Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday too soon...

It's Friday. That means only 3 sleeps until my beloved rides away on his first departure for the new mine job.
Due to the 4 day induction training before his first set of shifts this trip may be a 9 day absence - can I bear that??? Of course some of you have husbands that work away from home for long or short periods and you cope wonderfully well - you probably think I'm crazy, right?
Leading up to next Monday we've been riding the bike every day - even in a glorious rain shower yesterday afternoon. Today was another long ride to Townsville and back to buy my wet weather gear before the wet season begins, and tomorrow we're riding with friends to Ravenswood for lunch. 
Sunday is a different matter, though. We're home all day parked in front of the television to watch Bathurst!! \o/ We love Bathurst Sunday every year, and I am so happy he'll still be home for it. I will naturally have a lot of hand sewing on my lap for the entire 6 hours, and nibblies for Mr E.
We have been fans of Craig Lowndes for many, many years, and we'd love to see him win again.
My 'Autumn Falling' design is finished, and I love it! 
Not my usual style, I know, but I really enjoyed the big purple and green prints, and machine applique....
I also stitched up my "Ellie and Bub" as a redwork block....
...and I have some gorgeous red Fat 8ths that I bought from Fee to piece a border (or perhaps a bag??).
Cute little chain stitches inside the bows.
Also purchased from Fee were some yummy charm squares and yardage from "Cabbages and Roses"! How could I resist those roses???! After all, I need something to cheer me up and keep me busy while Mr E is away. 
(Did that excuse sound feasible?? Honest, I rarely buy fabric any more, preferring to use what I have, BUT, I was a sucker for those roses.)
In a separate parcel were books I had bought for Kezzie and I. 
The "Bag Making Bible" has been on my want list for a long time because it is an area that I need instruction in, and Lisa Lam is amazing. Visit her blog and be blown away at how easy she makes it all look - and by her talent.
The Wholefoods books by Jude Blereau were found by Kezzie at our library and she was so excited about what she was learning that I bought the children's one for her and the family one for me. I must remember to take photos of Kezzie's and my herb gardens. She is so badly wanting a big veggie patch so she can grow her own foods to feed the boys. These books were a huge encouragement.
The fourth book, "The Rhythm of Family" is by Amanda Blake Soule. Amanda's blog is another wonderful place to visit! This is another book I've wanted for a while because it just spoke to my homeschool mother heart and I knew that Kezzie would love it! It's so lovely for me to experience seeing my own daughter homeschool her children after me homeschooling her when she was a teen.
I guess I have no excuses for boredom while Mr E is away, do I? :-)
Miss Sophie will claim his side of the bed, though.
Have a lovely weekend, won't you?!
Make lots of lovely stitchy things if you can, and perhaps if you've made one of my designs you might like to send me an email and a photo so I can share it with everyone. 
Just click on the photo of my little stitched Ellie logo, up there in the left hand sidebar, and you'll be able to access my email. 
PS: On Monday night I am going to announce a BIG giveaway, so come back and visit then!


Janice said...

I know what you mean about when Mr E is away. Mick isn't often away, but it just feels weird being in a bed on my own. It sounds like you will be rather busy in his absence, though. It's great that you have had some wonderful rides in the last few days. I bet he will be rather spoilt when he gets back home.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Autumn Falling is beautiful and the colors are a bit unexpected from you. I love the unexpected. Have a wonderful weekend.

Karen said...

The husband being away thing is all relative.

Earlier this year my husband was unemployed for 3 months and I got so used to him being at home, that I miss him every day that he goes to work. He works from home Tues and Thurs so he's only away every second day (and only for 12 hours) but I think that's too much!

My Mum on the other hand.... married a surveyor who worked out in the country (that's how they met) so often he was away from Monday morning till Friday evening every week for months on end. She can happily spend a few weeks away from Dad without it really bothering her. Of course they have phone contact and the like. Maybe it's got more to do with them being married for 38 years though....

Mommarock said...

DH spent 23 1/2 years in the military, and was gone ALL THE TIME, I just looked at it like..#1 we were still in our honeymoon phase many years later. #2 Those evenings after he returned and before he went were sooooooo HOT it kept me warm until he returned.. :) You will see!! We are still happy Many years later. As they say
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Theresa said...

Love your Autumn falling tree Jenny - is that for Elefantz Home? You're not crazy at all - it's a big adjustment when your other half has to spend a lot of time away. We went through that some years ago and while the going away is sad, the coming home is very sweet :)

Vickie said...

I can relate to your feelings of MR E being away..when I first met hubby he worked at the mines,so was away often-then when we came up he worked local and was home every night..alas he has just started going away again..4 days this week -I felt like my soul mate had been taken away from me..I sure think the days will fly by, you'll be sew busy and your autumn falling-so out of the square for you it's gorgeous..Ellie and bub are so cute,well done-have an awesome stitchy weekend ,cheers Vickie

Allie said...

Girl, I know you're going to miss him....I think you're doing the right thing to keep busy, love all the books you got.
Your Autumn Falling is gorgeous!! What a great way to showcase autumn prints. And of course Ellie and Bub is too darling for words. Your new fabric is delish - can't wait to see what you whip up with that, girl! Sophie looks pretty happy to have that bed all to herself, lol. Praying for you guys!

Tarnyia said...

Hi Jenny... a few weeks ago Graig Lowndes came past our property in his bright orange ute doing the Australian Safari race... if you go to my blog and scroll down you will see his ute that I JUST managed to get a pic of as he came racing past xxx

DIAN said...

Oh yes, we follow Batthurst too. It is raining here today so lots of ironing and stitching will be done.

My hubby works away 3 or 4 days each week. It is different but I really make it into a positive. I have control of the remote control, I can eat whenever I want and if I can't sleep I can get up and stitch in the middle of the night.

I do hope you cope alright with it.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, that will be tough while your hubby is gone so many days. I pray God's angels will surround him and protect him from all harm.
I just signed up for your blog to come to my email. Now I won't miss a single post. Yay!

Wendyb said...

Thinking of ya Lovely!!! the time will fly by and the phone is a wonderful thing!....and you know where I am to fill the days!!! LOL
big sugary sweet hugs for a sugary sweet gal!
XXX love ya
Wendy :O)

Ondrea said...

Jenny I looove your Autumn Falling design. So bright and cheery.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Oh Jenny, I can sympathize a bit with you. My husband used travel alot. He would be a way 2-3 nights a week for 2 or 3 weeks in row each month. We did that for 11 years. He hasn't traveled at all for almost 2 years now, and he is very thankful not to have to fly all over the country any more.

That tree is gorgeous! You are SO talented.

I am going to look for some of those titles on interlibrary loan.

Praying for you, sweetie and your family as Mr. E. travels.

Keep the faith!

Scottish Nanna said...

your Autumn Falling Looks lovely I love the colours you have used Where did you get the pattern for the Elephants I would love to stitch them for my Daughter she collects them You should see her Flat it is full of them.
Hugs Mary.xx

Marsha said...

Awesome work!!!!!