Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Friday Show and Tell again!

Thank you to all those who have sent me photos of their projects for this week's Show & Tell!
Let's start with some Daisy-do finishes, shall we?

Gisela made hers to fit perfectly in a space on her wall, so left off the bottom block. It's so vibrant in reds!

Now let's see some 'Give Thanks' wall-hangers....
Lis has hers ready for the first verse to be made, and she had some help in her display as her husband made the quilt hanger for her. :-)
This hanger is made by Pepe, in pretty pinks. 
 Now to some entries for my January "Cinderella" challenge! 
I won't show the before photos, but all the entrants have them on their blogs, or emailed them to me. :-)
Jen made her apron from an old favourite denim skirt she no longer wears...
Carmen made this Valentines Day apron for her little grandaughter. I was going to do this myself to show how lovely a gift this would make for a small child, but Carmen has done the work for me! :-)
Karen's butterfly embellished apron reminded me so much of daffodils in spring!
And our final item for today's Show & Tell - Dani made this sweet apron from a pretty eyelet cotton skirt that no longer fitted. It's lovely to see favourite items we no longer wear being given a second life!
Thank you everyone for sharing your projects!
Now, have you made your Give Thanks hanging yet? What about turning an apron into a skirt? 
Don't be shy...we're all dying to see them. :-)

Mr E and I are off to visit Wendy and Joe in Ayr tomorrow, so I'd best pack some projects I've prepared for the 'New Beginnings' sewing kits, as I *know* we girls are just going to HAVE to sit and stitch a bit.
It's all quite exciting too, because this is the furthest I've been away from Charters Towers in almost a year! \o/\o/ 
It's like a one-day-holiday, and Joe is cooking. :-)
Can't ask for better than that.



Cattinka said...

Have a good time in Ayr, and thanks for showing all the lovely aprons and wallhangings.

Lis Harwood said...

Thanks for a great show and tell. I love all the sewn stuff of course but Jen....I adore your shoes!!!

Allie said...

What OUTSTANDING projects - I do love the show and tell, Jenny! Have a wonderful time with Wendy and Joe!

Bec said...

I always enjoy your show and tell, thanks for sharing. Have a lovely time out!

Mama Pea said...

I love that little denim apron!

Unknown said...

I love it when you do the Show and Tells! They are all so inspiring and wow, do they show how creative we sewers can be whether following a challenge or one of your gorgeous patterns! Thanks Jenny
Carmen in AK

Carrie P. said...

Great show and tell. The aprons are so creative.