Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So many things to sew!

My friend Fee just told me there are only 7 weeks left until Christmas! Eek!!
How are you going with your gift-making? Do you make a plan and then work methodically through it?
I am the queen of listmaking, the princess of planning - drives my family barmy, but it sure makes my life easier. :-)
Of course, there is a downside to my need to stay on schedule. When my migraines hit (and I've just had the third one in seven days) and I am medicated, I make mistakes. Mr E has been shaking his head at me tonight and repeating over and over, "you worry me, Mrs Reynolds". Why? Because I was baking a pie and removed it from the oven without gloves or a tea towel. One hour of my hand in ice, and layered with a freshly opened aloe vera leaf, I am recovering rather well. But still, he loves me, and he worries. 
Hope he lets me  play with my new iron tonight. The old one had seen better days and was leaving black marks on my fabrics so I bought a nice and shiny Russell Hobbs one!
Here are some of the things I am playing with at the moment.
I found this free stitchery at Ellie's Bustle & Sew blog, and can't wait to stitch it up. It reminds me of those favourite books I read as a child, like 'What Katy Did'....
I've also started to make these sweet Flower Fairy dolls, from an old issue of Homespun magazine...
Are you making Helen's "Round the Block" quilt? I didn't sign on to do it with a group because I knew I couldn't commit to having it done in time, so I'm just doing it for myself as time allows. I'm so grateful fo that decision now because the next part of the quilt has 1/2 inch hexagons! Now you know I've still never made one! One day soon, though. I've used lovely Cottage Garden Threads on my centre block.
I finished this sewing set of Janelle Wind's last night - very fiddly, but so lovely!!
And of course I have been finishing some new designs of my own!
Here are my "Spotty, Dotty Snails"...
 ...and my 'Basket of Fruit' tea towel and apron set!
I'd best go rest a bit before my head revs up again. I have this lovely new book to quietly browse through from Alicia Paulsen (Posy Gets Cosy)....
I know I am a few days late, and I apologise, but I'll upload the final block and assembly instructions for my Daisy-Do BOM tomorrow. :-)
See you then,


Bluebell said...

Hi Jenny, hope your hand is feeling better I hate burns. Migrains are awful, I don't suffer from the but my sister in law has suffered for years but she has now been put on Beta Blockers and this has been a great success. You do some lovely work, clever lady!
Love Jillx

Penny said...

Jenny, those Flower Fairies are adorable! And those Snails are so cute! Do take care of your hand.

SoozeM said...

I love those flower fairies, to save me going through all my magazines and getting massively side tracked could you let me know which issue they are in please? Thanks!!

Crowing Moon said...

Lots of lovely things! I'm making those fairies too :) I started mine a few months back and they look the same as yours do now Then I moved them in my UFO basket and thats as far as they've come along... I will get them done soon!

Susan said...

Love your flower fairies - but yes please can you also let me know which issue - its bound to be here somewhere - they look like they could make a cute angel - a bit different - I make angels for my group each Christmas and am always looking out for new patterns. But Jenny Jenny, (as I can hear MR E saying), you really have to be a bit more careful especailly where your hands are concerned. We need you to keep on blogging & designing and encouraging us all to get more ddone.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you need to take a step back & Rest...Hope your hand is healing the set of Janelle's it is Gorgeous...
take care

Terry said...

Those flower dairy dolls are so cute! Love your snails too!

Fee said...

Only 7 weeks ... Nooooooo!!! Where has this year got to? I had better get cracking and pay off the lay-by for the kids new you-beaut large round trampoline. Hopefully that will keep them all out of trouble for a bit and exercising?!

My family are coming for Christmas and I will be trying to do it as "cheaply" as possible - which is never easy sometimes.

I used to love "What Katy Did" as a child too. In fact my Grannie gave me a leather bound copy!

Love and hugs my friend,
Fee x

Jocelyn said...

You've got some beautiful things in the works. But the dolls are too adorable :-)

Maggey and Jim said...

I agree that you need to take a rest.. that burn must have been awful.. did it blister?? I have heard now not to put ice on it.. Mom burned her hand on steam the other day and it really hurt..Take care and love the fairy dolls..
I just love a new iron.. my has stainless steel soulplate and I love it.

Amanda said...

Hello Jenny, how lucky you are to have fresh aloe leaves, we have to make do with cream. I hope you feel better soon. My DH tends to say the same about me too, I've only been taking Homespun for a few months so don't have that pattern, but those fairies are so cute and fun, not twee at all. I'm doing the Round the Block by myself too, as I wasn't sure I'd have the time to do it properly. I'm going to try the hexagons though (they're really not difficult at all) and find my own verse. The snails are really sweet. I've got all my Daisy-Do blocks ready and waiting, so that should be finished soon, perhaps for a present for someone.

Alice said...

I do hope your hand and your head both feel better soon.
I have pulled things out of the oven without the excuse of being medicated.
Probably a lot to do with trying to do too many things at the same time.
I am saving the round robin until after I finish a few dozen Christmas presents.
Love your new designs!
Feel better.

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

oh gosh, I do hope you will have a better day today. I have grabbed things out of oven like that even without medication....just mind on everything but what I was doing.
I love all the things you're making but I especially LOVE the snails.........they would be sooooo cute gliding along the edge of a baby/child's quilt.....!!! probably would have to substitute fabric dots for buttons for a baby though. ohhhh just co cute!!!

stitchin' girl said...

I am so sorry about your hand! I hope you are feeling better now.

I can't believe it's only 7 weeks until Christmas - EEEEKKK!! I am a list maker and have been diligently working my way through my list, but got sidetracked for Halloween. Now, though I need to buckle down!

by Daisy said...

well, you sure have been busy!
get better soon!!!

RobynLouise said...

Oh dear, I'm starting to think you really do need a secretary! Look after those hands so you can continue the sewing you love. Hang an oven glove on the oven door to remind you to use it when you have migraines. I don't have any suggestions for migraines though the one about the Beta Blockers sounds like it is worth investigating.

Oh Sew Addicted said...

You have been very very busy with all your projects! Your gifts are going to be AMAZING! We do not get the Homespun mag here in the US..... too bad. So many neat projects! I also am Stitching Around the Block with no partner.... and I have never made a hexagon! So I guess I am going to learn now! LOL! We will keep each other motivated!
Take care
carla louise

Shepherdess55 said...

The Flower Fairies are very cute. I'm adding my request for the issue of Homespun magazine in which they are found.

Allie said...

Shame on Fee - 7 weeks is NOT enough time! Can we move it this year?

I'm sorry to hear you're also having migraines, Jenny! You are just going through the fire right now. We're praying in Allie-land for you. I guess we're not praying hard enough, if you're going and playing potholder....oh Jenny, that is so incredibly painful. Thank goodness you have an aloe plant.

I have a shiny iron now too, and I love it. Just be careful. I read the Katy Did books as a child too - oh how I loved them!!! I love the little dollies, and your stitchery, and the sewing set - but oh JENNY those SNAILS!!! Too too darling! And your fruit designs! Oh how sweet. Just like you.

Now go behave yourself, or we'll put you in a room padded with quilts, and nothing more dangerous than crafting books. I'll have to cook for you and bring you tea on a silver platter.

DIAN said...

I do hope your hand heals quickly. I am inclined to burn myself a lot. In fact I burnt my thumb this morning and have no idea how. I have been ironing today so perhaps that was it.

Anyway, so many lovely things, I enjoy reading your blog.

flavia said...

adorabili queste sweet Flower Fairy dolls!
desidererei avere il giornale o il pattern...potrei averlo??
contattami alla mia email:

Fee said...

Hi Jenny,

i'm making Helen's "Round the Block" quilt too and i make it like you. I do it without a group, so i have time enough.
You're making so wonderful things. I'm sure that the hexagons aren't a problem for your. Your center block looks very good. I like the colours.
Greetings from Germany


ANA LUCIA said...