Sunday, August 1, 2010

~Springtime~ revealed!

Have you read our story about our Gum Tree Designer's charity quilt, ~Springtime~?
Take a minute and click HERE to have a read. 
I'll wait while you do. :-)

May I present...
The Gum Tree Designers very first collaborative project, with 100% of pattern proceeds going to the amazing FRESH HOPE organisation.
This is a gorgeous redwork quilt, with 9 beautiful hand-stitched blocks, and 9 blocks of verse that make up our original 'Springtime - Fresh Hope' poem.

Each designer was responsible for one main block inspired by Fresh Hope, and together we wrote the poem to  symbolise our vision.

Here is my block...
 It's called Raindrops, and let me share with you my inspiration...
There is a wonderful calm, a freshness, and lovely clean feeling after a spring shower. Soft raindrops are gentle in their cleansing, soothing in their pitter patter, they offer a calmness you do not find in a storm.  The mothers who spend a year or more of their lives at Fresh Hope are there to wash away the debilitating addictive hold of their past. Over time their lives are 'washed' clean and a freshness springs forth - new skills, a future and a hope opens up for them and their children. 
Fresh Hope is a doorway to a new life, a fresh beginning.
As you can see in the quilt, there are nine blocks, but at the time we had just eight Gum Tree Designers. 
We asked my daughter Blossom (age 15 at the time) to be a guest designer and she rose to the occasion with this beautiful block she named 'Freebird'...
 ...and this is what inspired her design.
"I tried to empathise with the women and understand how they must feel. The song 'Freebird' by Lynard Skynard was one of the first things I thought of and ideas just spun out from there. I wanted to help these women be free and so I drew an empty cage with a feather left behind - signifying that although these women were trapped and it took away a part of them, they can now be free just like the song."

Later in the month we'll have some more news about the Fresh Hope ~Springtime~ Quilt on our Gum Tree Designers blog. Be sure to sign up as a follower so you don't miss our post. 

Have you been to visit my fellow Gum Tree Designer's blogs to see their own wonderful blocks!?
You are in for a feast of delights when you sure to have a large mug of coffee on hand!
To learn more about Fresh Hope visit their website HERE.
The pattern for ~Springtime~ will be for sale later in the year. We'll be sure to let you know when and where you can purchase it.
Every Gum Tree Designer had an additional part to play in the finished quilt process, other than their block and our poem. 
My extra part was an absolute joy! I designed and stitched the quilt label...
Using 1 inch snippets from each of our block designs I stitched a mini quilt. Dawn sent me some of the Rouenneries selvedges (she did the cutting of the fabrics and beautifully pieced the quilt top following Vicki's quilt design instructions), and they were added to the edges. 

Thank you Joy, Dawn, Vikki, Vicki, Judith, Fiona, Blossom and Cheryl for making this ~Springtime~ collaborative journey such a wonderful experience in giving and friendship. 
(and thanks Cheryl for letting us know about the incrdibly life-changing work of Fresh Hope!)



  1. What a gorgeous quilt. Congratulations to you all on this project.

  2. What a wonderful idea!! I love the blocks you and Blossom have designed and I can't wait for this to become available.


  3. Thanks for a wonderful journey darling Jen :) I enjoyed it very much and having you as a leader along the way was a big plus for us all :) I love your label and block and of course I love Blossoms special!! Hugs Vicki

  4. I knew that was your block! It was the only one I got right, lol. This is so gorgeous, dear girl, love how you did the label and I love your block, and Blossom's!

  5. Sweet Perseff! You have the most amazing way with words, how I wish I could find the words to tell you how grateful I am to have shared this journey with you and the other "Nutters". Your block is just beautiful ... just as you are too :o).
    Love n hugs
    Ethel xx *mwah* xxxx

  6. Both blocks are lovely and I loved reading the inspiration behind them. you must be very proud of Blossum too.
    Hugs, Sharon

  7. Ahh so lovely! A gorgeous quilt created by so many talented ladies.

    Blossom's bird cage is my favourite. She has obviously inherited her mother's creativity. :o)

    Please pass on my congratulations to her. What an incredible job you have all done.

  8. Congratulation! The quilt is beautiful and each block so special!

  9. I can feel those raindrops splashing me with sweet fresh rain... and can hear the sweet tweet of the free bird singing its song! What a marvelous journey we have all travelled together! :-)

    Hugs to both you and gorgeous Blossom! :-) Theresa xoxoxoxoxo

  10. Wow Jenny, it's so amazing and touching and inspirational. Luv it!

  11. Congratulations on being part of a Beautiful Project for such a Good Cause...I will Certainly be purchasing this Pattern when it is released...

  12. Gorgeous collaboration. I love the selvedges on the label too.

  13. Your block is lovely - as is the whole quilt. I love the way you have done the label.... Hugz

  14. You girls are simply beautiful...

  15. Jenny, honey, I have goose bumps!! ~karen

  16. How sweet. Both Blossom and you did a great job. Ill have to pop over to the other sites and see their blocks too.

  17. Wel done Jenny and Blossom! Your two blocks are wonderful! I can't wait for the pattern to become available!

  18. The quilt is beautiful. Can you buy the pattern? If so, can you direct me where I could get a copy? Thank you.


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