Friday, September 14, 2012

A week of preparation...

This week has been a week of preparation in our home.
As of next Monday, my beloved Mr E begins his new job and the best part is that he works from home! \o/ Can you hear my squeals of delight??!!
We have been sorting, culling, moving, re-organising, and planning how the two of us can both work efficiently from home without literally falling over each other.
Our home is rather small, and the big central area where our desks and associated business 'stuff' lives is also the kitchen, dining, and living room. This means we've had to utilise some of our bedroom space, and that is fine - I just need to spend some time next week making some 'nice' things to decorate his book case etc, so I can maintain a serene ambiance in the room.
In between it all, during my occasional rest periods, I've been stitching another new garden design for Issue 16 of Elefantz HOME...
Don't you just love the garden!?
Another event we're in preparation for is Kezzie's wedding next month!
Her and Bert are having a small wedding in the beautiful gardens of a local park, and she's been busy hand making invitations and decorations for her big day...
After six years together, the big day is almost upon them!
I can't show you what I am making for them because she reads my blog, so you'll have to wait until I have some good sneak pics that won't give it all away. ;-)
Teresa sent me a photo of her version of Block 6. She added the prettiest spray of lavender to the bottom corner instead of the daisies I had drawn in the design. I love her block!
Have you been re-purposing any doilies lately?
Mieke sent me a link to her blog to see how she used doilies too 'dress' a teddy bear!
 Please visit Mieke's blog post HERE to see how she did this. It's so clever and very, very pretty!
If you'd like to 'build a children's quilt' you need to visit my friend Dawn's blog! Over 10 weeks she will be walking you through the making of a gorgeous quilt!!
Read all about it HERE!
My last piece of news today is about the free design I'm sharing this Friday!
Even though it's Spring here in Australia, I thought it would be nice to share an Autumn design with our northern neighbours!
I hope you enjoy making "Autumn Falling"...
This was something different from my natural shabby pastel designs, but I enjoyed playing with raw edge machine applique, and those rich autumn hues.
You can download the pattern free HERE.
I have some news to share next week about Elefantz in 2013.
Be sure to drop by and be the first to know!
In the meantime have a wonderfully relaxed weekend surrounded by the people and things that matter most.


Anonymous said...

love this stitchery jenny.xx

Allie said...

Jenny, I will be praying that your home stays a peaceful place, lol - my hubby was home for several years and it was certainly a challenge. But I think you and Mr. E will rise to it with grace.

I LOVE your new design, how sweet! And your autumn tree, must make that very soon...and am looking forward to seeing pics of the wedding!!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

So much happening in your neck of the woods Jenny. My hubby often works from home and call me odd but I quite like it. Gorgeous designs too.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Lots of change ahead. Change is good. Wishing you peace. The 'shrooms are adorable!

Lida said...

Success with your wedding present and wish the bride to be all the best for a long and happy marriage!
Went to Mieke's blog and love her bear! Silly to think that I found it after reading on an Australian blog!
Love the tree an I want to make it with Japanese fabric! When I do I will show you! Have a good weekend, hugs

Kate said...

I love the Autumn Leaves. I needed something to make for my Aunt to display for fall. Just the thing!!!! Thank you soooo much!!

Javamom said...


Congratulations to your hubby! It is such a treat to work from home, now you both get the blessing :-).

Also thrilled to hear Karen's news!

Thanks for the tree pattern. I really like it!

Kim in TX

Flor de Princesa said...