Sunday, April 8, 2012

Families at Easter....

Easter 2012 has been extra special because this is the first Easter the grandsons have lived close enough to visit with!
On Good Friday, Mr E drove Blossom and I down to Charters Towers to see our young man Sam, our big girl Kezzie, SIL Bert, and the two grandsons, Cal and Dee.
The big 'kids' had some fun seeing who was strongest...
Then all three of my 'babies' were naughty, so I did what any good mumma would do and sent them to the corner...
But how can a mumma stay mad at her kids when they smile like this at me??
Easter Sunday it was Kezzie's turn to come visit us, so she brought her man and their two boys to stay in Townsville for a night. When they arrived the boys wanted to head straight to the beach, but we started the day with coffee and milkshakes down by the Strand...
After our caffeine hit, the boys had a play down by the beach before we all headed off to Billabong Sanctuary for some crocodile education!
Pop and Dee wandered through the bird display...
...and I got captured by the kangaroos.
The park rangers held everyone captivated as they showed us snakes, lizards, and baby crocodiles...
Dee, Cal and Bert were glued to their seats!
This koala was very relaxed!
 But this koala's name is Houdini, and I think he might not rest so easily....
The dingoes were beautiful...
....but those kangaroos kept catching my eye, insisting on another photo shoot!
 Time for lunch and the only gluten free food Mr E and I could buy at the kiosk were chips and fruit salad. At least we ate!
Of course, the main purpose for our visit to Billabong was the crocodiles, and the boys were more excited about them than anything else!
 The rangers were fanstastic, and so brave!
The family were very happy at the end of our day!
 And the crocs were ready for a rest.
Happy and Blessed Easter to your family too!
Christ is risen, He is risen indeed!!!


  1. Family days, summer days, all make for a lovely post, especially the smiles.

  2. A day like this has a golden shine! Enjoy! Happe Easter to you to!

  3. lovely family post Jenny,glad you are having a wonderful easter.xx

  4. reads a great family day was had by all, lovely pics Jen,great to read a happy family post,cheers Vickie

  5. Looks like a good time!!! Your fries and fruit looks delicious to me! Enjoy your family!! Happy Easter!

  6. what a lovely family Easter. Gorgeous pics too.

  7. What a great holiday! Beautiful family you have! Love the photos of the animals. I wish I'd been there. =)

  8. So glad you all had a wonderful time together

  9. Jenny
    Just popping in to wish you a Blessed Easter Season. think of you often and wonder how you are going. just caught up reading about illness etc{} Can't get over how much S and E have grown! Actually my C has left home! so I guess it happens. God bless{{}}

  10. Glad you had such an eventful Easter and Family time.
    Thanks for sharing with your readers.


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