Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday, lovely Sunday....

It's been a lovely weekend so far!
Yesterday our son Sam dropped by nice and early for a visit and chat, and at lunchtime Kezzie, Bert and the boys visited me as well. I sent the boys home with frozen Kit Kat's as it was mighty hot when they left, and it's a nana's delight to give small treats to her grandchildren - for the cost of a hug and kiss of course!
This morning I picked up Blossom nice and early and we went out for breakfast.. As she has been involved with Elefantz from the very beginning, I rely on her as my sounding board for future ideas, and it excites me even more to have her excited about the things I have planned.
Together we discussed pros and cons, and in the technical computer side of things she has offered her assistance. I can't tell you anymore, but I think you'll love what's in store. She made a a wonderful start to my day!

This afternoon we're out together again, but this time 19yo son Sam will join us as we head to the movies to watch the latest version of "The Three Musketeers".
Tomorrow I'm off to Kezzie's for morning tea, so I am pleased to say that my kids certainly aren't allowing me to be lonely while Mr E is away! I may need a rest at this rate. :-)
All the projects for Issue 6 of Elefantz HOME are now finished, and the pattern writing has begun.
I thought you might like to see all the things you can make from the next issue, which has a definite bird theme.
The next block in "Circles of Life" is shared this month. It's the large middle block, "Full Circle"...
There is also a companion cushion cover for the quilt in this issue, which features a slightly altered "Full Circle" block...
A couple of very cute and quick-to-make Christmas gifts are these key chain fobs...
And of course there is the "Bird on Bloom" redwork table runner I showed you last week...
...and the applique version of "Bird on Bloom" made up into a cushion cover!
Five new Elefantz designs in Issue 6, and all for just a $4 per month subscription!
If you haven't subscribed yet, but would like to, simply click on the Paypal button below.
You can cancel at any time, and we'll still be friends.
As a thank you gift from me, all new subscriptions made before November 28th will receive a bonus, Elefantz pattern to make while they wait for their first PDF issue of Elefantz HOME to arrive on November 29th!
~Sunshine Lollipops~
...was one of my very first original designs but has never been available for purchase. Subscribe and it's all yours.

Now I'm off to get ready for my movie date with the kids. 
Hope your own weekend has been a joyful one!


  1. Well, too bad I already have a subscription, cuz that is adorable. :) Seriously, this looks to be a great issue and I can't wait!

  2. tweet tweet..lovely projects Jenny.
    Super great the children are keeping you entertained,cheers Vickie

  3. Hi Jenny, glad everyone is feeling well again. Last night on our TV I watched a great program about Victoria, Australia. What a lovely country. Are you anywhere near there? It is so nice that you and Blossom are such good friends. I have 2 daughters and we are very close too.

  4. Have a wonderful day with your kids!

  5. OH Jenny!! Lets see a key fob for my nephew; pillows for my best friend and my sister; a quilt for my father in law all from your latest. I thought I had my Christmas list all figured out until I saw this and fell in love. Can You figure out how I can get more hours in the day to do all of it. lol Have a great weekend. Hugs Hope

  6. Jenny I can't wait for Issue 6!!

  7. Beautiful park Jen ... wish I could do a few laps with you. Nice to see a pic of the three of you together. Love that birdy cushion. I feel a new project coming on ....
    Hugs, Fee x

  8. Hi Jenny, wasn't a good movie, did you notised that one of the actors was danish, Mads Mikkelsen, the guy with the pad for the eye, I went with my daughter on 18 to see it, so I think it is a mother/children thing to see something like that movie. Looking foreward to receive your next issue.
    Best regards Susanne in Denmark

  9. So glad to hear the kids are looking out for you and not letting you get lonely! You do have great kids!
    I'm looking forward to all these lovely patterns you have designed. When I saw the circle of life block, I caught my breath, I love the red bird! Have a great visit with Mr E and enjoy your mc adventures!


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