've used a varying height of blanket stitch to make the petals on your flowers. Good idea!

  12. I love the fabric that you used to make the bag. It goes so well with the orange.... and the flower pattern that you drew up is adorable! You definitely keep me inspired! LOL!

    Congrats to the label winners! It would be nice if they shared their projects so we can see what they made!

  13. WhooHoo! I won ~ what fun! Thanks so much.

  14. Oh yea! yea! I'm a happy girl! Thanks so much Jenny!

  15. Thanks Jenny I am so excited that I won some labels. I cant believe that one of them is the Tucker Box. My husbands name is Dave and for years we would make jokes about "Dad and Dave" and sing the theme song! Silly I know but small things amuse small minds.

  16. Congrats to the winners.
    cool bag you made.

  17. Congratulations to the winners!!! Can't wait to see what they come up with too :o). I spotted the Roses Lime Marmalade label to Jen ... I LOVE that marmalade, I didn't realise it's been around so long lol.
    Love that bag too, what a fab idea - don't forget to pop a bit of change in that pocket for a cuppa to take with you to the park ;o).
    Joy :o)
    PS I just checked the label on my jar in the fridge and it says "Est. 1865" ... goodness, I had no idea ;o)!!!

  18. Cute bag!! I think you are entitled to an afternoon movie every now and again. Look what came from it. I know it must be very frustrating to you though. You will get there. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the shirt. Congrats to all the winners. L,A-

  19. Gosh! You're going great guns with using your orange shirt. Isn't it the best fun trying to use up all the bits.

  20. Love the continuing orange.You are an ambassador for ORANGE!!!My orange things are coming along!!


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