Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blossom recovering, my stitches are out...and a giveaway winner!!

Thank you to everyone who sent messages, prayers and best wishes to Blossom. She went downhill on Sunday and ended up in the emergency dept of our local hospital when her asthma wasn't responding to medication at home, but two days later and she's turned a corner and heading for complete recovery. Her chest cold was a bad one, something we pray she does not experience again.
I bought her tulips to remind her that all would be well again soon...
My sweet friend Carrie also brought cheer to Blossom. She sent me the loveliest lavender sachet as a gift, and included one for Blossom as well. The card enclosed had my very favourite poetry verse too...
Thank *you* sweet Carrie.
My stitches are out as of 12 hours ago...
..but the operation did not bring about the results we'd hoped. My finger is almost 'frozen' and I cannot bend it any further than this...
I will start physiotherapy soon to see if we can remind it to bend once more. 
Fortunately I am able to stitch again as I do not use that finger, but I can't grip things or use any pressure on the finger because it is very painful.
To pretty up my battered hand I decided to buy something special after I saw the surgeon today...
My first silver bracelet.
Kathleen is 76, has only partial sight, and can crochet like an angel. 
I always drool over her work because I cannot for the life of me do what she does. Kathleen emailed a few weeks ago to say she had a housewarming gift for me and could she have my address. When her parcel arrived I was speechless...
My bedroom is now home to two *beautiful* pillowcases from Kathleen...
Isn't her craftsmanship exquisite?!
These are now heirloom pieces, to be handed down to Blossom, and then (hopefully) on to her future daughter. What a precious blessing. Thank you Kathleen. 
You can see more of Kathleen's work HERE on her blog.
I've been looking everywhere for a particular gold thread. I used it when I stitched the front of my Elefantz market bag...
It was gold and black stranded and SOOOO much nicer to work with than DMC gold thread. 
Finally I gave up thinking about it and accepted that I'd never see it again. Now, you know how when you resign yourself to not finding something and it just 'appears'?
The quilting bus arrived in town last Saturday (a mobile bus filled with quilting supplies that travels through remote areas up here, usually visiting every few months), and guess what I found?!!
Honestly, these are amazing to stitch with! They do not separate, they are not stiff or rigid. They are sublime. 
Now that I have the name of the maker, I discovered I can but it online in Australia (it's a Greek thread) through THIS website. \o/ It's called Butterfly Thread.
Have you ever used this thread? What gold (or metallic) threads can you recommend?
Yesterday I decided I *had* to make something. Not sewing can drive a person mad you know.
It was a good thing I had stitched a few of my 'Rainbird' designs months ago, as all I needed to do was machine stitch it into a pot pourri filled door hanger - well, I added a frill and some covered buttons too. Again, I dove into my Rural Jardin stash (absolutely LOVE that fabric line!)...
It felt so good to make something once more. :-)
Last, but not least, to celebrate the removal of my stitches, I have drawn the winner of my giveaway!

Congratulations Peg! \o/\o/

You have won a copy of ....
...and I know you will love it!!

Tomorrow I will show you Mr Elefantz' new toy. It's blue and has two wheels. 
And I'd better start making something for the August Re-Invention Challenge! 
Have you started yet???? 
If you need a reminder you can read THIS.

PS: Hop over to Judith's blog - she is closing down her online store and has 50% off all her patterns!!


BubzRugz said...

Wonderful to hear that Blossom is much better - asthma can be very scary for all.... all the best for her complete recovery and yours. The pillow cases are beautiful - and so is your cupboard hanger. Well done to Peg on her win... You still fit in a lovely blog even though so much is going on..... Hugz to all

Potpourri said...

Happy to see that Blossom is better. Your suture line looks good, get some Vitamin E cream to rub on it so that the scar will heal faster and perhaps gently squeeze a ball to exercise your hand and fingers.

I love the pillowcases, now I am going to check out her blog. all the best.

Carin said...

Glad to hear Blossom is doing better, I hate that my boys have asthma it just scares me to death!

Cute cupboard hanger!

I wish my crochet was that precise, mine always looks like I can't count or something hmmmmm there's a thought.

Congrats to Peg!

Terry said...

I'm glad to hear Blossom is better! And glad too that your stitches are out. Therapy ought to help you regain use of your finger. They can do amazing things! Glad you found the thread you wanted too! :0)

Abby and Stephanie said...

Sick kids equals worry. Glad Blossom is better. Those are some gorgeous pillowcases and how perfect for you. Wishing you good luck with therapy.

allsewnup said...

So happy to read that Blossom is feeling better. Nice to see you have your stitches out too.
Take care,


Kim D. said...

Congrats on getting your stitches out Jenny. I hope the finger will be better soon, losts of therapy to follow I'm sure. Happy to hear Blossom is better also. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful gifties. Have a lovely week!!

Carrie P. said...

So glad to hear Blossom is doing much better. Therapy will hopefully help to get that finger moving again.

What beautiful pillow cases Kathleen made for you. My grandma used to crochet on pillowcases. I have a couple of them she made.

Congrats to Peg. She will probably make everything in the book. She is always making such beautiful creations.

Sandy said...

Sorry that your finger isn't "working" properly yet. Hope therapy helps it along! Glad Blossom is feeling better, finally...that asthma can be scary! Glad you are sewing again...cute, cute finish!

Unknown said...

What a Lovely post..Glad to hear Blossom is on the mend...Those pillowcases are just Gorgeous & your Door Hanger is Divine...Hope all goes well with your Finger soon ..must be a pain in the ..you know what..sending Hugs.

Alice said...

So glad to hear that Blossom is getting better and that your stitches have been removed. You both will continue to be in my prayers. I hope the physical therapy works wonders. It is hard to be patient. Enjoy your sewing therapy. L,A-

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Glad to hear Blossom is on the mend. Very scary when our children are sick!

Oh dear, I hope the physio will fix that crooked finger.

Hm, sounds like Mr Elefantz is in happy la la land now!

How sweet are those pillow cases.
Take care,

Nancy Page said...

Your incision site looks good. Wishing you the best in the physical therapy. Hope the finger loosens up for you. So glad that Blossom is better. Asthma can be scary.
Congratulations to the winner! Well done! The pillowcases are a true hierloom. They are gorgeous.

Have a super great day.

Amanda said...

How frustrated you must be feeling. Well, fingers crossed (not the best choice of phrase I fear!) that some physio will help things improve.

Janice said...

Everything seems to be on the up and up now. You just need to convince that finger of yours to gt moving. Your pillowcases are devine, how very generous. I must visit her blog to see what other beautiful work has been created.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Gald to hear your baby girl is on the mend Jen....how good does your hand look....the pillow cases are just so beautiful....and thanyou so much I am thrilled about my win....mwah Peg

Allie said...

I am so glad Blossom is on the mend, oh the poor wee girl....give her a hug from me....and have her give you one too, oh Jenny I can't believe that's all you can bend your finger! We will keep up the prayers.

What a lovely gift from Carrie - she is just the most precious person. I love your bracelet Jenny, you wear it well!
My goodness those pillows look inviting. Kathleen does amazing work!
I love your little frilly door hanger, hon, so glad you were able to sew something, I know how awful those withdrawls can be. Congratulations to Peg on winning your give-away, she'll probably have everything in the book made in a month, lol! She will love it. Can't wait to see Mr.'s new toy - I bet I know what it is!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased to hear Blossom is on the mend now after that terrible bout but I'm sorry that your surgery did not help your finger. :o( Hopefully with physio and prayers your healing will continue to become a much better result.

I know I can go "mad" when I'm not creating. (grin) I just love your pretty new door hanger. I really need to add some blue to my stash. Maybe I should buy some of this fabric line. ;o)

Those gold threads are tempting to try. Thanks for sharing the link to the shop. I've been using the gold DMC thread for A Christmas Story. It's a pill to work with but the effect is lovely.

Kathleen has a lovely blog. My mother is 73 and uses her computer but I can't imagine she would ever have a blog. I think that's amazing!

LOVE your pretty silver bracelet and look forward to seeing DH's new toy. Hmmm, wonder what it could be? LOL

Rumi said...

Wonderful that Blossom is on the mend. You too. Physical therapy can do wonders so I am hoping your finger will respond well to it.

Congrats to Peg for winning your giveaway!

Maggey and Jim said...

Sorry , I have been out of the loop with visitors.. So I didn't know about Blossom.. Glad she is getting along. Will send prayers her way.. Your hand is looking much nicer, I hope the therapy will give you some relief.. Will try to keep in touch..Your work continues to be awesome..Glad bout the thread too, it sound wonderful..

Debbie said...

I am glad you have the stitches out and
keep on working the finger
I had told you about the
surgery I had on my index
finger and yes I have lost
some feeling in it but,
I am using it anyway.
I exercise it everyday.
and I know you are the same
as me a fighter, I love
doing hand work too much
to give up.

Hang in there and I will
send prayers your way.

Debbie E

Phyllis said...

Hey Jenny,

I'm glad Blossom is better.

I'm so sorry your finger isn't cooperating and know you feel better just to have the bandages removed.

I know being able to stitch again feels wonderful to you!

Susan said...

Good news about Blossom - pity about all that pain and not such a good result. (sigh) Lucky you for the pillow cases - you deserve them! Thanks you for the info on the gold thread - I HATE using my DMC and havent found anything 'nice' to use - I will have to see if I can find that greek stuff!! Chin Up! Cheers! Hope Mr E takes you for a long ride on his new toy!

Wendyb said...

Oh Jenny, thank the good Lord that Blossom got over that dreaded attack....I've known of horror asthma stories....so glad she's on the up and up! And your hand looks fantastic after such a short time.....don't stress....as they say, time is a healer of all wounds!!!....physio will do wonders, keep it moving a bit at a time! That bus IS amazing isn't it??? So many yummy treats and the owners are lovely...we had them here a couple of weeks ago. Too much to talk about....love everything...Kathleen's work is beautiful, congrats Peg and lucky hubby....bruuum, bruuum!!!!! LOL
lovely big hugs to you all
XXX Wendy :O)

chris, milatos said...

Well done peg, hope you enjoy the book. So glad Blossom is on the mend,my mum and sister suffer with asthma. The pillowcases are devine, something to pass down.Your cupboard hanger is sweet. Hope your hand improves with physio. Glad it will not effect your ability to sew

Bec said...

That's good news about Blossom, chest problems and asthma don't usually mix well together. Oh, your poor hand and finger. I do hope you are able to regain some use.
Kathleen does beautiful work, love love love the pillowcases!
Yes, when you sew alot it is hard to not do it for a time. I have been laid up with a bad foot for 10 days now, only just hobbling about now and have stopped using the crutches; and I have missed the sewing machine, though I have been able to work on Gardeners Journal stitches so that is a little I have done.
Congratulations to Peg, what a beautiful looking book!

Bec said...

I forgot to comment on the thread. The thread you wrote about sounds lovely. I cross stitched a Scottish tartarn (worked it out myself) when I was first married and used a metallic red through it, DMC. It was HORRIBLE to work with and put me off using metallic thread until now. Now that I know about the metallic thread you use, I may use it again!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Such a refreshing update. I am so very sorry about your finger though. :(

Jeanette said...

The threads caught my eye so i investigated. Found a place at Goomeri/Wondai here in Queensland that sells them. They are 25 cents dearer than the shop you found but the shop in Goomeri/Wondai uses Paypal so thought it worth the extra few cents.

Jeanette said...

sorry fogot to add the link. www.vicstitch.com.au

manda said...

Oh Poor Blossom! I hate going to A and E. I've had to call the ambulance several times for my asthma and it really isn't nice. Hugs to you Bloss!! Drink plenty of orange juice and every few hours have a hot lemsip drink with honey!
Your hand looks sore, poor Jenny! The bracelet is lovely, it suits you!!
I LOVE crocheted edge pillow cases! I have actually collected some vintage pillow cases and bought crochet yarn to suit and given them to my Mum to crochet (I can't either) when she has time.
I bought gold DMc and it really is terrible stuff huh? Thanks for the clue as to Butterfly thread!
You know the only thing better than winning the book myself is seeing it go to a lovely friend!!!! Peg is going to just LOVE it and I can't wait to see all the wondeful things she will make from it!!
Thanks Jenny!

KaHolly said...

Jenny, I'm so sure your finger will remember how to bend with a little exercise! I'm so glad Blossom is feeling better. How scary. The pillow cases are beautiful, but the stitching you did on your market bag so intrigues me. Can we see a picture of the whole bag? Do I vaguely remember seeing it once before? ~karen