Thursday, March 3, 2011

A change of plans

Due to some personal matters at home, I was unable to fly down to Brisbane today and meet up with the other Gum Tree Designers.
I know I have saddened the girls very much by cancelling at the 11th hour. They are extraordinary women, each one unique and beautiful of heart, each one a cherished friend. They will have an amazing four days together and forge closer bonds than ever before. I pray this is indeed 'the time of their lives'! :-)
My decision not to go was right for myself and my family, but there is a sorrow at not giving and receiving hugs between us all. 
On Saturday morning make sure you go to G J Walter Park in Cleveland, Brisbane if you can. The girls will be there waiting to meet you! :-)



Susan said...

Jenny - I am so disappoint3ed for you and all of us picnicers. Hopefully this will become an annual event and you will make it next year.

Bluebell said...

Hi Jenny, I am so sad that you cannot meet up with your friends but, I knowwith you family comes first. Keep smiling my lovely.
Big Hugs Jillx

Liz said...

So disappointed for you but know that you had to make a tough decision. more hugs for you next time.

Unknown said...

So Sorry to hear we won't get the chance to meet up on saturday...
Hope all is OK.
There will be other times.
Take Care

Cattinka said...

I am so sorry to hear that you can´t go. Don´t be sad, you can meet them another time.

KaHolly said...

Geez, Jenny. But, we do what we have to do, right? Family first and all that jazz. Hope everything is okay with you and yours! ~karen

Robin in New Jersey said...

Sorry Jenny :(

Sometimes life is just sad.

Hopefully they will take lots of photos and share them with you and all of us too!

Hope you family is OK..prayers for you.

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny,
Just so you know...wishing and praying that all is well.

Take care

Sheila said...

I am so sorry that you were unable to go to Brisbane and meet up with your dear friends , I know this must be a sad time for you ,hugs coming your way .

Sunnybec said...

Hi Jenny I am so sorry you haven't been able to meet with the other Gum Tree ladies, I know from reading all your blogs how much you all were looking forward to it. Hope everything sorts it's self out. Hugs Linda

Maria said...

Jenny I hope is all okay with you and your family.
Sometimes things don't go the way we planned.there will be another time.

Sheila said...

I am so sorry for you that you are unable to attend. Hugs that all is ok for you :)

Janice said...

How disappointing that your trip didn't come off. I'm sure you will get to meet the girls another time. It is more important that things are OK at home.

Red Heads said...

Oh Jenny, I am sorry for you that you could not meet with you loving friends. When (family) happens, one must be there. Thats what mothers do. right? I do hope all turns out well for you all. Thinking of you. Dianne. ( A HUG) to you.

Chocolate Cat said...

We can only do what we and home comes first and I know your friends understand. Thinking of you this weekend xxx

vernagrace said...

Tough choice, but you know what is best for you and yours. Hope you enjoy your weekend in any event and that things are good for you and yours.