Sunday, December 19, 2010

A swap parcel given, and new ideas for Shabby Roses blocks!

My Secret Santa parcel arrived at Jeni's last week, and she was so excited shs couldn't wait till Christmas to open them up - Jeni, I understand because I did the same with my gorgeous parcel from Peg! LOL!
This was the main gift I made Jeni. It's a photo album with personalised cover...
I also made her a scented door hanger and a Shabby Roses Christmas hanger, plus I added in some sewing notions, a Panforte Christmas Cake (yum!!), and my favourite quilt book - The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking.
Can you see that I used one of the blocks from my Shabby Roses quilt on the cover of the photo album?
 I just changed the word 'love' to 'Jeni' to personalise the gift. If you have my Shabby Roses quilt pattern you can use the blocks for many different projects, not just the quilt.
This is what I made with the second block pattern when I altered it...
Have you used any of the blocks from Shabby Roses for other projects? I'd love to see them if you have. :-)
There are 12 blocks to choose from in the quilt pattern, so something for most occasions. 
The pdf pattern is available through my Etsy Shop HERE, for $12, but if you enter SHABBY into the coupon code you can purchase the pattern for just $6 until Christmas Eve!
Today Mr E is meeting some new riding buddies in Townsville. They will be riding north to Paluma, before stopping for lunch and the return ride home - a much longer ride for Mr E who has to come back to Charters Towers.
Last weekend he participated with 500 other motorbike riders in the MRA's Townsville Toy Run. Mountains of toys were donated along the ride for the Salvation Army to distribute over Christmas. It was 40C (104F), hot and very humid, so hats off to all those wonderful riders who went along to give their time and support to help children who are less fortunate this Christmas.
While he is away, I am working on a tablecloth for my eldest daughter Kezzie. It's bright and beautiful, with a lovely prayer along the sides. If only I could sew faster!! Don't you wish for an extra 10 fingers some days, too? ;-)


Susan said...

Funny you should asks today if we have used your patterns for something else - just after I have emailed you with my Peace block version - hope you got that email!. I hope the weather is OK up there for Mr E's long ride - it is certainly cooler here today (hurray) but very wet - so much for the outside Carol concerts happening! We might be settling on the TV version instead!
Take Care

Allie said...

I'm not surprised she couldn't wait to open it, lol, what lovely treats you made for her Jenny! I hope Mr. E has a lovely ride, that was a great thing he did for the children. And yes, I wish I had a few thousand extra fingers lately!

Janice said...

Lucky Jeni to receive such lovely gifts from you. I'm sure she was delighted. Mr E should have a great day out riding. When we were up your way a few years ago we rode up there. It is a stunning view looking out over Palm Island. I'm glad he is getting to go on some rides. We had hoped to be out on our sidecar today, but, as usual, it is raining.

Judith Tetley said...

Lovely work Jenny! It is funny how the time just vanishes when you are making gifts....I always think that I still have "another day" but I never!

KaHolly said...

Delightful gifts. I've said it before, Jenny, I don't know how you manage to accomplish so much. I keep my little hands busy all the time and put me to shame! I did use your one of designs in another context! I'll send you a photo. Happy day, karen

Maggey and Jim said...

Hello Jenny,
Such a generous bunch of boyz, Children will be so happy for their efforts.Love all the projects with the shabby rose but my will still be a quilt.. Have a blessed holiday,
Maggey & Jim

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Love your goodies Jenny! I always get so excited that I have to open packages right away.
That's great what Mr. E does for the kiddo's.
xx, shell

Crowing Moon said...

Gorgeous items.
I cant wait to get started on my shabby roses I purchased from you recently. New year I'll be stitching away :)

teresa said...

Jenny ~ Can you tell me if the Shabby Roses pattern includes the monograms I see in your header picture? Thanks

Oh Sew Addicted said...

Beautiful projects as usual. I will have to get that Shabby Roses pattern for myself since you are having a special sale! A Christmas present to myself! YAY!

Wishing you and your a blessed holiday.
carla louise

Oh Sew Addicted said...

Hey, Jenny..... Your pattern is sold out on your Etsy shop. WEnt to buy it and it is gone :(

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I have restocked the pattern in my Etsy Shop, Carla Louise! Thanks for letting me know. :-)

Wendyb said...

I bet he was in his element too.....riding free with the birds!!!! LOL I certainly do wish for more fingers....when are you coming!!??? hehehe
XXX loves ya
Wendy :O)