Saturday, August 27, 2011

Did I miss Spring?!

We're sweltering here today. It's still officially winter, but we're sweltering! Did I miss Spring and fast forward to summer??? Please no. Please let this be a hiccup from heaven that can fixed by one flick of a Divine switch so that I can savour these last few days of winter. Pleeeeeeease????
That's not my only woe today.
The water pump on the bike has broken. No Sunday ride tomorrow. No rides at all until a new water pump arrives in the mail from overseas. Oh woe to me and my man. :-(
Ok, enough of feeling sorry for self. Forgive me for indulging at your expense. 
This last week has been non-stop. Not sure if my body or my brain hurts the most. Both? Yes, both.
Blossom has come good again with the migraine, but she's got another head cold. Brightening up her countenance, though, is a brand new queen size bed! Guess who opted to try it out?
Now there is room for Blossom, Miss Sophie, and Bob-the-dog to all sleep comfortably. 
Issue 3 of Elefantz HOME is all written and ready to publish! Yay!!! \o/\o/ The week before publishing date is very busy in our home, but this week was way busier than usual so I have been up many late nights working to get this issue 'just right' for my subscribers. 
Four projects this month, plus recipes, articles, home-made skin care, more! To subscribe go HERE. Only 2 sleeps until Issue 3 is ready for download!
I found some wonderful places you can visit for sewing 'how-to's', so wanted to share them today in case you've got some internet time free this weekend.

Lenna Green from the Stitching Cow has loads of quilting and embroidery tips on her site.

The UK website 'All About You' is a treasure trove of crafty ideas, and their magazine 'Country Living' is one I never miss! They have a fabulous page with projects for beginners that will inspire you and also be a great place to send your young ones to if they want to learn a new skill. They have free designs for you to make as well!

If you're still wanting to make something for the August T-shirt Challenge go visit the BHG website HERE for some simple but clever ideas! 

Something I want make as soon as I find a striped t-shirt or tow is this recycled T-shirt project from Elizabeth of E Tells Tales. Isn't it sweet!?
This week has also required my time in the kitchen for breadbaking, jam making, meal making, and sweet treats. Today's sweet treat is my own version of Matrimonial Slice...
Made with my own Strawberry & Vanilla Jam.
Of course, then I had no jam left, so today I made jars of Strawberry & Apple Jam to replenish the toast topping supplies for us and for Kezzie & Co.
The recipe for my Matrimonial Slice is in Issue 3 of Elefantz HOME. 
Before I sign off for some downtime over the remainder of my weekend, I wanted to show you some treasure I found yesterday at an op-shop in Townsville. I *love* pretty crockery. 
I really, really, love pretty crockery with roses.
 When I was growing up at my nana's, she had a china cabinet filled with beautiful crockery and glassware. One day I am going to have my own, but I think a nice kitchen hutch would be my preference.'s a big wedding anniversary this year. I wonder????


Lida said...

Sorry you missed spring, over here we missed summer and that hurts! Rain all July and August started not much betters flooding homes, broken trees it is the worsed summer for as long as we keep records! So enjoy yours and believe me, the Spring will return! Greetings and thanks for the links from Holland,

c. Joy said...

I'm new to blogging and have been following you just a little while. It wasn't until this morning when I read your blog that I realized "she's not from around here." Here is Texas we are hoping autumn will show up with lots of rain and you're where you are worried you've missed spring. I am seriously enjoying looking at all your beautiful sewing. The elephant at the top of your blog is wonderful. Thanks for inspiring me.

Susan said...

Down here in Brisbane it is still cool - infact quite cool - and wet! And I certasinly am in no ruch for Summer. Good to hear Blossom is getting better.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Yummy foods, pretty stitching, lovely dishes. Perhaps that all makes up for the heat. :o) Thanks for the links. Loving that striped pillow.

Winifred said...

Yes we missed the summer in the UK. Again! But we're used to it. At least we don't get those awful hurricanes and terrible earthquakes. Makes you feel guilty for moaning.

That strawberry & apple jam looks gorgeous. I never get around to making jam, well Marks & Spencer do a lovely range of jams for lazy people like me.

I like that All About You website too. They have some great free knitting patterns.

Don't cats always grab the best resting place. They create great photo opportunities. Hope the weather doesn't get too much for you. Maybe you'll get a cooler spell. Wish I could send you ours for a few days! Take care.

Allie said...

Oh no - I'm praying it's just a hiccup too, Jenny, I hate to think the heat will start already!!! And a broken bike? Yikes! Whine all you want girlfriend, I'll bring the cheese.

Blossom's new bed is divine - I can see Princess Sophie sure thinks so! Thanks for all the lovely links, and congrats on your op shop find, beautiful!!!

tijerasycuchara said...

Me encantan tus trabajos, yo andaba buscando alguna idea para hacer algo nuevo.
te felicito