Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Show & Tell with Shabby Roses and Ellie!

 Remember my first Shabby Roses quilt? I auctioned it early this year to raise funds for the Queensland Flood Appeal, and lovely Pam all the way over in the USA was the winner with a top bid of $500.
As I carefully packed the quilt to post to Pam I was already missing it, so it didn't take long for me to begin choosing fabrics for a second version! Unfortunately, time is a commodity I don't have as much of as I'd like, so the remake is a slow process, BUT, I am getting the blocks done little by little. 
Three are completed so far, with only nine more to follow...
The fabric in the applique is Tilda, so the quilt this time will feature a lot of blue and not so much pink.
There have been some very lovely ladies email with photos this week of their own version of "Shabby Roses", so please have a look...
Elfriede has used blocks from "Shabby Roses", and also blocks from my 2nd Shabby Rose quilt, "Bouquet"!
She has designed her own quilt layout for the blocks, and I love it! Elfriede, this is beautiful!
 Lynette has also made "Shabby Roses" her own by adding in some of my "Bouquet" blocks! Another gorgeous quilt. :-)

You can still purchase the patterns for "Shabby Roses" and "Bouquet" in my Etsy Shop, and if you purchase either pattern before Sunday night I will also send you the pattern for my third Shabby Roses quilt, "A Christmas Story" for free!
Here are more lovely stitcheries from talented stitchers!
Fee's 12yo daughter Amy has her mother's talent for sure. Amy stitched my "Ellie" design into a cushion! Isn't it beautiful? Well done, Amy!
Another Ellie has made her debut as well. Catherine from Texas sent me her photo, and again, I am lovin' Ellie!
Thank you for sharing, ladies. Each of you blessed my socks off!
Now I must go watch tonight's episode of MasterChef Australia...who will be going home??


Roseanne said...

Your stitcherys look very nice. Love the quilt you auctioned off. I also like all the other quilts that other bloggers made.

KaHolly said...

They are all lovely. Your new Shabby Roses quilt is going to be exquisite! I am esp. taken with Elfriede's version of the combination of Shabby Roses and Bouquet! It's absolutely gorgeous! ~karen

Barb said...

That certainly is a lovely quilt and so love your stitchery.

Victoria said...

Love your blue for shabby roses. I did my first one in pinks & my next one is to be in either blues or aquas,sea greens,periwinkles & watery blues.
This was the most relaxing handwork I ever did! So I am looking forward to doing another....after I get all the tops I have stacked up quilted.
This pattern was my introduction to jenny of elefantz so it is a special one for me.

Unknown said...

Oh, I will give it a hug for you, Jenny! I do love your quilt and bless you everyday for actually letting go of it... The new one will finish up in a really gorgeous blue. Tilda fabric is so awesome.
Love all the pictures of what others are doing with your patterns. It's all good!


Blissful Banter of a Creative Crafter said...

Jenny I just love your designs and I think they are so sweet and whimsical. great work and thank you for sharing!

Allie said...

Beautiful - but they started with some GREAT designs!!! Loving Ellie so much!

Floridatjej said...

gorgous gorgeous, is this your own designs or are you following a pattern ? your blog is very inspirational Thank You

Carrie P. said...

Always great to see how others use your patterns which I love.
congrats to Pam.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, I just noticed the little photo of my version at the bottom of the post. I so enjoyed making that quilt.

Miss Hillbilly said...

Master Chef huh? My son loves the American version. He loves to cook though.

I don't have much time at all. I want to get to stitching Ellie so badly!!

Sue from Cyprus said...


Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x

PS I would love to have a fraction of your talent.