Thursday, January 5, 2012

Preparing to move, and preparing the quilt pieces...

Summer keeps rolling on and the days get hotter, so Sophie spreads herself out wherever the air conditioner is blowing...
 ...but let's not talk about the  downside of the season. A wonderful positive is the abundance of summer fruits for breakfast with Mr E!
All those wonderfully bright colours offer a variety of vitamins and nutrients for our bodies. We're off to Townsville to look at two prospective rental houses today, and if we're successful we'll be using plenty of energy to pack up our house, load a moving van, and relocate. Those vitamins will sure come in handy!
Mr E has already began to pack up his tools and yard equipment, but not alone. 11yo grandson Calab came by yesterday to give Pop a hand, and he was rewarded a dinner of his choice - spaghetti and egg on toast. How easy was that?!
While they worked outside in the heat, I worked inside in the cool.
A few patterns were written, some tidying of the sewing room, and then I cut all the pieces for my "Promises & Borders" quilt.
 If you're intending to make this quilt, I have the material requirements and cutting instructions for download on Tuesday's blog post.
 A great idea is to label zip lock bags with the sizes of the strips you've cut ready for the piecing. 
Tick off each length on the pattern as you go...
I'm going to buy a pretty box tomorrow to store all the pieces and completed blocks in. Having everything in one place keeps my mind organised - and I love an organised mind!
A couple of commenters have said they are unable to download the block and pattern shared HERE. One lady asked if I could upload the files to google documents. Well, they are already on google, so not sure why you're having a problem. Wish I could help, but sometimes things just don't want to download as they should.
My only suggestion is that you email me privately and I will email you the files. If you haven't left an email address in your comment I'll need you to contact me again. Hope that helps! :-)
 Now to make lunch before we head off for the house inspections. Can I ask you to pray that we find the right house for us to rent this year, please?


  1. Good luck finding a new place, Jenny! Wish you didn't have to move so often. All that work takes away a lot of crafting time. :):)

  2. Let's hope you are all very happy, Sweet!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. Hope you find the right house for you and Mr. E! Praying for you my friend! :)

  4. Good luck with your house hunting and thank you for the block and pattern. So lovely!

  5. I love the new BOM. It is lovely. Prayers for you and your family that you will find just the right place to call your new home. I am not a blogger but I will email my quilt group with the information about the new BOM.

  6. Hope that you will find a "just right" house to rent soon Jenny!...I am not a blogger but am a long time follower of your blog and love it! i now have time to try one of your beautiful patterns! buy am having trouble trying to download your BOM pattern It's just downloading the picture :( My email is Thanks and Happy New Year to you and yours Annie

  7. I will definitely keep your house hunting in my prayers! Blessings!!

  8. Hope you find a fabulous house Jenny. Has Mark got a new job already? How far is Townsville from where you are? Will it take long for the kids to come and visit.

  9. Good luck with finding a new place and with the move.
    Your new project promises to be wonderful.

  10. Oooo Sweety...that red fabric looks familiar!!!! hee hee.....must off and download the de-structions now...looking forward to this one!
    You've got a wonderful home darl, now the right house to fit all that love in is sure to be waiting for you!
    sugary sweet hugs and prayers
    Wend :O) xoxoxo

  11. Yes you can, wish you good house hunting and hope you will find one that you can stay for years! Hugs

  12. Hi
    Thank you sooo muıch for your kind interest ,i said i can't download,can't reach the link(mean here n forgot my mail to give.Here is my mail

    Big thanks again
    Warmest wishes
    Cigdem Futaci

  13. I wish you a successful trip - a house on the first trip would be a very lucky break! (List of requirements - a big sewing room, air con in every room,... need I go on??)

  14. Dearest Jenny
    Praying that you find the right house today. Good luck with the move, dear friend.
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x

  15. I like the zip lock bag idea. I sort of do it already. I just don't have enough on the go yet. Good luck with the house hunting. We certainly are spoilt with all the summer fruits.

  16. good luck with your house hunting I am sure their is just the right house out there for you and you will find it.
    Hugs Mary.xx

  17. You must be an expert at packing and moving Jenny!!
    Love the fabrics you are using for your BOM projects. Love the zip lock bag idea.

  18. Hope one of the houses is just perfect...happy moving Jenny xo

  19. The perfect house is out there for you and Mr. E. Prayers headed your way!

    Thanks for all the tips on keeping the cut pieces organized.

    Have a wonderful day!

  20. Here's praying for the right house! I don't know how you do so much. You are one very busy woman!

  21. Praying for the right house right now.

  22. Jenny !! you are an amazing person , on the move again . I so wish I was there to help .
    I mustphone bluebell and tell her . She is very busy with the grandson at present and might miss this post .
    I guess you will be moving nearer Mr Es work
    May you have strength in your search and happiness in all you do .
    Love and squeezes

  23. Good Luck Jenny, I hope you find your house, have a safe journey.
    Love Jilx

  24. How lovely to have a willing helper! Hope you find the perfect house.

  25. I am looking forward to starting the first block in your BOM - just waiting for some more interfacing to arrive - I am planning to make it into a little wallhanging for a friends birthday. Definitly thinking of you as you find your new house. Gb C x

  26. Good luck with the house-hunt, Jenny--you've got my prayers, not to worry. We are doing the same, but there's not much pressure to move yet other than I can't wait to get into my forever home and out of this limbo. Thanks for the zip-bag tip. This will help immensely! I've scheduled my shopping trip this weekend. Can't wait.

  27. could you please email me the instructions for the BOM..I can't get it to download. Thanks--my e-mail is

  28. Hello,
    I am new to your blog but I absolutely love it! I was wondering if there is a way to purchase the past issues of your magazine. I would really like to make the Circle of Life quilt. I looked to see if you had the patterns for sale on your Etsy site but they weren't there either. I hope I can get them somehow. Thank you for the great free BOM. I will be doing that one for sure!
    lklebs1 at yahoo dot com

  29. Traductor
    Congratulations! really will soon have a new home and more comfortable ... no matter the change, it is important that the family likes

  30. Querida Jenny, están en mis oraciones y espero pronto encuentren la casa, gracias por siempre compratirnos de tus hermosas creaciones, siempre es un placer hacerlas.

    Un fuerte abrazo a la dsitancias.


  31. Oh Miss Sophie looks so relaxed.Love that floral fabric Jen it is your BOM too, but alas I must not start anything new seriously have way too many middle projects happening, I hope you got one of the houses you were looking at,cheers Vickie

  32. I have completed the first of your BOM Promises and Borders and thoroughly enjoyed stitching it:) Photo in my blog.

  33. Hi Jenny, I'm a little behind (been living under a rock lately - or so it would seem) Absolutely love your block of the month, and forsomeone who's never done a block of the month 'm hoping to commit myself to it. However, I love the fabric you've used and hoping you wouldn't mind sharing what it's called, especially the floral one. thanks please email me at