Monday, April 11, 2011

Just before we head off...

It's Monday night and all day I have been cooking for my teenagers so they don't 'starve' while my beloved and I hit the highways for our first riding holiday away - alone! :-)
It was 32C here today and those temps are expected for the next week at least. It seems autumn only dropped by for a quick hello before packing up and leaving the door open for summer's return. I hope summer realises the welcome mat has been hidden away and makes a swift departure.
The kitchen was very hot as the oven and stovetops were all on the go. Huge pots of Creamy Chicken & Bacon, and Spaghetti Bolognese, for 18yo Sam, plus a big bowl of Curried Chick Pea Patties for Blossom. I also had to make this recipe I came across via Janice's blog
Roasted Plum & Blackberry Cake...mmmmm...yum!!!!
 You can find the recipe for it on HERE on Bloom's blog. The only thing I did different was to omit the scattering of flaked almonds across the top as Blossom is not partial to them. But *WOW*, so far this is my dessert of the year!
We have been doing a lot of riding since the school holidays began a mere 3 days ago, and as you can see by this photo Mr E took of me by the beach in Townsville on Saturday, I love every minute!
We parked the bike by the waterfront and went for a wander down the foreshore. The weather was perfect! Having the side panniers and top box is fabulous because we can store our helmets and jackets away safely while we go off for walks or have lunch. 
On Sunday we went off again, this time we did a 350 klm round trip to see how our fuel consumption would be on the longer trip planned for this week. We also did our first night ride because it was dark by the time we were ready to head back home. Praise God we avoided all the roos and road kill along the 130 klms of deserted outback highway. It was one of the best rides so far.
A UFO was finished today! I started this stitchery late last year, then got busy so I had to pack it away, and I had almost forgotten about it. 
Saturday afternoon I decided to get back to it and have it done before we leave on Wednesday. All that was left to stitch were the little girls...
Not sure what it will end up as, but I love it! It reminds me of my favourite children's book, "What Katy Did". 
If you hurry you can download this design for free from Helen, at Bustle & Sew. She will be deleting many of her free designs at the end of this month. 
I will be closing my Etsy Shop for a week from tomorrow night, so if you'd like to purchase any patterns to stitch over the next little while you'll need to do it now. I'll close it Tuesday night, and re-open in another week. 
I can't wait till we hit the open road!  I am not shy about asking you to pray for us - please do! :-) Pray also for Sam and Blossom who will be home alone and caring for the pets. This is their first time doing such a thing, apart from one night last year.
I'd better go pack. If you can imagine that I have to fit everything into a space as big as a large handbag, you'll realise I have to pack wisely. I am a novice at this, but I know I can do it. 
Watch out Queensland, here we come!
 I'll catch up with you all next week some time!


  1. Ooooh ...I love the stitchery! Thanks for the link. Have fun on your road trip !

  2. I've followed Helen on Bustle and Sew for quite some time now. She does/makes wonderful things, huh? I'll start praying for a safe trip tomorrow morning!! Let us know when you get to Joy's place safely!

  3. Have fun. I'd be so excited to see a Kangaroo out in the open! Very sweet stitchery.

  4. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the Plum Cake. I see you had some lovely thick cream with yours. We didn't have any at the time so had to make do with icecream. Your stitchery is very cute. As you say, it reminds me of old fashioned children's books.
    Don't you love the challenge of packing very light for a bike trip. At least you only have to pack for hot weather. I'll certainly be praying for you on your big adventure. You will be safe knowing that the kids won't be starving. You do spoil them.

  5. have fun and stay safe on your loooong ride!

  6. Have a fun and safe trip and enjoy every minute of it! As soon as our weather gets nice and the wind stops blowing so hard we will be getting ready for a trip in June. Can't wait to hear how much fun you have on your trip! Packing light is a challenge, we have a small trailer we pull behind our bike but we still have to watch the weight and pack light.

    Your stitchery is beautiful and thanks for the link. Have fun!

  7. Oh, don't I wish you a wonderful trip! Have a delightful time appreciating God's creation - I know you will. Blessings on your children and pets. All the best!

  8. How I wish I was staying at your place with all those goodies to eat.
    Beautiful stitchery. thanks for the link.
    Have a safe and wonderful ride.

  9. What a fun trip - Have a wonderful time!!! Take care!!!
    Love n hugs,
    Ethelxxxxxx *mwah* xx

  10. Have a safe trip. Sounds great. I love your stitchery.

  11. Have a great time Jenny but please be very careful. Thankyou for all the freebies you send our way...

  12. Best wishes for a wonderful trip....
    My word verification is 'blessess' and that is what I wish for you....

  13. Have a nice trip.
    God is with you.

  14. Oh Jenny I love that pic of you - you just look so healthy and happy! I'll surely be praying for a safe trip for you, and for the "kids" to have a lovely time [but not too lovely].

    Your stitchery is just adorable - she does have some lovely things at her site! Jenny, have a wonderful time on the road, be blessed and take lots of pics!

  15. The stitchery is beautiful. Have a blast on the road trip. Thinking and praying for a great trip and that the kids do well alone. Blessings, Karen

  16. Have a wonderful trip! how could you not!. Looking forward to seeing some road trip inspired stitcheries on your return.

  17. Oh, the little embroidery is so sweet. Thanks for the link.
    Enjoy your time with hubby. My husband and I are starting to take more trips with each other too.

  18. Have a wonderful vacation and be safe. I am sure that the kids wont starve.

  19. That cake look vry nice. Hope you have a great time on your trip. love your stitchery.


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