Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home and other places...

One of the happiest things I get to do in life is spend time alone with my husband, and if that time is on the bike then it's a double-happy.
Yesterday morning we rode away for an overnighter in Townsville. The reason for our short trip was to attend the Ulysses meeting last night, and then the Wednesday club ride today. The bonus was our in-between hours together riding round town, sharing meals, and generally chillin' out without the teenagers. Plus, he's back to work in a few days for the next school term and every moment of relaxation is coveted between now and then. ;-)
Today's ride was up to Ingham, and I have to tell you that I love that little town so much. Every time we drive through I am struck by that feeling of 'home' and family.  Ingham hosts the Italian Festival every year and due to the mess left after Cyclone Yasi and 5 floods earlier this year the Festival had to be postponed a few months. It will now be held in August and I am hoping Mr E will take me - my mouth is watering just thinking about the cannoli I ate there last year! 
You can read all about our stay in Ingham last May HERE.
 This afternoon we rode back home to Charters Towers, but along the way we stopped under shady trees by the railway line at Mingela for a cool drink. 
Mingela has a population of 20, and is a regular Sunday lunch ride for us. Today it was as deserted as ever, the only traffic being these...
Three peacocks rule the road at Mingela, and they have quite a few wives as well. 
~The main street of Mingela~
Our shady place to rest...
Of course, even though it's lovely to get away, it's just as good to come home again - after all, home really is where my heart is.
Look who was waiting for us...
Over the next few days I will be playing with this. It's another 'Love Is All You Need' design! Will I ever stop??
But 'Feelin' Groovy' must be finished too...
Glad I have my bright and cheery creative space to work in. I totally understand why children love their toy boxes now! Wanna come play?
The door is open, kettle's on, and I have a spare chair at my sewing table...
Now if only this dream could come true. We'd both have fun!

PS: Wendy couldn't make it on Monday, but she's promised to be here next Monday! Yay!


  1. lovely post Jenny

  2. I would so love to come visit. Sit around with stitching and tea/coffee but being in the USA it makes for a long "walk across the street". Hubby and I used to ride all the time but now my back won't let me and so he has a bike just for him. Can I share your rides? Thank you for your generosity.


  3. I wanna come play!
    KATRIN W..... what a nice dream

  4. What precious times with you and your hubby. I'm in the process of cleaning up the sewing room a bit but after that, how about we stitch together? I've got the tea on.

  5. I think it's wonderful you get to get away with hubby - how fun! Your new Love design is awesome Jenny, just perfect, and I love your Feeling Groovy too. I really, really want to come play in your sewing room - where is my teleporter!~

  6. You sound so happy! I would love to come and sit with you and visit!

    Time away with the husband is always a good thing.

  7. Love your pictures! Thank you for sharing your ride and adventures.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  8. Hi Jenny. I am sooo jealous - I used to go for bike rides with my partner. He died last year and so I don't go out anymore - I miss the freedom, although obviously I miss him more. Glad you had a lovely time out. The designs are looking great. Looking forward to the next issue of the magazine - I made the believe wallhanging - not as nice as yours but I am enjoying having it hanging up in my room - reminds me to keep hanging on in there. C

  9. It would be so much fun to visit with you. We could all ride together for a while, then the guys could talk motorcycles while we sit and stitch a bit! What a fun dream that is!

  10. I'm with Marsha.....I think it is so cool that so many of us ride and stitch. Now if only we were closer....

  11. One day I will get to sit in that chair :) Hugs - Fee XX

  12. One day I will get to sit in that chair :) Hugs - Fee XX

  13. Dear Jenny, I've just discovered your blog (from Val Laird's blog) and have a zillion questions to ask you! Well, just one or two. This is probably a dumb question, but is your magazine one of those online ones where the subscribers print off their own copy?
    My other comment isn't a question - more of a statement! I flipped when I noticed on your blog header that you live in Charters Towers! One of my oldest friends lives up there - on Faull Street. What a small world - even smaller if you knew her!
    I was also intrigued to read about your biking adventures with your hubby. My hubby has two bikes - Honda 750 (old) and Suzuki 750 (3 years old) which he rides to work. The Honda is just for joy rides these days. I used to have my own bike, but not any more. Arthritis in my back forced me not only to sell my bike, but I can no longer ride pillion with the MOTH...sigh..
    Sorry this is so long. Love your blog - I'll be back! (And will subscribe to your magazine soon)

  14. Hello Jenny, Great blog. Just had to let you know that I love the close up pic. of you & your dimples. Red is your colour. Have a great week-end. Blessings: Dianne.

  15. I bet going on these rides are wonderful! Let's see, by the time ours is old enough for us to have some time alone we'll be between 60 and 70. Guess we won't be riding...

  16. You are a wonderful


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