Friday, October 8, 2010

13th Friday Show and Tell...and morning tea with Blossom!

It's a quiet Friday this week, but we still have some lovely projects to look at!

Melody has finished her birds for the Weekend Birdcage Sew-In, and if you visit her blog you'll find more sweet bird inspired projects!
Katrien finished block number 4 of my Daisy-Do BOM within a day of my sharing it!
 And last for this week the ever-productive Carla Louise has made a multi zipper purse for last month's Challenge!
It has a zipper both top and bottom!
Blossom is working part-time at the local Woolworths supermarket 5 mornings a week now and will be doing her homeschooling in the afternoons. Her workbooks haven't arrived from Jubilee College yet, so this week she has worked full days Mon-Thurs , and works tomorrow (Saturday) as well. Today, being Friday and her one free day this week, we headed into town for morning tea at our favourite cafe, The Stock Exchange.
It's in a beautiful breezeway so no matter how hot the day (and it was!) you can always catch a cool breeze as you sit outside...
...facing the street in one direction, and the park behind in the other.
Our wonderfully talented barista is Jeremy, who is daily creating new ways to serve coffee, but today we're having choc-malted soy shakes because I am off all caffeine and dairy. When we finish our drinks Jeremy always comes out with a carafe of ice water and two glasses so we can keep chatting away - now isn't he the nicest guy!?
Blossom loves to chat about 'life, the universe and everything' while we have these mornings together...
...but today she brought along some books. We sat and read funny things to each other for over an hour. 
Then it was time to go, but we'll be back next week because she has another free Friday to spend with me. 
Simple pleasures are always the best.


  1. Blossom looks so beautiful. I love her hair like that. So special that you get to have "girly" time together.

    Love, Fee x

  2. What a wonderful place to sit and just be. And to think you can change which way you are facing depending on your mood and what you want to look at. Have a great weekend. We are having Thanksgiving but all the young ones have flown the coop. It will be quiet.

  3. Beautiful birds, daisies and purse beautiful building and beautiful blossom.........
    no better way to spend a Friday

  4. What a lovely girly time with your daughter Jennie...nice memories for you both. We had our coffee in the same place during out stay at Charters Towers and found it to be "so nice".

  5. I always love when my mom and I get to just hang out together like that too! What a special day.

  6. Oh I so would have loved to be there with you!!!!! Bloss certainly is a busy busy's just wonderful to be able to spend that time together!
    love and sugary hugs
    XXXX Wendy :O)

  7. Seeing where you have a coffee, and how you share your time with Blossom give me such pleasure. Jenny. You are blessed, and best of all, you know it! Thank you for sharing your life with me.

  8. Blossom has grown up so much in a short time. She is very pretty and I think it's wonderful that you got to spend time together having fun.

  9. What an awesome cafe, Jenny, and an awesome way to spend some special time with your daughter. My older daughter and I enjoy spending some time like that, but she now lives 6 hours away. We make the most of the times we can get together. My younger daughter always seems in a hurry - drinks fast and ready to be off. They are so different but both are wonderful.

  10. Great projects, love Melody's birds! Blossom looks so beautiful, and I know she's just as lovely on the inside, where it really counts. What a wonderful place to get some mum/daughter time.

  11. More beautiful show and tell projects!! :-)

    The cafe looks beautiful - what a gorgeous building - and I can feel the gentle breeze! The weather has warmed up in Melbourne at last!

    Your day out looks absolutely wonderful - and you're so right - it's the little things in life that really count.

    Hugs sweetie!! Vikki xx

  12. What a lovely way to spend time together and so nice that the coffee shop is not anxious to move you on quickly like some are here in the UK.

  13. We too had morning tea at the Stock Exchange a couple of years ago. It is a lovely place to sit in the cool and chat. No wonder you keep going back, especially with such wonderful friendly service. Your show and tell is terrific as usual.

  14. What a lovely morning you had together.

  15. Jenny thankyou for those photos. I have been to The Stock Exchange in Charters Towers so you've brought back some lovely memories for me. Your town has absolutely gorgeous old buildings.

  16. Thanks for posting my project, Jenny! I appreciate it! I love the look of the place you had tea! What a lovely way to spend an afternoon with your daughter! She is blossoming into a fine young lady! You must be very proud! Take care,
    carla louise


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