Saturday, December 10, 2011

Today I am....

Watching series 3 of "Lark Rise To Candleford"....
....while I stitch a new design for the next issue of Elefantz HOME.
Then I must peel these ripe bananas that came off the tree on Monday and pop them in the freezer for banana breakfast smoothies...
Kezzie took the rest of the bunch for her boys, and we still have this bunch to look forward to in another month or so...
I will write the pattern for this new design...
...and drool over this fabric that just arrived in the mail...
...from Sew Deerly Loved in the US.
And after that, I am going to sit down and read the latest issue of Homespun magazine...
 ...which features the cutest seaside lass that I *must* make over summer to remind me of my beachside hometown of Newcastle, so far away and sorely missed.
For those of you overseas who aren't blessed to easily find a copy of Homespun at your newsagent, the magazine is now available as a digital subscription through Zinnio.
As you know I have had a number of designs featured in Homespun during 2010/11, but the array of new local and overseas designers contributing to the magazine each month is always quite exciting, so a subscription would be a delight for you, or perhaps a wonderful gift for a friend at Christmas. 
To find out more visit the Homespun Zinnio site HERE.
By the time my reading of Homespun is done it will be time for Mr E and I to pick up Blossom and head to Townsville for some late afternoon Christmas shopping. Our girl works 5 1/2 days a week at the Pharmacy and never gets to go shopping these days as our local shops are only open during her working hours. 
We should be able to get a couple of hours in before Townsville closes for the day.
What does your day hold?


  1. Have fun shoping Jenny with Mr E and Blossom

  2. I should have known you'd be a Lark Rise fan. Me too! I discovered it about a year ago, on our public television station, and try not to miss an episode. But I have no idea what season we're in! Can you tell me? In the last show aired, Gabriel had invented his machine and tested it in the field. Alf was reluctant about accepting it. Does that ring a bell? What are the stories about in series #3 that you're watching?

  3. My day will be shopping at the grocery and afterwards the fun part, a Christmas market at the fabric shop! Hope you have a great time together and come home with lots of godies for under the tree!
    Love the fabric and really love the new design!

  4. Hope you ticked everything off your 'to do' list today!!! You had a lot planned but a lot of 'fun' things!

  5. I love Lark Rise to Candleford and am so sad that there will be no more episodes made. They have all aired over here in the UK, so I shall have to invest in the DVD's so that I can watch them again! Loving that fabric! Have fun withthe Xmas shopping. Sue x

  6. Hi Jenny, Oh my, your new fabrics are just go gorgeous. Which collection are they from? I visited their shop this morning but there is so much to look at (48 pages) and I've got to head back to bed for a bit. I've been up since before 4am and my body is having a disagreement with the cold, cold morning I'm diving back under my heated blanket for a while. LOL. You sneek peeks for the next magazine have me drooling everywhere!!! Hope you are able to get some shopping done and have a delightful time together in the process. Today I'm going to make your "Oh Holy Night" design into a small wall hanging. I plan to hang it on the wall behind my Nativity set. I'll send you a photo when I get it finished. Have a blessed day dear friend. Big Hugs...

  7. Wow, amazing bananas! Love the peek of your new design, looks great. I hope your shopping was fun. Tracee xx

  8. Hi Jenny, I hope the shopping trip went well.
    I am one of the lucky ones who calls Newcastle home, and I agree it is a beautiful place. I was born in Qld but have lived here all of my adult life. WE had rellies come down for a visit a few years ago and they couldn't believe what a fab place this is. People assumed because we used to have a steelworks here, it would be a dirty, dusty, grimy place. Not so!! Best beaches,plus the lake, Port Stephens, the Hunter valley vineyards- yes we've got it all! and close enough for a day trip to Sydney if need be. Maybe I should get a job at the tourist bureau? LOL. Sandy. :)

  9. Sounds like a great way to spend the day. I think it is so neat that you can grow your bananas.
    I just back from looking at apartments for my daughter to move in.

  10. Hope you got all your shopping done. I luv this issue of Homespun too as I live near the ocean.

  11. I'm loving the look of those new designs, girl!! Hope you enjoyed the shopping!

  12. Love Lark Rising. I sit and stitch to that show on Sunday evenings after dinner.

  13. Oh my, those designs are so pretty, and that fabric is yummy. What line is it?


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