Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Springtime pattern giveaway!!

If you haven't visited our Gum Tree Designers blog lately, you are missing out on a wonderful giveaway!
Today we are offering the FULL set of 9 patterns from our Springtime BOM quilt as a giveaway to be drawn on Australia Day, January 26th!
Visit our website HERE for all the details!

As I promised HERE when I shared the first part of my "Give Thanks" BOM for 2011, I have a giveaway for all those who have added this button to their blog sidebars, blogged about my BOM, or sent emails to all their crafty friends about it...

All that is required is to do as I asked in THIS blog post to be in the draw, and one person will win an individual pattern for my 'Raindrops' block from the Springtime Quilt...

 ...and a second winner will secure Blossom's block pattern, 'Freebird'!

The individual blocks are so pretty and would be gorgeous as cushion, wallhangings, or the centre of a pieced quilt. :-)
I will draw the winner on January 26th, Australia Day. 

The information for purchasing the full set of 'Springtime' patterns can be found on the giveaway post at our Gum Tree Designers website HERE.

Today I am finishing off one of my new Shabby Roses themed quilts. 
I just love hand quilting...
Have a lovely day wherever you are,


  1. Love your elefantz heading. So pretty. Happy New Year!

  2. lovely giveaways Jenny - the patterns are great... you new one looks DELICIOUS....

  3. just gorgeous Jenny....you never fail to amaze me my lovely! Love your hand quilting too...hope that water's keeping clear of you!
    XX Sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  4. Such beautiful work Jenny! I enjoy your blog so much!

  5. Love your new blog look Jenny! Love the new patterns too!
    Happy New Year sweet friend!
    xx, shell

  6. Great give-away, Jenny! Those patterns are just gorgeous. I love your new sneaky peek!

  7. I have made 1 quilt and would be good at handwork for I love detailing...totally love your work...Tootsie

  8. Just lovely - as always jenny. I hope things have settled down up there and you cN see soem dry land.

  9. As always I just love reading your blog. I have told some crafty frieds! thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Got the button added now!! I am so looking forward to getting started!!

  11. Lovely giveaway for the new Springtime BOM, and thanks for your new Give Thanks BOM. Beautiful patterns as aways.

  12. The previous comment by me has an incorrect link to my blog. This is the correct link, and the blog has been updated. Thanks again for these "Giveaways" and the new Give Thanks BOM - http://countrystitches.blogspot.com....Catherine

  13. Hi, I got the button added a few days ago, does that count too?

  14. Hi Jenny,
    am am looking on your blog and the one from the Gum Trees for a while. Now I added yours to my favourite link list, too. (Not just because of the give aways.)Thanks for sharing all your wonderfull ideas.
    Happx new year still from
    Doris frim Germany :o)

  15. Thanks Jenny you are such an amazing generous person! Love the hand quilting too.
    Oh and I have posted a wee finish on my blog of one of your stitcheries.

  16. Jenny, I love your patterns! Is this giveaway only for bloggers??

  17. Oh how lovely they are,Jenny.How are you making out. Are they getting food supplies to you or is it still BAKED BEANS??? If they were home made I"D be happy as a clam for a long time. Take care. Prayers are with you.

  18. Oh such lovely patterns. Would love to win.... please pick me :).
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus

  19. Your designs are so pretty and I've put your new BOM button in my sidebar.

  20. I love your Give Thanks BOM, and picking out fabrics to get it started. Lovely give away, too. Told some crafty friends about you and what a very talented and generous lady you are. I sure hope the water is starting to recede.

  21. Lovely BOM as usual. Thank you Jenny. I had added your GIVE THANKS button to my blog.


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