Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Up on the Range, and a Homespun project!

Last Saturday we took the red bike out for her first long run, a 350 klm round trip from home up to the heritage listed Hervey Range Tea House...
The building is very old with only minimal repairs to the original, and set amidst the mountain rainforest. It is open every day and the views from the verandah are just glorious...
We could even watch our red bike tucked away under the trees.
Mr E and I feasted on the best bacon, onion and tomato toasted sandwiches, and mugs of coffee...
...and I oohed and aahed over the vintage crockery and nic nacs displayed in the room just behind our table.
Here is a peak in the door at the cafe...
It's pretty basic fare, but well worth the ride up the Range. They actually sell the rare Kopi Luwak coffee for $50 per cup, but we were happy with our ordinary $4 cappuccinos. LOL! Next time I will try the Apple Pie as they tout it as the best homemade pie in the Townsville area.
Have you ever tried Kopi Luwak coffee??

Have you purchased your March issue of Homespun yet?
I hope so, because I have a project in it! :-)
This is a gorgeous project, my Morning Glory Tea Cosy, and as always their photo layout is wonderful!
This project is actually one part of a set. Next month in Homespun you will find the pattern for my matching Tea Cupboard! Here's a little sneak peek....
Be sure to get both issues, because in May I will share a bonus 3rd project from this set here on my blog!
For subscriptions you can order Homespun HERE.
My projects are in the current March 12.3 issue and next month's 12.4 issue. 
You'll also find a gorgeous quilt of mine in Homespun's August issue, later this year. 

I also have projects in Country Threads, Patchwork & Stitching, and Handmade at the moment. It's been a great month! :-)

An idea for those who have made my Shabby Roses quilt. The 12 individual blocks can be used separately in so many displays around your home or in gifts for special occasions. 
Recently I revamped Block 1, LOVE, in a simple white frame and added a pretty fabric border. 
I love the effect!
I used Edmar Lola thread for the roses, a lustrous rayon thread that adds something extra to the overall design.
Because I love the designs in this quilt so much, and because they can be used in so many ways, I have decided that for the rest of March I am going to offer the complete $12 Shabby Roses pdf quilt pattern - which includes all 12 appliqued and embroidered blocks - for 1/2 price in my Etsy Shop!
Of course, I'd love to see how you use these blocks so remember to send me photos, ok? :-)

I'm off to work now but I'll be sharing a big Show & Tell blog post on Friday, and I'll be sharing some recipes too,  so I'll see you back here then.
Have a lovely day!!


  1. I love going on bike trips with you and Mr E :). You find such great places to visit!

  2. That Tea House looks Fabulous...Congrats on all your Publishing this month...well done.

  3. Rustic is what I would call that place. Mr. E. sure put a smile on my face with his pose. I have not tried the Kopi Luwak coffee and for that price I don't think I ever want to. I'll stick to a mocha, a chai latte or a London fog. Congrats on your publication submissions. Well done.

  4. That looks like a fun trip Jenny! But a $50 cup of coffee??? Yikes. Your Morning Glory is GORGEOUS Jenny, and I can't wait to see the tea cupboard, it looks so darling too! You have so many projects published right now girl, that's wonderful! The shabby love block looks great framed. I've got my quilt hanging above my bed, I love it so much.

  5. Great nostalgia and exciting things to come!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. HI Jennyu - lovely seeing your adventures on the bikes with Mr E..... Homespun in my magazine of choice... great to see your projects in it...
    Stay well...

  7. Congratulation on the publications of all your project.
    Love, love that red bike and the fun places it takes you
    Kopi luwak coffee?

  8. Congrats on another publication! Well done, Girl. What a great way to spend the afternoon with Mr. E. The tea house looks so inviting.

  9. Thanks for the ride on the Red Bike. what a pretty place.

    Congratulations on your publications. I love Homespun and also get Patchwork and Stitchery.

  10. That tea shop looks amazing! So glad you and Mr. E are having such great times together.

  11. Isn't it amazing the places you find when you want to go for a ride somewhere. You will get to know your area so much better. It sounds like you had a fantastic day and I just love the tea house. Love Mr E's pose. What a show off. LOL. Well done on being published in Homespun again. I saw it the other day when it arrived.

  12. Talk about rustic - or is it "original" - it doesnt get more genuine than that place.

  13. Oh how much fun! I'm so glad you and Mr. E. are having such great adventures!
    Congratulations on all the wonderful things happening for you this month. You deserve the best of everything Jenny!
    xx, shell

  14. Congrats on your pattern in the magazine. That is awesome.
    Looks like you and hubby had a sweet date.

  15. My son-in-law tried the Kopi Luwak coffee once. When they lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota they found a coffee house that sold the beans. My daughter asked for just enough for one cup and it was $10. He liked it and just having the novelty of being able to try it was half the fun.

  16. Love your blog Jenny, your work and your ideals... Great to see you two 'old marrieds' enjoying yourselves....

  17. I can't imagine a cup of coffee tasting so good that I would want to pay $50 for it! Of course, I wouldn't turn down a free cup LOL!

    Congrats on your lovely tea cozy pattern being in Homespun as well as your other projects in other mags!

  18. Love that you and Mr. E are enjoying that bike and thank you for sharing your trips. By the grin on his face, it looks like he's pretty happy to have you on the back of that bike travelling to all those great spots.
    Congratulations on all the publishings, I can hardly wait to get my Homespun in the mail, even though I get it a month later, here in Canada.

  19. That Tea House looks Gorgeous...well done.


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