Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shabby Roses, some Show & Tell, and an offer...

Today I pieced my remade Shabby Roses blocks and I got all warm and fuzzy when I laid it out to photograph...
Over the next week I hope to quilt it! The fabrics are a mix of Tilda and Tanya Whelan - both gorgeous, but I am still deciding what fabric to use for the binding.
The layout is different to my original pattern, but to be honest, I like this one better because I have the two Shabby Roses blocks right in the middle. 
This is my original...
Which version is your favourite, and why? 
Some very lovely ladies have sent me photos of their completed Elefantz projects and I'm so excited to share them with you!
Last year Fiona asked if her quilt group could have permission to make a quilt using my Shabby Roses quilt blocks and raffle it for charity. 
"Of course!" I said, "but make sure you send me a photo when it's done." - and now it is!!
Here is Fiona 'dressed' in the completed and ready-to-raffle Shabby Roses quilt ....
Haven't those ladies been busy!? I feel very humbled at all the work they've put into this project using my block designs. Please visit Fiona's blog HERE to see more photos and read about the raffle. You ladies rock, and may God bless you with the raffle!
Shez in Victoria spied my bag design in a magazine and made it up using the cutest of owl fabrics!
You know, Shez, my Blossom would run off with it if she saw it - she has quite a love for owls, especially since our 'owl rescue' earlier this year - because your bag looks wonderful!
Vickie has been using the Christmas Tree design from my Daisy Christmas Runner to make a runner of her own! Love it!!
As most of you know, I have been sharing a "Circles of Life" block each month in my Elefantz HOME magazine.  
The very lovely Di Jobbins sent me photos of the blocks she has made so far, and they are *beautiful*....please visit her blog to see more, you'll be inspired.
Many people have emailed to ask if I am selling the complete pattern to make "Circles of Life". It will be available in January 2012, once all the blocks have been shared in Elefantz HOME magazine.

However, if you'd like to start making the quilt now, I have decided to offer Issues 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the magazine in a bundle for purchase HERE through my Etsy Shop for $20 AUD (about $21.30 USD).
Sold separately they are $7 per issue if you are not a subscriber, a saving of $8. 
But, within the pages of those four PDF issues you will receive $64 worth of original and new "Jenny of Elefantz" designs! I have a limited number available in my shop so you'd best be quick. :-)
**Issue 5, the bumper Christmas issue, is also available now in my Etsy Shop for $7. You'll find it HERE.
Next Thursday our Sam turns 19, so we'll have the family all back under one roof for a celebratory meal, as well as Kezzie, Bert and the grandsons! When asked what our newly-living-away-from-home would like for his birthday he told us all to get him Woolworths vouchers so he can use them to buy groceries and keep his 'real' money for spending. Did I ever tell you our son was a bit of an oddball? LOL!!


Alepatch said...

just beautiful. ale

retdairyqueen said...

You must feel so proud Jen that so many people make their own versions of your beautiful patterns
I think I loke the new version of Shabby roses Maybe the little bit of blue ....... Then again? How can one chose? Both are equally beatiful

Lynn B said...

Everything is absolutely gorgeous, your embroidery is stunning and the designs are just exquisite!

Lida said...

Clever man, that Son of yours! He is responsible and wise for his years! Love the new one for the colors but the old one for the layout!

Anonymous said...

Jenny i just love your new shabby roses blocks,well done they look fantastic.Love where your son is coming from,very funny.

Fiona said...

How lovely to see what people have made with your patterns... must give you quite a warm feelign... I love both your shabby roses tops...

Michelle said...

Jenny I think I like the "New" Shabby Rose quilt. I do like the original but not as much as the new one you made. :)

Fee said...

Your new quilt is beautiful Jen. Heh heh, I'm laughing so hard about the Woolies vouchers - that's so precious and probably something that at least one of my boys would do too!!! Hugs, Fee x

Linda said...

What talent! I have no desire to quilt, but I love them! I love the second and third version of your shabby roses quilts. Could you pass your talent and desire my way???

Michelle said...

I like it with Shabby Roses in the middle. And I love the vase of flowers!

Rosi said...

Quiero felicitarles pues han hecho un trabajo impecable de verdad es hermoso, en hora buena saludos.

Kentish Keg-Meg said...

Sooo lovely all fabulous.

Marrissa said...

Ooh I wish I was as clever as you! I love both your quilts, but the newer version would have to be my favourite :)

PDTE said...

Hi Jenny
As usual your words inspire and entertain. Your family are so wonderful to share you with all of us. It is completely understandable that when MR E is home you want to be with him. You must however never sleep (or be a fast stitcher) as your production rate is amazing.
Thanks again for sharing with us.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Jenny~~I *love* the second version of the quilt. Why? Having the same fabric around the blocks, makes them pop and the embroidery shows up so much better. Lovely!

jill said...

Hi Jenny,I have just found your lovely blog,your embroidery is just perfect,look forward to seeing more.Love Jill xx

Anonymous said...

You should feel a warm fuzzy for that quilt. It's absolutely lovely. I do like the newer one better. I think it's because the blocks seem to be set off a little more, easier to see them. I feel like my eyes have a line to follow. But, I'd be happy with either one showing up in my mail box. ;)