Monday, December 27, 2010

Between the rains...

The mind picture of being housebound in a snow storm, huddled by a crackling fire and wrapped in time worn hand-me-down quilts, has always been held in quite a romantic frame to my 'only ever seen snow once in my life' self.
But housebound by rain, post-cyclone rain at that, just isn't conjuring 'warm and fuzzy' feelings in me at all. 
Water, water everywhere...mould, mould everywhere. :-( 
Oh for that snow storm right about now.
Last night, however, not a drop of rain was heard thundering outside our window. This morning the skies are still overcast and heavy with the promise of more unleashing later on today, but as I glanced over the clutter that has become my bird's eye view of late (imagine this dishevellment all through my house)...
...I decided to grab the camera and go about discovering what's been going on during this long tempest in my very own backyard.
In one of the mango trees I found fungii growing all along one thick and aging branch...
...and it seems the mulberry tree is happily fruiting for the second time this season...
Evidence of the arrival of cicadas are adorning the mulberry leaves like old and forgotten ornaments of Christmasses past...
An old hewn frangipani stump produces a bouquet of lustrous green as defly as a floral treat from a magicians sleeve...
Eight new banana trees are stretching tall...
Passionfruit, plump and inviting hang on the vines...
The huge tree than provides a canopy across the back yard, and shelters my car... amass with yellow blooms. (If you know the name of this tree could you tell me please?)
New growth appears in the most surprising places...
...I have found 4 of these sprouting near water sources, so will buy some big pots and plant them out. 
The hibiscus that forms an arbor across the walkway from the front gate is heavily blooming and attracting many an interested insect...

...and my little garden-boy has become almost hidden by the profusion of greenery near the front steps.

My little hideaway place is too wet to sit and contemplate life, or to rest for a cup of tea... the watery ground bears evidence to.
Alas, my time of quiet wandering must draw to a close.
There is more washing to hang under the house...

 ...and that clutter inside to corral into order.
I hear raindrops once more.
How lovely that God gave me an hour to walk in His garden before the rain returned.
Hugs and blessings,


  1. Hi Jenny! I love it when I come here and it's already the next day in your part of the world!

    It's still Sunday, Dec. 26th here and we are in the middle of a BIG snowstorm! We are expecting 8-12 inches by noon on Monday.

    I can't believe how much rain you are having. Is that normal for this time of year where you live?

    How was your Christmas?

  2. Hi Jenny,
    The rain hasn't stopped here in Bli Bli either. My dishwasher decided to flood everywhere and drip all over my sewing , books sewing machine etc you get the picture, so as well as the rain we have had another mess to sort out. We have friends visiting today from Holland and they were expecting sunshine and tans..LOL that won't be happening!
    Hope you had a lovely Xmas with your family. Take Care Debx

  3. Hey Jen! Lucky you to have a short reprieve, cos here on our hill it has been raining, raining, raining ... for the lastfour days. SIGH! I love the rain ... usually ... and our area really did need to replanish water supplies, but I think I'm solar-powered and hanging out for a sunny day ... even a sunny half day! ... to recharge my solar batteries. I think it's just as well I don't live somewhere in Europe where it's dark 24/7 for part of the year ... EEK! Enjoy your cleaning ... mine is on the agenda this week too ... SIGH! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  4. Hi Jenny, thanks for the lovely pics. Even in the rain and wind there are treasures to be found.
    Keep safe and well in the damp.

  5. Wow Jenny, what a tropical paradise you have been blessed with. We too are getting plenty of rain but I'm not gonna moan about it as the water tanks need to be filled up.
    Have a great day.
    hugs - Miche'le

  6. Jenny - you absolutely delight me - you can even see all the lovely stuff happening in all the rain! We havent had as much as you I am sure but all I can see is the swimming pool - usually a lovely crystal blue - now a green murky swamp!
    Hopefully you arent cut off and your supplies are lasting!

  7. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for sharing the photos, everything looks so lush and green. We are having a spell of really hot weather here in Western Australia and I would really love some of your rain over here.

    Like you I am trying to tidy my sewing room and get myself motivated again ( not that you need any motivation), something I lost after having a mini stroke in October.

    I always check out your blog and look forward to seeing what you and your family are up to.This is the first time I have left a comment....
    I wish you well and hope you win the battle with the mould....I remember what it was like when I lived in Darwin in the 70's.
    Hugs Sue

  8. I'm glad you're ok Jenny. I saw lots of flooding on the TV and was worried about you. Glad you had an hour to enjoy yourself outside. Even though it's damp, it's still so lovely.
    xx, shell

  9. What a lovely 'scroll' through your yard! I so enjoy your positive attitude. ~karen

  10. Hi Jenny, we're just up the road from you in Townsville, there is finally sunshine here for us today. I can relate to walking in your garden, we live one block from Ross River, and it's so flooded, but so much to see along the river banks.

    Next time your in Townsville, we'll have to have coffee.

  11. Hope that you are all okay. We heard here in the US that Queensland is having torrential flooding.
    Right now I am listening to the wind howling and the snow blowing and drifting. We are expecting 24 inches by tomorrow.

  12. Well, you could pretend the fabric pile is piles of snow. lol
    Interesting description of the cicada. We have those here and I do not like them at all. eeekkk!

  13. HI Jenny,
    Look forward everyday to see how the rest of the world is doing with snow, rain, hot sunshine. The rain has not let up for days in my little patch of Qld. Recently moved here for the weather,but not expecting this type. Sister in Cairns going to be doing to harder. So l try not to complain.

  14. After all the torrential rain last week, then snow, which has stayed over Christmas, and now waiting on a northeaster snowstorm coming up the atlantic coast of Canada, it is really interesting reading your blog and seeing what does go on in the rest of the world. I have friends in Christchurch, NZ and they have talked about the earthquake there. I see you hang the clothes under the house, next to the bike. Being an ex-biker myself, or the wife of one, don't scratch the Mr's bike. I expect there are many hours spent there shining that beautiful machine. Stay dry, and hope the moulds don't become a hug problem.

  15. Ah Jenny-girl, I don't think I could handle that much rain - but look how green everything is! Trust me you wouldn't rather have our weather, it makes you ache something fierce. Good thing you can hang your washing underneath your house, eh? Stay dry, my dear girl!

  16. Thanks for taking us for a stroll through your garden. I'm surprised there isn't more water laying after the incredible rain you have had. When we visited your way we were amazed at the flood height marker at the bridge over the Berdiken (I hope that's how you spell it). We couldn't believe that so much water can go down that river. We've had another two inches of rain in the last couple of days, which has caused some more flooding in our region. Have fun with your big tidy up. I think a lot of us have that on our agenda for the next few days.

  17. Hi Jenny...I find that the only thing to do when it's raining is sew or painted or create...anything that requires you to stay inside....I so miss the sun and the motivation it gives...It's meant to be summer here..Something is so wrong cause it feels like winter...Hugs Michelle

  18. Thanks for sharing pictures of what the rain is producing. Is it normal for your area to get so much rain? We have been having rain one day, snow next and now temperatures are dropping. So good day to stay in, sew or stitch and enjoy a hot cup of chocolate. Nola

  19. Hi Jenny, what a blessing to be able to find and appreciate a small reprieve from the rain! Here in NZ the wind and rain has arrived too, it is very blustery out the perfect day to spend crafting.

  20. Hi Jenny,

    What a lovely way you have with words. Thank you for taking us along on your stroll. Our 'tropical' Florida weather has taken a vacation - it dropped to 31* last night (one degree below freezing) and I had to put on socks! Being originally from New England, I do miss the snow.

    Chris sewingroom looks just like yours. hahaha

  21. I know huh? It's been a wet Christmas!! It feels like it's been raining non stop, the grass is so high I'm afraid to walk in it in case of snakes! Our creek is flooded, as is the river, and we're expecting more! You've inspired me to take a walk outside though. I'll take my Mum's camera and see what I can find. My poor camera is still off getting fixed. Oh how I miss it!!!

  22. Hi Jen, wonerdul things happen in nature with all the rain don't they..But alas the bloomin stuff inside drives me barney..have been demoulding today iccky kac I dislike it very muchNot to mention lines strung under the house to try and get the washing dry-then i have to pop it in th etumble dryer with a smelly dryer sheet so it don't smell of damp timber-oh the joys of living in the tropics eh?Hope you got your clutter cleaned up...cheers Vickie

  23. Hi Jenny, thanks for the wander round your garden. Those hibiscus are so pretty. We had some rain yesterday (nothing like the amount you had) and it is washing away the snow. They are forcasting more cold weather this weekend, good job I got a nice woolly scarf for Christmas!

  24. Hi Jenny hope its stopped raining a little for you! boy I hate it when the mould grows.we are having very hot weather where I live.Id love to be sitting in the snow right now!
    we have a few of those trees we call hem racehorse trees.i did know the botanical name but cant remember at the moment.hope that helps.they grow here in nundle and it gets really cold here in winter stinking hot in summer!


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