Monday, July 23, 2012

In pictures...

Sunday morning ride with the Honda ST Owners Club to Cardwell by the sea...
Sunday night pattern printing and preparing kits...
...and sketching Block 8 of Promises & Borders.
Monday morning I woke with a high fever, not nice, so spending the day stitching Block 8...
...soothing myself with Jane Austen...
...blueberry ice cream and Mollie Makes...
...and of course, roses.
What soothes you when you're feeling poorly?



  1. So sorry to hear you're not feeling the best today Jenny - hope it resolves itself very soon. When I'm poorly I do as you are doing; I get out craft magazines & peruse them, I hand stitch, & I am a firm believer that a dose of Jane Austen is good for the body & soul...

  2. Sending you lots of prayers of healing across the ocean. When I'm feeling yucky, I like to stay in bed and watch old movies on my laptop. If I can get the boys to bring me food and drink, I'm even happier. Nothing like a nice cup of tea, some soup and a good movie. Followed by a long nap! Feel better!

  3. Sorry to hear you are unwell. Hope you feel much better very soon.

  4. Special prayers to you to get well, my friend.I think your kits are well done and are a good price.
    I know I love to get a kit sometimes, everything is there to start. Well done.

  5. Jenny, hope you are feeling better soon! Enjoy your movie and ice cream! Usually a cozy quilt and a movie, a Jane Austen is a perfect choice.

  6. I hope a cup of tea soothes what ails you. That's my "go to" remedy along with a stack of quilt books and a love from Miss Abby.

  7. I hope that you feel better soon Jenny. The ice cream should help. A nice cup of tea sometimes helps sooth a person.

  8. Hi Jenny - Sorry you are under the weather but what a wonderful set of 'medicines' - stitching, Jane, Ice cream and roses. Who could ask for more!!! Lol. The boke ride looked great fun. I hope you feel brighter very soon. Gb C x

  9. sorry you are feeling poorly but it looks like you know how to pamper yourself. feel better soon.

  10. Jenny, I'm so sorry you woke up not feeling well. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I pray you will be feeling wonderful in no time. As for me, a comfy bed, my electric blanket to get warm under and a good audio book to listen to, so that I can just lay there resting and still enjoy a book. Gentle Hugs sweet friend...

  11. Hope you're feeling better soon Jenny.

  12. Get well soon Jenny! What makes me feel better is 'maid service', but that ain't gonna happen 'round here, let me tell ya!!
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x

  13. Oh Jen-girl.....not good news....hope you didn't get it from Bloss and hope she's better now too!? Take care sweetness...seems you still got heaps done even though you were feeling yucky!
    xoxoxo sugary sweet healy hugs darl
    Wendy :O)

  14. Darling girl, I hope you're on the mend now...chicken soup with lots of big noodles, garlic and pepper makes me feel better. Although the blueberry ice cream sounds divine. Miss Marple would be better than Jane, lol...but the roses and Mollie Makes work.

    Block 8 looks AMAZING, I love it already.


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