Saturday, August 21, 2010

A morning in the garden with Lily Rose...

Today the house was quiet. 
Slicer and Blossom were working, Mr E was over at the school marking student's assignments, Bob-the-dog was fast asleep on the couch, and that left Lily Rose and I alone outside under a lovely overcast sky. 
She led the way as I grabbed my camera for some 'what is happening in the garden at the end of winter' photos. 
 Want to come along?
The two huge mango trees have pollinated and now they are full of tiny mangoes. This one sits over the back verandah...
The other mango tree is right outside (and above) my sewing room. I can hear the possums in there every night, and as they run along the branches scores of tiny mangoes fall to the ground or fling sideways to hit the window. It sounds like rocks are being thrown at the glass, but the next morning the evidence of mango-mania covers the ground...

Lily Rose likes to play with them, so we have them spread all across the back yard too. 
Next door lives 12 year old Sam the cattle dog, and Lily Rose likes to peer through the fence waiting for old Sam to walk over and say hi...
...but being the senior of the two, and not much given to energetic 6 month old females, he usually ignores her. Not satisfied with being snubbed she became quite adept at manoevering the latch on the front gate and escaping to try friendship overtures from Sam's front fence. But, she was busted too many times and Mr E placed a brick at the gate to thwart her plans...
So what's a dog to do? 
I caught her with her face buried in a palm...
...and when she didn't come out for a while I hurried over to find out what had her attention. She had a mouth full of these...
That explains the runny parcels left around the yard lately! YUK!
It seems that it is always spring or summer in the tropics, so we are never lacking for greenery or colour of some kind. I love the hibiscus, always nodding at me as I walk through the front gate...
...and the new buds that promise fruit or vegetables, even in the middle of winter.
Lily Rose loves the yard full of fallen leaves...
Do you know why?
Because it's the perfect place for a model dog's photo shoot.
This is fun loving Lily Rose...
...and this is demure Lily Rose.
Enough for today, Lily Rose. I'm going back upstairs for a nice cuppa...
Have a lovely weekend. 


  1. Jenny, how lucky having mango trees, wow I am envious, I love mangos.....

  2. Wow, so much fruit 'on tap'. I'm with Deb, I love mangoes.

  3. Gosh she has grown - What a gorgeous monster she has bcome - LOL XXX

  4. All looking good up your way and the fruit when ripened will be a winner. You aren't allergic to mango juice are You ?

  5. Wow, mangoes, bananas and tomatoe on the vines already. How good is that! Lily Rose is quite the show off in her photo session. She's growing to be a lovely dog.

  6. I felt like I was there with you Jen and I hope the possums leave some mangoes for you all to enjoy. Lily Rose is a lovely dog and looks like she is good company for anyone who wants her company :) Thanks for the tour....I enjoyed it :) hugs Vicki xoxoxox

  7. Oh yummy tropical fruit sald, bananna's mangoes... so nice... Lily Rose looks like she loves the new back garden... and the food bits she can find...LOl
    husg Dawn x x x

  8. The Hibiscus are lovely. I love Hibiscus tea. I hope that the possums leave you some mangoes to enjoy. Hope your hand is less swollen. It is strange to me in North America that you have warm weather even in winter. We will be going into fall soon and I love the cooler weather.

  9. An enjoyable post, out and about with Lily Rose! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Such a gorgeous yard for Lily Rose and family to enjoy. Abby doesn't understand the unfriendliness of neighboring elder dogs either. She just wants to play!

  11. Jenny your yard is truly magical and Lily Rose is just adorable! I had to laugh about the runny parcels. Dogs eat everything! hee,hee,hee.
    Hope you have a fun and creative weekend.
    xx, shell and sugie bunny

  12. Lily Rose is so gorgeous. I love my temperate climate garden but wow a tropical garden looks wonderful too

  13. It's so enjoyable when you show us around. I love imagining how it feels and sounds to live in your part of the world... mangoes hitting the windows and falling on the ground, tip-toeing around Lily Rose's special berry "gifts," watching tiny bananas grow, and climbing stairs up into your home for a cuppa... it's all so romantic. I know you count your blessings, so just heap more onto your big pile.

    Keep making that finger bend.

  14. Mangoes and bananas are my two favorite fruits! M-m-m, I would trade the tropics for this semi-desert just to have such luscious fruits and greenery! Lily Rose is really cute, too.

  15. PARADISE. Oh Jenny - so beautiful - so lush. Lily Rose sure loves it, lol, she's such a cutie! The hibiscus is just GORGEOUS!!!!!

  16. I can´t believe how much your little puppy has grown! She is becoming a big girl.... and already looking for the boys.... good thing you got that brick at your gate.

  17. It's wonderful to see a different environment, such as yours. I hope to travel to your little corner of the world some day to see for myself! Lily Rose is so beautiful - very photogenic! ~karen

  18. Lily Rose is so cute! And she shares the same name as my little Beagle.

  19. She's gorgeous! He he!

  20. Awww, what a cutie! I still think it is too funny that my neice has the same name as your darling puppy!
    You wait until the fruit gets bigger and the fruit bats move in, you won't know what hit you!!! Beware Lily Rose getting ahold of fallen mangoes with fruit bat bites and claw marks, and their droppings too, as they could make her sick.
    Living in the tropics during winter is just wonderful, isn't it?!

  21. It looks like you and Simone (of Quilting and Stitching Diary blog) both have a problem with dogs eating something they aren't supposed to. Thanks for the tour of your yard. It looks huge with loads of room for Lily Rose.


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