Thursday, June 30, 2011

The fever breaks...

Thank you to everyone who has prayed and offered their heartfelt hope that Blossom recovers. 
You certainly lifted her spirits, and mine.
Her temp was still very high during the night.
However, around 8.30 this morning the fever had broken and we can see recovery on the way. Her tonsils and glands are a mess and very swollen, but the penicillin is working now so each hour will see an improvement. She is in bed still, watching her favourite British murder mysteries (Midsomer Murders at the moment, Miss Marple or Poirot to follow...)
I am going to attempt to make some fresh orange jelly today.  Karen sent me an email suggesting jelly for Bloss, so thank you Karen! I'd like to make fresh though, so we'll see if it works. 
Yesterday I told you that I was going to recover an ugly lamp shade - well, I hoped I could. I haven't done this before but life is full of  things I've never attempted, and I like to dabble in unknowns occasionally. 
It was such a fiddly thing to do, but worth every needle prick and bitten tongue...
I removed the original shade, and cut up the sheet set to use the frill and some of the white cotton...
I measured out the old shade cover and made hems for gathering in the cotton sheet portion I'd cut. Thick cotton thread was sewn in a small running stitch around the hems and the new cover was fitted over the lamp shade frame for handsewing in place...

The gathering threads were tightened around top and bottom, and a length of white organza ribbon wrapped around the curved upper frame...
The lamp base was a $10 find at an op shop...
I'm happy with it,  but it has this Easter Bonnet feel about it. Never mind, it fits our style. 
The 'our' being Blossom and I. Last week she moved her desk out of her room and into the office half of my creative space. 
It's lovely having her right next to me. :-)
Now that I have covered one old lampo shade, I'm ready to play with more. Just need to find some! 
 For those who are making my BOM, "Circles of Life", a  number of you have asked where I got the fabrics to make mine. 
 ...and I purchased mine through the Fat Quarter Shop, but they have sold out of all but 2 of the fabrics.
The lovely Di Jobbins emailed me to share the news that she has tracked down a shop in the US which still has the fabric range! You can visit the Desperate Quilters HERE and cross your fingers that they can help.
Another range that is similar and would look just as lovely is "Bliss" by Bonnie and Camille. The same store has some in stock, but if you google I think you'll find more about.
Now to go shopping for ingredients to make that orange jelly!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Great Job on the Lampshade it is Gorgeous and it suits your Decor Perfectly...
    Glad to hear Bloss is feeling Better...

  2. The lamp shade is lovely. Just the right amount of "girly" without being over the top. =)

  3. The lamp is adorable...glad she is getting better.

  4. The lampshade is as cute as can be! I'm glad Blossom is doing better.

  5. Good to hear Blossom is recovering and the lamp shade is gorgeous!

  6. Hope Blossom is fully recovered soon. The lampshade looks lovely. It would have looked a bit easter bonnety if you'd used pink ribbon...or a bit Mary Poppins!

  7. SO relieved that she's better. How I wish I was there watching those with her - they're my favorite too! Jenny, your lampshade is utterly fabulous, I love the Easter bonnet feel. *G* I'm also in love with your wonderful to have Blossom right by your side!!!

  8. I am so pleased that the fever has broken - Give her a cudddle from Aunty Fee. ove the lamp shade it looks great :)

    Hugs - Fee XX

  9. I am so relieved that Blossem is going better.
    Your lampschade is beautiful and that for the first time you are doing that.

  10. that lamp is beautyfull.i love yr ideas

  11. I love your lampshade. Good job. Hope Blossom feels 100% soon.

  12. Glad to read Blossom is on the mend...and wow - what a lampshade :)

  13. The lamp shade looks sooo nice! It was a lot of work, but it was defenitely worth it. Thanks for telling everybody where to get the fabric for you lovely quilt, Gabi had already asked me.

  14. I'm so glad Blossom is better and I LOVE the lamp shade. I spiffied up one of mine by adding a bit of feather fringe around the bottom and it just suits me. :) blessings, marlene

  15. You are an excellent nurse! Happy the fever has broken. The lamp shade turned out cute!

  16. Love and hugs to Bloss sweets! Adore that lampshade....was looking at one the other day and thinking about just the same thing!!!! LOL
    snuggly hugs
    XX Wendy :O)

  17. just love the have given me the inspiration to try it happy to hear that blossom is doing so much our children like to add to our grey hairs!!

  18. Your lampshade is gorgeous. Glad to hear Blossom is getting better. Hugs,

  19. Whewwww, happy to hear your Blossom is truly on the mend. I'm adding my prayers for her complete and swift recovery.
    Your lampshade is gorgeous and shabby! love it!


  20. Jenny - I discovered your blogs just a few days ago and appreciate your faith and your creativity. Thankyou for these beautiful sites. Must mention "A Handbook of Invalid Cooking" by Mary A. Boland, 1883: the text including recipes is on
    I've used some of the delicate nourishing recipes including an Orange Jelly, the white sauce with cheese, and the Cocoa.
    Best wishes and good health to you and your family from Valerie in NZ.

  21. I love that lampshade. My goodness, I'd love just a bit of your creativity!!!


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