Monday, January 31, 2011

In times of stress? Sew.

Our family sure are praying that February will bring an end to the constant struggles we've been facing over December and January. 
Today my 18yo baby boy accompanied me on an unplanned rush trip to Townsville, and whilst there he took me out to Sizzler for an early birthday lunch (the big day is not till February 21st). We don't get a lot of talk time alone together anymore, just the occasional pre-dawn hushed chatter while Mr E and Blossom sleep  - we're both early risers you see.
Having him to myself for almost the entire day was a precious gift, and I once again marvelled at how these last 18 yearswith him could have passed us by so quickly. My baby is a man now....and yet, I remember his birth as though it were yesterday. 
Years ago I would walk, or cook, or eat, in times of stress. Now I sew or declutter. This last week I've done a bit of both! I started with one of my bookcases, and now have all my craft books in the one place. In time I will paint it white, but for now I love that it is ordered...
I have also been finishing some new and revamped designs. Enjoy the parade...
...and these two below I can only show peeks of because they have been submitted to a US magazine and I won't know if they've been accepted for another week or so. :-)
I love the linen in the design below...
A wonderful find last week! I found all these vintage buttons on a trip to the op-shop to forage for more linen. Each card cost me just 15 - 35c each!
And last but not least, isn't she growing beautifully?

PS: I'll announce the random winner of the January Apron Challenge prize later this week. You have about 5 hours left to send me your entry photos. :-)


Varga Györgyi said...

Lovely works again in your shabby style. I love them!

Farah said...

some very lovely and cute projects... and really does it works?
Hope you would like to spare a little bit of your time for me sure you will enjoy

Synnove said...

Your projects are beautiful!
I agree with you, sewing is great when things are rough. It gives the mind some rest:-)

Abby and Stephanie said...

Always sweet project to see. I love the blue/white project with the stitchery flower. Your vintage buttons are very happy little treasures as well as spending some time with your son. Wishing you lots of happiness ahead.

Maria said...

How nice to spent some special time with your son.
Love all your projects especailly the linen with the blues.

Joolz said...

I love your projects, the tidy bookcase and the lovely buttons!
What a lovely son taking you out to lunch!

SewLindaAnn said...

Oh how I wish my 18/yr old son was an early riser! (ha) All your projects looks wonderful, especially love the peek on linen (beautiful work) and the applique. Good Luck on your mag. submissions! I too organize and declutter to destress my brain. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something when I feel like I can't manage much. Happy Day to you Mrs. E!

Maggey and Jim said...

Oh,Jenny I know that special time with your son,, My son is now married and I am so happy for him. I still love that alone time that we get not nearly enough but treasure it. Your needlework again is outstanding and wishing you the best with the magazine. I love vintage buttons and those are especially lovely.

Susan said...

Love those buttons - must keep an eye out for soem when I am out & about!

Sara said...

See our children will always be our babies!!! My son is 3--just turned 3--and my hubby hears me say my baby and says he is not a baby anymore! (Although I hear him say the same sometimes;)

My BFF and you share the same B-day---how neat is that!

Love,love your work--simply flawless and sew beautiful to see!!!

P.S. kitty you are too precious too:)

vernagrace said...

Our children are treasures, so glad you had that time with your son.. Mine is 34 and just called to chat, always love that. He and his wife are expecting a new baby in March, their second.
The new designs are gorgeous, love the blue and white and the op finds! You've given that little nudge to go and straighten up in my sewing room, hope the mag publishes your design and that life settles down for you soon. I was glad to see 2010 go by.

Karen said...

You're correct on that....sewing helps relieve stress (knitting also).

Love all your projects, as always.

Kitten is beautiful and I'm sure she will be a gorgeous adult! Enjoy.

Maria McCabe said...

How nice to spend that time with your son! Thank you for sharing those pictures - love them all. Since I live in the US and it is SO hard to find the great crafting magazines that you have is Australia I hope your projects get published in one of our mags! Please let us know when(because you are so talented they must publish them!) and which mag they will be in!!!

Robin in New Jersey said...

That table runner is gorgeous! You are so talented!

I am thinking about your country today ever since I saw on the news that a cyclone was headed to Queensland. Any word on how they faired there?

I am having a difficult time trying to decide how to quilt my shabby roses quilt. Tack it? machine quilt? hand quilt? Just not sure. I am going to try to find all the examples on here of what others did and see their creations.

Joy said...

It sure is nice to have some Mother/Son time ... no matter what the age :o), I cherish those times with my wonderful son too :o). I hope your tooth is ok Jen?? Is it all fixed now??
Batten down those hatches dear friend, I pray that the cyclone doesn't do too much damage. Our weather in Qld sure has been scary lately!!
Loads of love n hugs dear one,
Joy :o) xxxx

retdairyqueen said...

I really do love your work Its always so pretty
I to am praying for some better times ahead for my family
Take care

RobynLouise said...

Lovely work as usual. Great bargain with those buttons.
Keep that lovely kitten and your little dog locked up as I heard on the TV last night there's a cyclone up there and it's supposed to be quite nasty.
Sending wishes for you and your family to be safe through this!

Karen said...

Oh, how lovely to spend the day with your "little" boy. They really do grow up so fast. Beautiful quilting...wishing you a peaceful week ahead. -- Hugs, Karen

Alice said...

Love all of your new creations. I do hope that your design is accepted so that I can get it easily.
Glad you got to enjoy some precious time with your son.

Margaret said...

Love the blue on the linen, and stress time does bring out the declutter clean up time.

Bluebell said...

Glad you had some time with your lovely boy those times are so precious. I like to be occupied when I am stressed or worried, I love to get lost in a really gripping book so that it takes my mind off my worries. Love all your stuff.
Love Jillx

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to read that you are stressed. But it is nice to hear that you could spend such a great day with your son. Time is surely something strange, sometimes is feels like it passes by very slowly and other times it flies. Like when we watch our children I myself have 5 children born in less than 6 years and today they are all grown up and "funny" enough all have moved to other cities in my country and even as far away as Isle of Wight in England. I myself is in the middle of chemo because of breast cancer so I keep coming back to your blog everyday because you do such lovely work. I do hope the cyclone will not make too much damage, just saw it on our news on TV.
I am thinking about your family and hope the best for you.
love Dorte Kreiberg in Denmark

Marilyn said...

I think we all treasure so much those precious times with our sons. I was privileged to travel from Sydney to Brisbane with my son recently after I had been stranded in NSW because of the floods - that was 13 hours in the car, just the two of us. Lovely.
Love your vintage buttons. And as always your stitcheries are beautiful.

Allie said...

Glad you got to enjoy some quality time with Slicer - how they do grow, I don't know how they get older and we don't.
Your new designs are stunning as usual, my dear friend. Batten the hatches and hunker down, I am on my knees for you and Wendy!

Red Heads said...

How wonderful for you to have had that special time with your son on one..Having lost my oldest son a little over a year ago I am soo happy to have moments as you to treasure forever. Your projects are beautiful. You have soo much tallent my dear. Your son is a lucky man to have a dearest mom as you. Blessings: Dianne

Carrie P. said...

Some very pretty projects. Love the blue flower one.
Sweet buttons, I especially like the pink ones.

B J Elder said...

You are much in my thoughts and prayers as that cyclone gets ready to hit your country. I pray you, and all there, will be safe and that the damage from it will be as minimal as possible from such a deadly force storm. May you feel God's protecting arms surround you and fill you with comfort.

Quilt n Queen said...

We have just weathered the 'Blizzard of 2011'. It was bad but we didn't get it as bad as they had predicted. Hoping the cyclone will not arrive with it's full force. Keeping you and your country in my thoughts and prayers as the cyclone nears. Stay safe....Love your project parade. Your work is gorgeous:)

Bec said...

Beautiful revamped designs Jenny! I love the teaser ones....please let me know which US mag your designs go into if they are accepted, I would love to buy them!
Your bookcase is lookin beaut! I started doing this a few weeks ago and .... needed to buy another bookcase! My books and mags were stacked on the floor so they are much easier to access now, and look prettier!
I won't comment on your Yasi post; but will do so here. I have been worrying about you and some friends at Mossman the past couple of days and today. I hope (and pray?) that things aren't too bad for you..... anxiously waiting to hear from you (blog post), when you have time. Bec xxx

Wanda said...


Where did you get the pattern for the blue-work "flower"? I love it and would love to do it on a sewing pouch.


Oh Sew Addicted said...

Beautiful designs! I love them all. It sure would be nice to be able to buy those magazines with your projects in them in the US! Frustrating they are not available here. Take care :)
carla louise

Liz said...

Beautiful pieces. Lovely photos. Very inspirational.