Friday, May 18, 2012

Stitching, reading, and drinking tea...

They are three things I love to do.
This week a new book arrived in the mail and already I am planning some projects to make...
 I love pink (not surprised!?)...and have no idea where I'll find a pink basket like the one below, but will keep my eyes open in case I am blessed to come across something similar to dress up. This would make a fabulous sewing carry-all...
And I love my tea time, so this tea cosy is a must...
Actually, Mr E has to cut right back on caffeine as it is quite acidic, so I have been auditioning some caffeine-free teas. Today's hopeful was really nice indeed, so will stay for a repeat performance...
I was quite intrigued by the list of ingredients - organic blue cornflowers, anyone?
I finished stitching the gorgeous Mother Teresa quote that Amy designed, and wrapped in a wreath of blooms. I think I am going to use this on a mug rug, or perhaps a wall hanging...
I'm also stitching one of Gail Pan's designs, but using just one variegated thread from Cottage Garden...
From my own designs I finished framing this Pot of Blooms for the next issue of Elefantz HOME Magazine. Black thread is rarely featured in my projects, but didn't it work well in this one?!
Did you enjoy Mothers Day? Look what my Blossom gave me...
How perfect! They haven't left my ears since Sunday!
Mr E bought me a gorgeous silver pendant...also hasn't been taken off since Sunday. :-)
I used to wear only gold, but as I've gotten older I really think silver suits me better. What about you? Do you prefer silver or gold - or do you wear both together? Blossom shudders when I do that, declaring you must only wear one or the other. 
I think it's time to audition another tea, so I'll brew myself a pot this time, and enjoy my recently received copy of Mollie Makes from the UK...
This issue had some vintage style buttons attached to the cover, and I have the perfect black cardigan to sew them on! 
Have a wonderful weekend, won't you?!
I'll be cooking and stitching, and helping Blossom count down the final seven sleeps until her 18th birthday.
My baby is almost 18. 
Pinch me.



  1. GoodLuck hunting for a pink basket - maybe you will need to paint one instead - but you never know - on ewill probably pop up somewhere. Gorgeous balck stitchery & red buttions.

  2. Your website is so pretty. And you do such beautiful work. I've just recently started following you--love your blog--especially the scripture pictures. I wear silver and gold together sometimes.

  3. Gorgeous earrings and pendant! I can see why you can't take them off!
    I always used to wear gold, but now veer towards silver ... something to do with the aging process I suspect.
    I was going to suggest painting a basket pink as well ... that way you will get the exact shade you desire.

  4. You will definitely need to paint your own basket using floral paint. Oasis, Design Master, Soft Green are all brands of spray paint specifically used to color silk (and fresh) flowers. You can find it in large craft shops, or ask a florist if they might order it for you. Don't use regular spray paint or you'll wind up with a stiff enamel finish. The floral paint leaves the basket soft and pliable and won't chip off. I've painted many baskets with great results. Have fun!

  5. Jenny when you say you are using just "one Thread" of varigated Cottage Garden on the Gail Pan design, are you using 2 threads of the one varigated? What is the colour name of the varigated you are using? It is so pretty. Hugs Kaylee

  6. As always, I so enjoyed your post. Your blog is always a serene stop for me in the morning. I drink tea, but I love my coffee. That black embroidery is heart-stopping. Have a wonderful day.

  7. such beautiful presents jenny and i have looked at that book online not sure whether to buy it or not,and as usual beautiful stitcheries Jenny.xx

  8. Looks like you have been having lots of fun Jenny. Love the gifts from Blossom and Mr. E. I tend to wear silver most of the time now. My wedding ring is white gold.
    I really love how your design looks with the black thread. It's beautiful and different.
    Hugs to you my friend!

  9. As I have gotten older, and the hair on my head has turned to silver, I have turned towards wearing only silver. Although, my wedding ring is gold, I mainly wear silver on the right hand. I love the new issue of Molly Makes, and the buttons are soooooo pretty! Cannot wait for the your next issue. Have a wonderful week, hugs!!


  10. Gorgeous Pink Basket so Cute..
    You have been Busy and All Looking Lovely..

  11. Hi Jenny, I am going to do your Promises and Borders, but I havent actually started any of the stitching as yet. What type of pen do you use to draw your design with please? I have been using a blue (washable) pen lately, but I am not totally happy with it. I have started the Promises & Borders Block 1 three times so far, but just cant seem to find the right thread to use, or how big to make the words! I might start again this weekend.. maybe.. Hugs n Blessings from Sue xx

  12. I love that tea cozy - inspires me to make one up for myself.
    Lovely earrings & pendant - you lucky girl!

  13. Looks like you have been enjoying your self with your new books, jewelery and stitching.
    I find I where more silver too. Definitely much less expensive.
    You could always spray paint a basket pink if you have one laying around you could use.

  14. My favorite things...tea, sewing, reading. Lovely saying...simple and hearfelt.

  15. LOVE that pink basket! Jenny, if you find a basket you like, just get some pink spray paint and give it a make-over. So easy. That tea cozy is darling. Have fun trying all the lovely teas out there - wouldn't it be fun to have a little tea shop? You could fill it to the brim with pretties, too.
    Your stitching is gorgeous, that black thread is very effective - beautiful design! I love your new earrings and pendant, I usually wear gold or silver, but prefer gold. My favorite ring is my father's high school ring, back when they knew how to make them, and it's solid gold.

    Giving you a great big pinch, too.....John will be TWENTY next month, and then Sam will turn 18 as well. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!!!!!

  16. Hi Jenny. I've always been a gold jewelry person, myself. You could try painting a basket pink, if you find one that suits you but isn't the right color. Just a suggestion.

  17. That looks like a lovely book - I might have to get my hands on a copy too! Your Pot of Blooms looks stunning! I'm definitely going to be making that one.

  18. hola me encanta tu blog y yo soy de plata me inspira mas es mas vintage un saludo maria,madrid españa

  19. I've had an incredible weekend, thanks! So sorry about Mr. E's issue with caffeine. It's also taboo for me, but not for the same reason. Your tea ingredients look intriguing. I do hope it tastes good.

    I met Gail Pan at quilt market in Kansas City, along with several other Aussies. It was a fabulous time!

  20. I wear both gold and silver at the same time a lot. My husband bought me a mother's charm a couple of years ago and it is both white and yellow gold..which told me to go for it! :) Your site always is so inspiring! :) I've got to get back to stitching.

  21. Very interesting... I really like it... Thank you so much...

  22. I wore gold for several years but now tend to lean towards silver. I love the pendant and ear rings. I have been planning to embroider the Mother Teresa quote also, the design is sitting on my work table waiting for me to begin.

  23. Your blog just drips with loveliness. Thank you Jenny!

    I can't believe you already stitched Amy's wreath! It is so pretty. I have it printed out and I think I am going to make it into a pillow for a baby gift.

  24. I have always preferred silver to gold. That's mostly what I wear. Sometimes pewter. I do mix gold ans silver. I have at least one piece of jewelry that is both and I have anniversary rings in each, that I wear together. And sometimes I have gold buttons on an outfit, but with mostly silver jewelry... well, my metals get mixed.

  25. Such beautiful presents jenny and i have looked at that book online not sure whether to buy it or not,and as usual beautiful stitcheries!


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