Monday, May 16, 2011

Biking, sewing, and baking - what a weekend!

I really look forward to our weekends, don't you?
On Saturday Mr E took me for a lovely long ride to the top of Hervey Range, where we revisited the Historic Tea Rooms we found a couple of months ago.
This time we had lunch, gourmet pies and salad, but before we left I took time to photograph some of the original displays through the old Cobb & Co outpost...
We rode home all the way along the Hervey Range Developement Road, and stopped at another historical outpost, a monument to those who used to run their cattle to Port along the top of the range...
All along this stretch of road are river crossings...
...and beautiful ghost gum trees.
It was a 360 klm round trip, so lovely in the cooling autumn air.
On Sunday Mr E went riding with a couple of other teachers from the school while I stayed home to bake and sew. I have needed some quiet time to piece together my new quilt design, ~Circles of Life~ (oops, I told you it's name!). 
As we're always off riding each Saturday and Sunday I haven't had the hours needed to complete it, but, at last, the top is done and ready for quilting! I can't wait to begin hand quilting the twelve gorgeous blocks...
Blossom stayed home with me on Sunday so after sewing we played around a bit in the kitchen.
Brandy Snaps with Vanilla Bean Cream...
...and fruity Rock Cakes... Maggie Beer's "Roast Chicken with garlic and Verjuice"!
Maggie made this for the Masterclass on Masterchef last week and I had to try it. The recipe is HERE.
I am hooked on Masterchef, are you?!  If you've missed any episodes you can watch them HERE.
The chicken was amazing, but better still was the jus - I think the verjuice is the key to it all. 
Vicki in Canada sent me a gorgeous gift last week. Two precious vintage handkerchiefs....
She is going to patiently wait and see what I do with them, but they are so pretty and fragile that I may keep one aside, and only use the other for a special project. I'll keep you posted when I decide. Thank you so much, Vicki! 
I finished another block from Helen Stubbing's 'Life Is Beautiful', and hopefully this too will see completion by the end of the year. I find if I just put in 15 or 20 minutes a day on my two UFO quilts that they progress. 
Later this week I'm going to share with you my personal challenge for 2011. It all started with this book...
It arrived last week and a plan formed within the first chapter. I love Sarah's quilts, and have both her co-authored Material Obsessions books, but this one is a bit different, and that is the challenge.
If you have the book already you may easily figure out what I am up to...
See you soon,


  1. Oh, yummy, Jenny! Those Brandy Snaps with Vanilla Bean Cream looks so tasty. I have a soft spot for pastries. I am very excited to see your new design - Circles of Life! Glad you are getting out weekends and enjoying your bike rides.

  2. What a lovely weekend!! Delicious food, a trip out to see the countryside, and sewing on special projects. How perfect is that! Thank you for sharing your adventures.

    Have a super great day.

  3. Jenny, I love you blog. My friend, the biker, says the same thing about not having a weekend but she is quick to add she loves biking with her husband. Thanks for sharing part of you life. Pam

  4. MMMMMmmmmmm, vanilla bean cream....sounds so tempting. Can't wait to see Circles of Life! Love reading your blogs, Jenny. Hugs...

  5. I will fly in from Canada & help you handquilt if you feed me!!!!
    I read the blog before dinner so I am wishing I had cooked that chicken instead!!!
    And those snaps!!!! They look so hips would accomodate them.

  6. Oh that looks like a lovely ride! Can you imagine cooking on that stove? Yikes. Your cooking looks so scrumptious -wish I could join you for a meal! I love your Circles of Life already, so gorgeous!

    Very sweet of Vicki to send your those handkerchiefs - so delicate. Your life is beautiful block is, well, beautiful! Our library didn't have that Sarah Fielke book, hopefully they'll get it soon...

  7. what a lovely post Jenny

  8. Yummy sweet Jen....we're coming for a and Bloss have cooked up a storm!!!! LOL
    Can't wait to see your Circles of Life and you've got me intrigued....what could your challenge be???
    Big sugary vanilla bean hugs
    XXX Wendy :O)

  9. Mmmmmm, yummeeee! The deserts and the chicken. Just so you know, I'm reading. So it will be soon for the reveal since you've finished the top! Looking forward to that!


  10. What a wonderful weekend you have had. Took me back when you mentioned Cobb and Co.I love all that old oz.history. Strange to see Blossom in her top. We had frozen pipes in ACT.clilist


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