Monday, October 31, 2011

Life has settled. 
The house is in order; just some fine tuning needed in the new Elefantz room and the new office/prayer room.
The kids love their new homes.
Mr E is almost half way home as I write this, so he should be here in around 3 hours.
I'll share a little photo journal of the changes in the rooms over the past few days.
This used to be Blossom's room; the dust strewn empty one I showed you on Friday.
Please come inside...
This was Sam's room, but it's now the new office and prayer retreat. I still need to do things in here (like pretty curtains) etc...
And both rooms have air conditioning!!! \o/\o/ 
This is the first time, after living in the tropics for 2 1/2 years, that I have had air conditioning in my office and sewing space. I am so blessed. It has helped enormously with my menopausal hot flushes! 
During the evenings I've been continuing to stitch the remade version of "A Christmas Story". Four blocks finished, four to go...
Thanks you to Kris and Chris, who have offered to help me out with some Aviary fabric if I run out of my small stash. The quilt blocks are so pretty in Aviary - very different to my original version with the deep burgundies and winter greens; though it was very pretty too! 
It seems right though. Linda in the US now owns my original 'A Christmas Story', and the colours are perfect for her winter Christmas, whereas this lighter version is perfect for my summer Christmas in Australia! Isn't that great!?
The quilt I've made using some of my Give Thanks blocks is ready to have the binding sewn down...
It's just a simple square-in-a-square design, but looks quite pretty. 
I was asked if I'd share the new 'Give Thanks' block I made for the quilt, and I thought, "Yes!"...after all, you might like to make a quilt with the blocks too, and this new little Give Thanks is a happy addition.
You can download the block design HERE 
Now to get back to making a welcome home lunch for Mr E! Chicken pasta salad today - protein and carbs after his very long ride home to my waiting arms....


  1. Everything looks wonderful! !!
    Have fun creating in such a lovely space

  2. You have been very busy over the weekend Jenny; the rooms look great. How lovely for you to have air conditioning will be so much more pleasant when you are being creative.
    Thank you for the Give Thanks verse, so cute.
    Enjoy your time with Mr E over the coming days.

  3. Everything looks so pretty...and plenty of space to be creative! :)

  4. Your new space looks fantastic! Air conditioning and all. What is the design on the sewing room door, it looks pretty, too? Thank you for the new block design. Enjoy your new space and your time with the wonderful Mr. E!

  5. Like the tide coming in and going out we can't do anything to change its progress, the same with family they grow and change direction , but oh! how blessed we are to have them in our life.

  6. How wonderful! I'm still painting the room that will be my new sewing room. My plans keep getting put on hold 'cause other things keep coming up ( such is the life of a wife, mom & daughter). You've inspired me, tomorrow I'll paint some and who knows someday soon I'll post pictures of my new sewing room. Thanks for giving me a push.

  7. You did a great job on the spaces and I know you are enjoying the air conditioning. (We had snow, first of the season, and it is very early) Pretty though.
    Thank you for the new block. Looks like things are coming together nicely.
    Enjoy your days together with Mr. E.

  8. You are probably not alone now---I bet you are smiling! A room for prayer is a great idea.

  9. Thanks Jenny for the block, it is one I am goiing to make soon, but in wintercolors!
    Love your new rooms, the work room is fantastic in those light colors and an prayer room is a great idea!
    Have a fantastic day wit Mr.E.

  10. Did you sleep in between? You've done an enormous amount of work in just a few days! The quilts look wonderful. Enjoy the cool air in your rooms and of course the days that your hubby is home!

  11. Oh your rooms look beautiful Jen - you always arrange everything so nicely. I'm so pleased that you have aircon in BOTH rooms - yippee. Enjoy your few days of peace with Mr E! Love, Fee x

  12. Your new rooms look terrific. Did you move everything yourself, or did you have a bit of help with the big items? It must have been great fun making it all look so pretty. I'm sure you will still do a bit of faffing around to make it all just right. There will be lots of change for Mr E to see. Enjoy your time together.

  13. Sew pretty. I can't imagine a world without air conditioning. :o) Happy sewing.

  14. Your "new" rooms look so inviting!

  15. Your new spaces look great. Definitely reflect you.
    How do the kids feel about you changing their rooms? My boys weren't so sure about me doing there room over. I made into a guest room.

  16. WOW every thing looks so pretty and it is nice and neat you put me to shame.Happy crafting in your new rooms.
    Hugs Mary.xx

  17. You are so neat and tidy Jenny i wish my sewing room looked that tidy,i love how you and Mr E are still so in love,so cute.

  18. Your new office-sewing room looks great!! It's perfect that you have air conditioning now... where I live (Barcelona, Spain), if you don't have air conditioning, you cannot even sleep! Hugs, Silvia

  19. I guess she won't be moving back home anytime soon!

    Love what you did with the space and so quickly!

    Enjoy the a/c and new space for your creativity!

  20. I hope you two have a wonderful time together in this new chapter of your lives.

  21. Hi Jenny,

    It's been a few months since I've visited. My but you certainly have gone through a lot of life changes in a very short time!! I must say you handle it all well and I'm sure it's in big part because you have a loving husband to support you.

    All your projects are so perfect and precise. I do enjoy visiting you. I'm glad all your family members, pets included, are well.

  22. Good Morning!! Have been away and am playing catch up this early morning. Thanks for the stitchery design, Jenny. Your new sewing area looks delightful! If you are anything like me, it won't look so neat and tidy for very long!!


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