Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A new Give Thanks verse!

Do you remember Mr E's owl rescue in January? If not, you can read about it HERE.
It's been six weeks since the owl was given over to the wildlife carer in town, and we've been wondering how he was getting along. His mate must have been very distressed at his disappearance, and we have been missing his nightly visits to our front gate.
Last week Blossom opened the front door after the sun had set and guess who was waiting?! Mr Owl! He was back on our front gate, quietly scanning the skies for 'supper', but we also think he was there to 'give thanks' for his rescue. :-)
I imagined that finally Mrs Owl would be able to sleep in peace, knowing her man is back home where he belongs.
In tribute to 'our' Owls, I sketched and stitched the 4th verse of my Give Thanks BOM

You can download the pattern HERE.

Now for some Show & Tell!
Carla Louise is stitching her verses in redwork, and she used pieces of the main design to make a larger block for her redwork quilt...
Jennifer made my Daisy-do design last year, and gifted it to a dear friend of hers...
What have you been stitching?
Before I go I want to show you my new work shoes! They are perfect for being on my feet all day in the Home Ec department, as they are moulded to support every part of my feet and they look gorgeous too!

These are genuine German Birkenstocks, and my favourite shoe to wear. I own 4 pairs now, and they all suit a different purpose, but these are the cutest!

I spent most of yesterday packing up more kits for the Gum Tree Designers 'New Beginnings' Appeal. More people have sent 'items' to pack into kits than actual kits, so those items have needed to be sorted and allocated into the donated drawstring bags. Last night I had another 92 kits ready to post, and a big pile of quilting books to bag up as well.

Thank you to everyone who donated kits, threads, fabrics, bags, notions, patterns, quilt kits, money towards postage costs, postage satchels...you are all amazing!
I'll do a post later today on Gum Trees to let you know where we are at with this Appeal. 
Lastly today, I wanted to give you an update on life in the Elefantz home as I wind back some of my (over)commitments and retrieve pockets of time to spend doing things for, and with, the family. This is what I'm doing with that time -
I am cooking again....
A delicious new recipe I made up last night was a hit for dessert! Blackberry and Apple Teacake....
Leftovers tonight with custard and more berries. :-)
And riding (lots of riding!) with Mr E on this...

...and also on this!

Yes, we have two bikes now. :-)
Watch out Australia! The red bike is for touring and we're starting in April!


  1. What a fabulous post. The new block with the owl is adorable. You are so generous to share so many lovely things with us.

  2. Love the post about the owl. He's adorable and I'm so glad he has returned to hiw wife.

    Have a God Filled Day

  3. OOOHHHHH Pick me Pick me - Come to Tassie first - It is my birthday in April :)

    Hugs - Fee XXX

  4. Thank you for the new pattern, I love the owl and the owl story to go with it. Glad he has mended and is back home. Enjoy that new bike, I can't wait to hear of your adventures!

  5. Thanks Jenny. The little owl is such a cutie.....so is the red bike :)

  6. That really is a cute block, Jen! :-) I also love the sentiment.

    Great birkos! They're my fave shoes too... mine are red and white - and so insanely comfortable!

    Have fun on the bikes!
    Vikki xo :-)

  7. I love the new blockand have already saved and printed it! I have to work on this one right away! Thanks for showing my redwork.

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes! So cute!
    Take care.
    carla louise

  8. Oh, Jenny. What a sweet story. I almost teared up when I saw your new Give Thanks verse. You're something else!!! Have lots of fun on that new bike!! I Mr. E is very careful, but sometimes other motorists aren't so mindful of motorcycles. You've made me hungry, so I'm off to grab a snack! ~karen

  9. Oh Please come and visit me in Victoria
    My daughter loved her motor bike
    The owl is sooooo cute

  10. Those really are the cutest shoes Jen!!! Love 'em :o).
    Joy xx *mwah*xxxxx

  11. Love the owl block!!! When is Blossom going to share those owls she made up? Have you ever seen the owl quilt by McKenna Ryan? Google it!
    Glad everything is going along as it should!! And glad that Mr Tawny is back too!

  12. Jenny, I am thrilled to see you spending more time with Mr E . I am a widow and I know those times are so precious . My husband and myself almost lived in each others pockets and loved it that way .

    Love the shoes, love the new embroidery ,
    Much love , --cottonreel xx

  13. Love your new bike! The new stitchery is so sweet and I can't wait to start making it. I'm way behind in this BOM and just finishing up the hanger. This will be the first attachment though. I just love it.

  14. Oh, Jenny! What fun you'll be having on those bikes. (kinda envious, but in a nice way)... Zoom zoom ;)

  15. Nice bike! I love Birks, too and those are just tooo cute.
    Thanks for the update on the owl, so glad to hear he was back on your gate and your BOM is so sweet. I've been saving them, and look forward to getting them started. Keep the rubber on the road and have a wonderful time!

  16. Jenny, Thanks so much for the next Give Thanks verse, it is wonderful. Is the Daisy-do design still available? I have looked all over for it and can't find it. Well, I'm leaving for the hospital for my surgery in about 30 minutes so I'll catch up on your riding adventures in a few weeks. Hugs...

  17. Be careful on that motorcycle.
    I love Mr. Owl. So cute.
    thanks again for sharing your talents with us.

  18. Thr return to familiar surroundings for Mr Owl has given us all a hoot. Thank You

  19. Thanks Jenny for the new design. I was just caught up on the last three so perfect timing. I am doing three of the wallhangings & I must say that the friends really enjoy getting their little "postcards" in the mail.

  20. Mr Owl must be so happy to be home & immortalised in stitchery. Too Cute Shoes!! Tracee xx

  21. These verses are just lovely I can't wait to start stitching them thanks so much for your generosity in sharing them with us all

    Hugs Olivia

  22. Thank you Jenny
    The owl is so cute. I will start on it at once.

  23. I love my birkenstocks...I wear them all spring, summer, and fall. They are wonderful. I just love your project too! Thank you for sharing.

  24. merci pour cette charmante petite chouette
    Thank for this so cute owl.....

  25. I'm so happy the owl is back! Mr. E is still my hero for saving him!
    Beautiful stitchy too Jenny and that tea cake looks soooooooo yummy!
    Glad you are having some fun riding with Mr. E.
    You stylish, fun gal in those shoes! :)
    xx, shell

  26. Those shoes are so funky!! Hope you are coping OK with all teh rain up your way - again. Wat a summer it has been - I heard today that 72 out of 73 queensland districts were flood affected. Not that surprising really. Take Care - esp out on the road on that flashy looking bike!

  27. I LOVE my Birkenstocks. Some days I hurt so badly that they are all I can wear! I also love the owl--we have our own owl here, too, and I love listening to him (or her) calling. I'm currently trying to hunt down some lime green floral fabric, 'cause I want my OWN Jenny-owl to sit and chat with over a cup of tea, thank you very much!


  28. Thank you sew much for the lovely patterns you share with us. I can hardly wait to begin stitching Give Thanks. Could you share your recipe for the blackberry apple cake?

  29. Que lindo bordadito.Gracias Jenny!!

  30. Love your site, I am going to work on Giving thanks after I applique some Henrietta's..great tutorials!!

    Linda J


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