Friday, July 15, 2011

Give Thanks ~verse 8 - friends~... and about those 70's cushions!

Wow - so much care shown by my friends in blogland over yesterday's blog post.
Thank you, thank you, thank ladies are gifts from above!
In answer to many of your questions, I cannot have a knee replacement as we simply do not have the $$'s, and Mr E has had a bad knee for many years longer than I so I'd make him first cab off the rank if we could afford it.
I am going to look after this knee very carefully, and as some of you reminded me, glucosamine is excellent, so I have a huge bottle for both myself and Mr E now sitting on the kitchen bench, as well as a knee support which is already making a big difference.
I have gained 10kgs in the last two years and that extra weight doesn't help so I'll slowly shift about 15kgs over the next year. It's obvious this is also a huge problem for my knee at the moment. Of course, those 20 steps down to the back yard will be a challenge, but I'll get there in the end. Slow and steady....
I haven't shared a Give Thanks block since May, so one was well overdue.
I'm dedicating this block to my dear friend, Fee, who has been going through many difficult trials this year and yet always makes time to bless others and be there with a comforting ear when your own life is causing concern. Fee and I live on opposite ends of Australia but we talk often, and love much.
If you have a friend like Fee then you are truly blessed.
You can download Block 8 of Give Thanks, ~Friends~, HERE.
Now to that dilemma over which 70's song-themed design to share in Issue 2 of Elefantz HOME magazine!
This one?
Or this one?
I guess the only thing to do is put both in the magazine!
You know what that means, don't you?
FOUR Elefantz designs in Issue 2! Plus an extra design from my guest, Allie!
Five designs in the one issue!
Ladies, you are in for something wonderful this month. :-)

If you haven't subscribed to Elefantz HOME magazine yet, you can do so by clicking on the Paypal button below.
It is just $4 AUD (around $4.25 USD) per month and you are always assured of at least three new Elefantz designs in each issue...sometimes more! The patterns alone are worth between $12 and $16, sold separately in my online store, so take advantage of this wonderful way to add to your pattern collection for a very low cost.
The magazine link will be emailed to you each month on the 29th, and if you decide the magazine is not your cup of tea, you can unsubscribe at any time and we'll still be friends. Ok? :-)

The secret song hidden in my Combi design is "Feelin' Groovy" by Simon and Garfunkel. A few of you guessed it. :-)
 Hopefully I'll have this finished over the weekend and then I'll start on the next song. 
So many to choose from - wonder what it will be?
Have a wonderful day!


Allie said...

LOVE the new give thanks! I really must make this whole thing for my friend Shirley - she would love it. I love that you're dedicating this to Fee. What a doll she is.

Yes, losing weight will help your knee, my aunt had a lap band put in to make her stomach smaller and she's lost a LOT. She was in a bad car wreck as a teen, one leg is shorter than the other, and she has many serious problems - but losing the weight has really helped her. I need to lose too...

Yay, both Love designs in the magazine! They really are wonderful, dear girl. Your Feeling Groovy quilt is incredible! You're making me feel like a kid again, lol.

Penny said...

Thanks Jenny. Love the new block :)

Narelle said...

Jenny you are such a giving person. I can not wait for the 29th to get my second mag i just loved the first. To think that we are getting those lovely designs and i can not wait to make my first cushion. Love the Give Thanks verse 8 that little teapot just love it. Thanks

RobynLouise said...

Love the 'flower power' Kombi!

Lynn B said...

Ooooo Jenny, I just love the new give thanks, it is winderful!

Sounds terrible about your knee, I have just started having problems with my knee, I forget how lucky we are in England, if we need anything sorted it is free on the national health service. It must be dreadful to have pain and not be able to get it.
Love your designs for the magazine, good idea to put both in!

Pam said...

Thanks for the pattern Jenny. I wanted to comment on yesterday's post but couldn't remember my Google a/c password (that's a bad sign!!) Anyway, firstly hope you manage to rest your knee more and get a lot of improvement. Secondly, love the 70s song title theme, how about 'You are the sunshine of my life'. xx

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the design Jenny. Now i can't wait until the 29th for the next issue. Lots to look forward to. Hugs,

KaHolly said...

The new 'Give Thanks' is adorable! Thanks. Did you know that whatever makes cherries red is good for arthritis and joint problems?? Eat lots of cherries, drink lots of cherry juice!! ~karen

Jytte R said...

Thank you Jenny. It is a cute 'Give Thanks' and I love it.

Winifred said...

They are really lovely designs.

Hope your knee improves. I just assumes Australia had a similar NHS to the UK. I need to lose a bit weight too to keep the blood pressure down otherwise they'll be putting the pressure on me to take the tablets! More swimming needed I think.

Victoria said...

Thank you for the new friends design. The teapot with it is perfect!!! Will my friend love that one!!!
Is it any wonder your blog is the most popular one on the planet!?

Vanilla said...

This embroidery is soooooooooo beautiful!!!
Thanks for sharing.

c said...

HI Jenny
I want to do this for friends and I was wondering what stitch and how to do it that you used on #8?
I only know how to do the chain stitch (i call it that)-lol. And I want to learn to do more
if you could email me at pls

jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! See what happens when I comment before I've caught up? I didn't realize you had already named the song!

I think you should do "Shiny Happy People." :o)

Peace and Laughter!

Cath Ü said...

Jenny I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you well with your new venture... also I hope you get some relief from you knee soon....... Love all the things you do...
cath Ü

lakenreich said...

I'm with you, I need a new knee but I can't afford it right now. AND I've put on weight also. LOL--I'm thinking it has something to do with the funny weather we have these days. No spring-just went from cold to HOT!!! Love to see your things, thanks for sharing.
Leslie K

vernagrace said...

Love the block, and the designs! Thank you so much, and your stitching is divine! It is so perfect!
I had a torn cartilage in my right knee, and they went in with a scope and fixed it, 15 or more years ago and it is still good.
About the triggers, there is a book called The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook-Your Self Treatment Guide for Pain Relief by Clair Davies. I have triggers in all my muscles, and this has been my go to book for years. Even my son uses it.
It teaches you how to get rid of the triggers, mind you, mine come back, but I just work them back out. You can order it on Amazon, or even try the library first. This could help both you and Mr. E.
Enjoy the weekend!

edyB said...

Life can really give us some humps and bumps. So sorry that you're facing another biggie. Sending good thoughts that you work out a plan for improving the knee. Take care of yourself.

Love all the new designs!

Unknown said...

You know you've my prayers for your knees and of course I will add Mr. E to the list. smile...
How about "We all Live in a Yellow Submarine"; you would do wonders with that submarine. I'm loving your "groovy" van!
big hugz

Jo in TAS said...

I'm blessed and I thank the blogoverse for introducing Fee to me, she's a lifelong friend, she has so much love to go around, one beautiful lady.

Jo in TAS said...

I'm blessed and I thank the blogoverse for introducing Fee to me, she's a lifelong friend, she has so much love to go around, one beautiful lady.

Lynn B said...

Hi Jenny,

I left a comment that cut off the remainder of my sentence, it should have read " not be able to get it sorted"! Just thought I would let you know so that there was no confusion! lol

Cindi said...

Strawberry Fields Forever! (next Beatles' suggetion.) LOL

Rosa said...

The new Give Thanks is adorable!1